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i just got a bottle of 100 year old scotch and a pair of antique dueling pistols, wanna get drunk and shoot at each other?

****Well, it's been ages since I updated this thing, I've been busy with work and school, but I think I'll try to start getting back into the swing of things. If you happen onto my page, and I seem interesting at all, feel free to say something, i check around on here more and more frequently as of late, and i've never had a problem chatting with random strangers just to kill time. oh, and i'll update my profile someday, but this is all i have the ambition to do right now.****

hi, call me Phyco [pronounced F-EYE-COE]. u could call me Corey, but i dont really care either way. i play guitar, and spend time with my friends, and thats just about it. maybe i'll say more later.....

and later just got here, so lets see, what does everyone wanna know? music? well, everyone has a list of some sort on thier profiles, so i may as well have one too, if u get tired of reading it, just skip to the next section:

nirvana, alice in chains, mudhoney, stevie ray vaughan, the dead kennedys, the misfits, social distortion, the black crowes, overrated, mean mother may i, ozzy, black flag, poison the well, radiohead, rob zombie/white zombie, the zombies, the sonics, the white stripes(no, i'm being serious), shadows fall, arch enemy, gwar, primus, the meat puppets, blind melon, the wallflowers, tom petty, cream, god lives underwater, the dead milkmen, tool, ramstein(my cousins actually lived in that part of germany 4 ahile, so its thier fault), manson, NIN, mad season, pearl jam, the ramones, american werewolves, son house, robert johnson, iggy pop, david bowie, the pretenders, pat benatar(u can laugh, but i totally saw her in concert in the early 90's) fleetwood mac, rush, cannibal corpse, journey, reo speedwagon, pantera, [old]metallica, megadeth, clapton, the cars, sublime, g n r, velvet revolver, stp, the foo fighters, the screaming trees,rem, slayer,a smalltown hero, agent orange, mc5, weird al, the smashing pumpkins, the darkness, santana, govrn't mule, molly hatchet, live, msi, afro man, prince, soad, johnny cash, the horror pops, faith no more, everclear, the distillers, bob marley, cheap trick, the bloodhound gang, 38 special, tenacious d, hey, u guys know what? i'm getting tired of typing this......

music i dont typically care for:

emo. icp/anything that sounds like them. corporate(meaning new) country, it just blows horse ****. krynos. most hardcore. alot of rap. just trust, me, this could be a long list, but i'm lazy and havnt had my ADD medication in my system for about 3 days.

maybe i shuould add more pics of me to this site..... i'll get to it later. same thing goes for makin a good layout, and maybe cramming this section into various scroll boxes, but again with the lazy thing.

now for the me part, y?, because i'm conceded, ok, so not really, but i claim to be.

my name is Corey, the name Phyco is one i've used for the past 6-ish years for all sorts of things, but it was origionally from wwf smackdown 2, and was a created player on there. those games r still fun, i just dont have the time for videogames that much anymore. i play guitar, incase u couldnt ascertain that from the pic, and i play a wide array of music, most obvious to a listener on most nights are the blues, grunge, and other shit that i make fit with that. i, as a person, am easy to get along with, and laid back most of the time(altho i get bored with that and go nuts periodically, just because i can) and i dont get angry easily. if u do piss me off, everyone will wonder what i'm going to do, because i'm almost too laid back, and ppl i barely kno tell me they'd hate to see what i'm like when i'm pissed, but fortunately, i keep my cool often, and i'll stop talking like that so noone thinks i'm one of those wannabee hardasses. i'm not a hardass. if u r one of the less than a dozen ppl that actually get to me @ any point in time, u'll kno sooner or later what the hell it is i mean, but please ppl, i can take loads of shit, just dont really cross me. moving the hell on....... i'm what i guess u could call smart. i dont wanna brag about it tho. i use big words in conversations and ppl think i'm even smarter. really tho, i'm just really good @ figuring things out and helping ppl with thier problems. thus, if u have a problem, need advice, need to vent, or what the hell ever, when i'm not busy, and when i am, i'm the go to guy for that sort of thing. i work @ a grocery store. i graduated high school a semester early and will be starting @ OSU in june. appearance wise, becuase we are all vain and shallow to varying degrees, regardless of whether we admit it or not; i'm about 5'3" tall, because i'm just f'n short, i have hair thats longer than that of most ppl i kno, i have green eyes, a big nose, and a physique i would describe as 'skinny bastard' but ppl argue that i'm just 'lean' i guess i do have muscle, but claiming to be scrawny helps me keep my self esteem low enough to not be a pompass jackass( if u cant tell if i'm kidding about that or not, i'm sorry its not obvious enough, i mean, i put myself down alot because its fun, but i'm also a jackass) i have a tatoo, and would have more if i were less broke all the time. i dont do drugs. what? dont beleive me, eh? ok, good point. i guess i'll clarify that more; i havnt done drugs of any sort for awhile, and all i ever used to do was smoke pot on occasion. dont believe me? i dont care, i have too many sides to try and fit them all onto this page and still hold anyones interest with my long winded bullshit. i'm typing this whole thing @ a realatively reader friendly level, meaning i'm not using big words for the hell of it, and leaving out some shit so that i dont frighten our younger readers. that brings me to the youth/age thing. i was born june eighth nineteen eighty nine, to some of you i'm young as hell, to others, i may be old( i've noticed a strange age balance among ppl on here) but regardless of chronological age, i fuckin feel too old..... its not a good thing, by the time i noticed my childhood had been gone for years, but i try to stay relatively youthfully-minded. if u talk to me and dont know my age, chances are you'll guess wrong. a very good friend of mine, who u may kno on here as innocentprncss, assumed i was @ least 18 and sounded like a 20 somethin when we'd first met.
now lets see...... if you've read this far, wow, u amaze me, so i'll say that if u want my myspace thing, ask. u can email me and or add me on messenger too if u really want, just please ask first on here, i'm normally on a few times a week. am i in a band? sortof, i just started somethin with my half brother i hadnt seen or heard from in two years until within the last month, (its april 11th, 3:somethin am as of me typing all this shit). and hopefully that'll go well. i'll link to the myspace we'll have up whe we get things recorded in any form(wow, so origional, a band with a myspace, omg......wow) movin along, i'm also nerdy. what? prove it...how nery? i kno noone actually asked that, but i'm nerdy enough to play vampire the maquerade/vampire the requiem, but i've been too bust to as of the psat like half a year. i'm nerdy enough to crack a joke about making a character sheet of myself, but way too lazy to do it. i'm nerdy enough to play magic the gathering, and nerdy enough to have an ok deck, but not nerdy enough to be really good, @ least without spending more money on cards. i'm also nerdy enough to say i have a mono black beatdown deck that i'm too lazy to write out the list for, but i'm not nerdy enough to waste any more of your time with this topic.
seriously, has anyone read this all the way so far? wow, u rock, i must be interesting or somethin. ah yea, this is VAMPIRE rave...... now i should talk about the vampire part. i've been into the vampire thing in general for hell if i kno how long. when i was a wee lad, (yes, i said it, now what?) i was into movie monsters as a whole. as i grew older, i was still into movie monsters as a whole. vampires specifically tho, have been always in me becuase of good 'ol castlevania for nintendo. oh yea. and then theres the rpgs that i've already mentioned, and the fact that vampires in myth are such a reflection of human kind...... being a parasite to intsself, having a transfixing alure of romanticism @ times, each individual has if nothing else in common with vampires, the eternal struggle of humanity against that animalistic, beastial side of animal instinct inside us all. i think that ppl who are 'into'(since i dont wanna use too many big words) vampires see the fact that vampires are symbolic of all these things, and show the trade offs between power and weakness....... i'm going a bit overbored now, but i kno my vamp shit, talk to me about it if u get that bored. psi, sanguine, whatever. just into role playing, or role playing games, cool. just into the look, awesome. i'm too multi faceted to ever not have anything in common with someone. talk to me, if u want to, i hardly ever bite too hard........

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