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North Carolina


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If life is the start that does not mean mortal death is the end

UPDATE: I found My ture Love and we are now living together . He is my light in the deepest of nights. I am sorry for not getting right back to those i always talk to. I hope you all find your happiness as i have found mine.

A wise man once said "All great minds think alike" He was wrong if all great minds thought alike we be no where. Be true to youself and trust your own judgement. For if we wer all alike this path would be boring. Be yourself above all thing and you will be fine.

The wolves stand as a pack but near the middle and end of life a wolf must stand alone and he knows as the day close that he is comfortable in his pack or alone. Strength together strength and wisdom alone this is the life of the wolf

your welcome to message me and tell me what you think about anything i post. write or put on my profile i don't bite unless asked nicely LOL

A piture Says it all. I am 26 in North Carolina, I am relaxed. I own a Kennel. I am looking to meet friends . I am a mother. Two of my greatest joys in life are my daughter and my dogs. now lets try to get order to my madness. Just an update a little i am hardly on because of my job and my little one is sick but know i do check in atlest everyday. So don't get you panties or boxers in a twist if i ddon't respond to you comments or messages right away. Cussing me outdoes nothing to help you.

you can reach me at:
yahoo messanger: wildheartskennel
Sticks and Stones
Will Break your Bones
But, Whips and Chains
Excite me
So when i tie you up throw you down
In the end you'll worship me
That is for all those who know what true kink is
~*ok a little about me*~
Age: 26
Smoking: I'm a heavy smoker
Drinking: I'm a light/social drinker
Drugs: I don't use drugs
Education: Some high school
Race: Caucasian
Speaks: English
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length : Medium
Eye Color : Blue
Marital Status : Taken
Have Children : Yes. We live together.
Favorite Colors: Black, Blue, Red
Favorite Music: I love all kind of Music but, 80's Hair Bands are my favorite
Favorite Day of the Week: umm i lose track what day is it?LOL
Favorite Animal: Wolves
Fears: umm nothing really but, then again i am young
Pets: 2 house dogs, a fat cat, a iguana I own a kennel so 4 dogs there
Weakness: Men with Long hair
Sign: Sagittarius
Rising Sign:Scorpio

~*~* Likes*~*~
Music of all kinds but, rap
Hanging out with friends
Working my dogs
Chilling with my daughter
nice, up front, calm yet sometimes wild people
Surfing the net
Good convos

~*~ DisLikes*~*~
People who are two faced
Close minded people
Bright lights
My own Misspelling and typos
Someone who thinks they are the best thing to ever walk on two legs
Someone who cusses you because you are busy
Overly needed people
*will add more later*

I love Wolves and most thing about them

I have my navel pierced and my ears twice in each ear and two tattoo's

I love to read Vampire romances, 1800 Romances,

I love all kind of horror movies

I believe in many things. I believe vampires, Witch craft, ghost, and many other things. I love to learn new things.

I am a nice lay back person and will not bite unless asked nicely. I do have a mean streak and a temper so be warned. Treat me who you want me to treat you.

Word to the wise "Jaded let us speak of jaded ones who would they be you or me? Everyone is jaded some with no hopes of repair . Jaded is the only way to be


What Fictional Vampire Archtype are You?
You are the Bloody Siren. Vain, selfish, sexual fantasy, you lure mortal men to their dark end. You are sex and illusion and you use up men to feed your wicked desires until they surrender to you their last, crimson drop.Take this quiz!

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What animal-spirit lives inside of you?

Inside of you, the spirit of the wolf is sleeping.The wolf is a lonesome traveler in the lonely prairies, the deep woods and the never-ending deserts of ice and snow of the Rocky Mountains, Alaska,the North pole and so on...The wolf is fine with being on his own and managing his days.So are you.But be aware of, that wolves also live in groups often , to support each other and to defend against their enemies with greater success.

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How evil are you?

The wolf - Strong, Brave, Loyal. You hold your family and friends to the utmost importance, and would die for them without a second thought. You stand up and fight for what you believe in no matter the costs, and you will fight to the death.

Aloof and animalistic, you belong to the Gangrel Clan. Closely associated with werewolves, you are the shapeshifting vampire. You prefer nature than to live in the city and prefer the company of animals than of humans. You are more known to keep to yourself then to help others. You are the lone wolf of the decendents of Caine.

What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?

Your word is: Hate. Your heart has been turned to
black since you haven't experienced love, or
maybe you felt love but got none in return. So
if no one else is willing to like you, then why
like them? You are now a very bitter soul,
trying to find a place and perhaps someone who
can co-exist with you. That can be a problem
since you tend to keep away from most people
and be rude, but maybe someday you will be okay

What Dark Word Represents You? [anime pics]
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the Withered Lover
The Withered Lover

What sign of the Black Zodiac are you?
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What is your inner Demon?

Shadow of Hell
ever get the feeling you're being watched? the hairs prickling on the back of your neck? well this is the reason. the shadow of hell makes a person feel dire uncomfort, unseen and extremely sneaky. you need more friends if you got this result...

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You are sad because of your grief

Why are you sad? [amazing pictures] For darker people
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The sin you are is Wrath. Wrath is

furious anger. Your are almost always mad.

Your fate: Dismembered alive.
Your color: Red
Your animal: Wolf

Which of the 7 deadly sins r u?
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yep that is me

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Aug 08, 2010
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Sep 09, 2007
The darkest of greetings from my hell.

I have rated you. Stamp being used due to hand being broken still. You may add me to your friends, stalk and bite me.
Sep 06, 2007

Greetings you have been fairly rated. If you would like to know why I rated you the way I did message me. If you update and would like a re-rate, message me and I will be glad to. -Wolvie-

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