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"..for all the ways I'm yours You are even more mine.."
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Status:  Great Sire (118.67)
Rank:  Sentoran
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Affiliation:  The House of Madadh-Alluidh
Mentorship Mentor of Lighting the path.
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Gender:  Female
Birthdate:  March 3, 1974
Age:  47

An island in the Pacific



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"My worst day with you is still better then my best day without you. I am a Military Spouse; my mission *is* my Soldier, there is no sacrifice here only love." -- D. Davio

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Silverbow and this is my Profile, enjoy.

Warning: Things are constantly being added or taken away as I see fit on this profile.

If you wish to listen to some of the music that I like, while you view my profile, here is a small selection for you to enjoy. Simply click play.

First and foremost I will say this. "I am a Military Spouse and My Soldier *IS* my Mission." This is a quote from the book that I am writing.

My husband Khornesone has joined me here on VR to be supportive of my hobbies. I appreciate you my love.

I am grateful to have him home stateside for the time being once again. We have endured several deployments and unaccompanied assignments. We are just as strong now as a family as we where then, if not stronger.

My oldest child, Wolfbite, is also here on Vr. I watch over her as a parent should. I monitor all of her time here on VR, hell I monitor all of her online time period, I am evil like that.

Here are a few of my friends here on VR, and mind you this list is ever growing and I can't put everyone in.

One of the Ladies I have been given the privilege on this earth to not only know and meet, but to know on such a level that I would hate to not have her in my life, LadyChordewa. Please give her the proper respect as she deserves it and has earned it more times over then I will ever be able to know.

One of the many great gentlemen that I have been privileged to not only meet but to know as a friend is LadyChordewa’s fiancee LordVlkodlak. He is a magnificent man and I am privileged to have him in my life as my friend.

My daughter xseabax, adopted her back when I was in the mIRC channel #Vampires. Great woman, wonderful Mom to my two "grand kids". Busy as a bee though as always.

What can I say about MooniePie that most of VR does not already know? She is frickin fantastic and, ahem, has flavor! So to you MooniePie I say "Yum!"

BellaMalattia: Kid you kill me sometimes. :D But I am very proud of you. You are like a daughter to me and yes I even threaten my children with the knowledge of you! It's great!

Deadgrrrl is another friend from #Vampires. Awesome woman if I do say so myself, down to earth and thoughtful.

WendigoWolf is a great artist and friend. Very intelligent and thoughtful, wonderful conversationalist. ;P

WildChildFunny guy, funny guy. Grrr, he has snakes and I want one.. grrr.. damn housing and them telling me no.. Well really they are telling Khornesone no cause the snake would be for him. :D

A little bit about me:

I have a variety of interests and hobbies, I like to keep my hands busy. You can find pictures of my work in my portfolio and often times in my journal.

I am always open to questions and making new friends. If I do not know how to help you then I will do my best to put you into contact with the proper people that can assist you better. I know my limits and I am not afraid of them. ;)

Once upon a time here in VR, the games netted you favor when you played. Something that a bunch of us used to do was the Hangman Challenge. We would take note of our starting favor and then we would play as much hangman as we could in the space of 3 minutes. At the end of that time we would then take note of our favor once again and from there do the math to figure out how many hangman words we had gotten right. Khornesone helped me with my challenges by making the following graphic animation for me, enjoy, it truly is a blast from the past. Well seems you have to refresh the page to get it to play. :( Will have to look into that.

Some of the past House Crests for Mada:

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Aug 01, 2021
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Jul 15, 2021
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Without reflection one does not know from daily life that their subtle transgressions divulge their true nature. Reflection then becomes the bitterest reminder of who we are and who we will become…~bows~

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