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Family comes first no matter who gets in the way


My name is Kenneth. I am Twenty years old and if you were to stereotype you wouldn't be able to. Not as a goth emo or punk. No stereotype can depict me because I am eclectic with music, fashion and beliefs. My empathy for people makes me vulnerable at times and most people use me. But I am happy to help anyone who needs it. That's just who I am
I am also have two children one boy and one on the way with the love of my life . Yes I am young, and if anyone doesnt like it oh well. Chill. It's my life and having a kid young will make it easier for me to be able to be active with him.

A few more things about me is Im about 5 11 athletic build I love photography and nature and considering taking pictures of nature they are my favorite types of photos its not that I dont like others just seems real beautiful things come from nature im not a hippy just don't think that beauty is something that we can create nature and the balance of things are always the best in my eyes .

this is a pic of a woman i used to know she died not too long ago i loved her so much too bad she turned into a mini version of the one person she hated just goes to show you people do sellout

Some Day ----Shine Down

Soak it up !

Real Vampires love Vampire Rave

Oh and by the way, if you have a problem with me please, just come to me and quit whining towards everyone else. It's annoying.

I am the proud Master Of The Coven Of Blackened Souls


I also have my own convictions on love and what is it and what it is not and i will not blur this line with anything.

Love is endless if it is true love can heal all wounds and make you smile when you are a bit under your best love can be seen and heard it can also be made.
Love cannot be bought bent or corrupted you cannot lose love just faith in it ....

It doesn't matter whom you are or where you are from you have love in your heart and soul someone shall always be there no matter what sometimes you can see them and sometimes you cannot but either way you have love in your life.

My Music

Mainly Music really im not one of music type of person I will listen to everything or anything that i like i am one of those few people in the world that still think of music as an art not just as something someone does for money.
If you have the ability to identify with it and it makes your life easier for even 3 minutes at a time then it is a good song i dont care if it is mainstream of basement rock music is music and it has the ability to find us all in its own way in my mind .


I believe in Love in all forms no matter who is with who let it be a man and a man or a woman and a woman etc..
People have no right these days to judge each other for their sexual preferences everyone had their own and you can google all them easily and i do not think being gay is bad at all i have many friends that are gay Men and Woman and if you dont like the fact that they have made a choice in their lives to make themselves happy then go fuck yourself plainly life is hard enough these days people dont need others casting stones for being happy i think that has happened enough in life right now for everyone . Love is love end of the fucking story no if ands or well there are some butts lol


Movies and my take on them

I read the books for these ones im not following the craze i read the books before they hit the tops of teenage girls bookshelves
Twilight i like this movie for the same reason most do it is a romance and hey everyone loves one now and then and Kristen Stewart is hot admit it guys you know you went to see her in it .

Reason i love movies is its gives you an escape from the stress of the world for a few hours same as music and my thoughts on that i love going to the movies its a good vent for me to get away everyone should have their own thing to have their own personal vacation from things let it be reading walking making music everyone has their vice out there and mine is going out sitting in a dark room and watching a good movie

Other movies i love to watch

ANYTHING HORROR idk its funny for me seeing skanky teens run like complete morons
yeh anything really black and whites are good too Its a wonderful life is one of my all timers mainly because im related to Jimmy Stewart also related to Pete Townsend but thats not something our family likes to announce it is like being related to Wako Jako


Things I cannot stand

Posers: It is not all that hard to be yourself come on be unique its is so disheartening to go somewhere and see a group of people wearing all the same thing just in different colors so they know who is who likea heard or sheep.

Pedophiles: These Creatures need to die flat out nothing more just die !

Fish: i dont know it just does not taste good nor smell good nothing good about it hate the taste the smell and you can NEVER get all the little fucking bones out i swear to god .

Absent Parents: You made the choice to have a child and it is now your responsibility to nurture that child until you die not to ignore it and try to grasp onto your party life just for a few more years then becoming a ghost in your childs life .

I hate alot of things too many to post ask for the rest in time ill have more im sure i will

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