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second star to the left and strait on till morning



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You are the fox. Foxes have the ability to change shape and become invisible. Foxes are among those animal who can wander into the fairy realm freely and with no cause to worry. You have a special ability to become invisible in crowds and show up again in unexpected places. If you are a female with this totem you do not usually have problems attracting males (if those who are unwanted). If you see the fox as your totem you are probably going to have only one guy/girl in your life. You are a survivor and do whatever it takes.
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Here is a slide show from my trip on 10/6/08 to the WolfTalk wolf reserve.
For the safety of his pack and the general public WolfTalk only does walk tours on a reservation, weather permitting basis. We were really lucky because it was supposed to rain. They have people from all over the country come and visit. For more info about WolfTalk in Gardner MA, you can visit their website. www.wolftalk.netYou can also find more pictures of their other wolves. There's some more pics of the wolves that I took on my visit in my portfolio.

Adding Sketches Here Soon.......ish

Redhead True & False

"Ruadh gu brath! "

Professor Jonathan Rees conducted a study of redheads at Edinburgh University.
He identified the"gene for red hair" the melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R), found on the 16th chromosome.
He found that this single gene was responsible for red hair.


Redheads have the thickest hair, but have the smallest number of strands.


It was recorded that Witches needed the fat of a person with red hair when making poisons.


In Denmark, it's considered an honor to have a red-headed child.


In Donegal, if a child is born with red hair, it means a pig was sleeping beneath the bed.


In England, some believe that if the shadow of a redhead falls upon you, it will bring bad luck.


It's believed that bees sting redheads more than they sting other people.


In New Zealand, it's believed redheads have a straight road to Heaven.


In Greek mythology, redheads turn into vampires when they die.


Red hair is caused by a mutation of genes.


Only 4% of the world's population are natural redheads.


Fairies have red hair.

Clowns (usually) have red hair.


It's bad luck to meet a redhead at the beginning of a journey.


You'll also have bad luck if your first visitor in a new year is a redhead.


In the middle ages, it was believed that poison needed one special ingredient: blood from a redhead.


red heads need 25% more anestehsia than brunettes or blondes


red hair is unlucky; it's lucky to rub your hand on a redhead's head;


bees sting redheads more readily.


The Egyptians regarded the colour as so unlucky that they had a ceremony in which they burned red-headed maidens alive to wipe out the tint,


In the Middle Ages, red hair and green eyes were believed to be the sign of a witch, a werewolf or a vampire.


In the early 1600s, at the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, a belief in pixies emerged in southwest England. They were then — and have since been — strongly associated with red hair for their mischievousness and otherworldly talents


Belief that redheads are witches is a folk belief based in Germanic culture.


From 1483 to 1784, many thousands of suspected witches were stripped and searched for “marks of the devil”. These included any “abnormality” such as freckles, moles, warts and birthmarks. Red hair was certainly considered an abnormality, too. During this time, 45,000 women were tortured and murdered — usually by burning at the stake or by drowning.


During the Spanish Inquisition (late 15th to 17th centuries) red hair was evidence that its owner had stolen the fire of hell and had to be burned as a witch.


There is a belief that redheads are prone to industrial deafness. This actually could be true as the melanocytes are found in the middle ear.


The color Green tempers red. Look at a color chart. This is why redheads are taught as children to wear lots of green. As if red hair is a shameful state of being.


Redheads don't turn grey. Red hair turned sandy, then white. They are also found to loose their color later in life than people carrying other hair colors


Adams first wife Lilith, always depicted as a redhead, is known to have refused to lie beneath Adam during sexual intercourse, and stated” why should I lie beneath you when I am your equal since both of us were created from dust” –Patai


In ancient Egypt red haired animals and people were associated with the god Set.Set (also spelled Seth, Sutekh or Seteh) is an ancient god, who was originally the god of the desert, storms, and chaos


The Egyptians also had many red haired pharaohs.

Why am I here?!

Well it's not to "hook up" I've done that already! Im happily married with 3 spawnlings. It's not to cyber (Say "No" to Cyber---it breeds porn bots!) Well I'm here because a friend asked me to check out the site, so I did. and from what I saw I liked it! So I joined. I am not a social person, In fact Im really shy. I am friendly once that shyness is overcome but Im not the type of person to make the first move. I don't say much. When I do it's after some thought and conisideration. I don't like to write as much as I like to create pictures. I've always liked to draw and Im at best mediocre at it. If I was any better I'd be making money off of it. I have written some poems and some short stories...most are lost on the winds of time now. So, why am I here? I guess it's to have another avenue or release for creative urges, for inspiriation. To feel companionship with similarly minded people. I'm new here but that doesnt mean Im completely naive. Im playful but that doesnt mean Im weak. Im a decent person but that doesnt mean I'll let you take advantage of me. Just because I havent said much doesnt mean I dont have much to say. Also.. most of the graphics on my page were made by me in daz studio, paint shop pro, jasc animation shop, and morpheus. They are marked with my nic. I didn't make the background. I found it @ Renderosity. Now, if you absolutely need to know more about me than all of that.... you will have to ask. I'll answer or tell you it's none of your buisness :P

I Like....

Dogs Playing Poker Paintings
Pictures! Visual Input
Music! Audio Input
Dancing In the Moonlight
Profile surfing

I Don't Like...

Cliche's and Anti Cliche's
One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eaters
Two Toed Ants
Empty Closets
Talking Toasters
Total Seriousness
Polka Dots
Blue Pickles!
Giant Slugs
Musical Chairs
Revenge Raters
Blank Profiles

These are a few of my favorite things...





Me Rating You

How I rate when when I visit profiles(cuz Im sure you are dying to know)
I've read in a few profiles where people are encouraging honest rating. So that's what I do. I rate honestly what I feel you deserve. I DO NOT rate based on whether or not I like the persons religeous views or political views To Each Their Own. I havent rated anyone lower than a 5, that's just mean. If I find your profile offensive (like dead babies, promoting abuse of any kind, or filled with hate-not anger, people get angry I get it-hate for everyone) I just wont rate you. If you are new I'll give you a high rating to get you started. If you have been on VR a while and have done nothing at all-like it's blank no quote, no "hey Im new" with your profile you'll probably get a 5 or I wont rate you. If you've been on VR awhile and your profile is sparse because you don't know how to add any pictures yet I'll rate you between 5 and 7. There's info all over this site on how to edit both types of profiles. If when I visit your profile and it's hard to read because of the color of text on the background I might give a lower rating. However! If you have awsome pics or your profile makes me laugh or smile I'll give you a 10. I dont read everything in a profile (some just scroll on and on and after a while my eyes just wander away...but I do read some of them, especially if I can see the text.) But if I see you've put alot of effort into it I'll give you a 10.

You Rating Me

You: How You Rate me when you visit: Please rate honestly, if you rate low just to be a dick head expect the favor to be returned. (and if you rate Me low you better have a profile to back it up. Blank profiles with a low rate get a low rating)Please don't stretch out my profile with HUGE stamps. I like the stamps because I like pictures but I try very hard to keep my profile from stretching and it goes all to hell when some one's stamp messes that all up. If you need help resizing your stamp ask me nice and I'll help you. Comments are optional. If you leave them I'll read them. If you rate me I'll return the favor.

Friends & Family

Right now this box contains my coven crest and the two protection stamps I made for those who asked.

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