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Savannah, Mo


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"A good fireman always let's you play with his hose"

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I think he means that.

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I am looking to make new friends! Add me, message me, stalk me, bite me! I'm looking for people who are like me and who embrace all aspects of thier lives!
Yes, I'm married. I have 2 boys. Which equates to "I am tired." alot. lol.
I'm also a full time college student, and I work full time. For the moment.
When I update, if you want me to let you know, put it in the comments, or message me! My niece is babygirl07 on here. She's 14. She's a trip. I love her! Love you baby girl!

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Interested in all things metaphysical. I'm just your garden variety information whore. I love to learn, and I love to discover new ways of doing things. I'm pretty adventurous as well.
I am on the Board of Directors for one of the largest pagan festivals in the nation. I am committed to the community and what the pagan life entails. PAGAN AND PROUD!

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'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com

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I love the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton. Quite excellent vampire fic. I highly reccommend her to everyone I know. Warning, if you do not like reading what can be at times, soft porn, then you might get your nose out of joint reading her.
But, I'll tell ya, if you do read her, be prepared to be sucked in.
Hey, I didn't mean that as the pun it projected. HAHAHAHA.
Yes I did.

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Also, I am a pagan, and into all things pagan. I love my craft and my path and the things I run across and learn each day. I've been practicing for almost 16 years, and enjoy it.
I've not learned it all yet, and doubt I ever will. For in my life, each day is an opportunity to learn. I am active in the pagan community and feel very lucky to have the network of friends and *family* that I do.

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I Live.

I follow the night.
The wind whispers through my hair,
like a lover's caress.
Moonlight shining through the trees
glistens off of the ice like a million diamonds.
I listen, I breathe, I live.
I follow the night.
Moving across fields and streams
Unconscious of my actions
but aware of all that I do.
The call of the lone wolf
does not even slow my step
I listen I breathe, I live.
I follow the night.
Her wonders abound,
extending to the broad heavens
and the millions of stars in the sky
twinkling at me like the gleam
in a lost love's eye.
I listen, I breathe, I live
I follow the night.
I am the night.

That is one of my latest poems. All original work. More coming soon to my journal.

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All about Moi!

Name: Angela
Middle Name: Marie
Age: 35
Hometown: Blytheville, Arkansas
Currently: Savannah, Missouri
Nicknames: Aunt Crash, Crash
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Full time mother, student and Safety Administrative Assistant
Education: Currently pursuing my Bachelors degree in Biology with a focus in Conservation and Wildlife Management
Heritage: Cherokee(I can prove it thank you very much) French and Irish.
Mix that with Southern and it’s one hell of a combination. IMHO!
Loves: Paganism, SCA, metallurgy, Ren Faire, dressing up, and expolring new places. Country Music. Trace Adkins, George Strait, Godsmack, their songs Voodoo and Serenity, 80’s hair bands, kids, animals, I love animals. Most fond of my manical Siamese Cat, King Peanut. His picture is in my portfolio. Wolves, again there are pictures in my portfolio, photography, yep you guessed it, in the portfolio. My friends are a big part of my life, as well as my boys. I am fiercely protective and loyal.
What else moves me? Intelligent conversation,
Certain men’s cologne, a good party, good movies.
I also volunteer. I spent a month in 2005 volunteering right after hurricane Katrina struck and was there when Rita flashed her fangs at us.
The Red Cross ROCKS!
What Religion am I? Pagan.
Silver or Gold? Silver. I love Southwestern jewelry.
Drinks? Mtn. Dew. Not much of an alchohol drinker.
Favorite colors are purple and black.
This is a long list, so I’ll make it brief. People who abuse children, men who get off on hitting women, arrogance, dishonesty, this high school crap of he said she said, unnecessary drama, people who embrace certain religions for shock value
People who come to this country and then gripe about it while they’re not even trying to become a citizen.
Someone carrying on a conversation in another language. This is America, learn English. I also hate calling customer service and getting Thailand or India.

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My past:
It has been colorful. I've lived in Oregon, Washington(state), Arkansas, Colorado, ARIZONA(AZ ROCKS!!) and Missouri.
For 5 years I was an official for NASCAR.
My heart and soul went into my job.
I woke up one morning and realized that I just didn’t give a damn about the sport anymore. That scared me. I come from a NASCAR family. It’s in my blood. So in an effort to not lose the love of the sport, I retired.
What it all boiled down to was politics. I finally realized that politics played a huge part in NASCAR and I wasn’t willing to play political games.
With anyone. For any price.
I consider myself to be an honorable person. I am on a journey of self discovery and seeking of wisdom.
Let’s see, that about covers the surface of who I am.
If you wish to dig deeper, all you need to do is ask. I also love to talk.

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I'm very closed about my beliefs when it comes to certain members of my family. It's kind of like not trying to teach an old dog new tricks. I know when people are set in thier ways, and I know what I believe, and knowing the two will never see eye to eye, I just don't broach that issue.
So, you could say i'm still in the closet. The broom closet.
I feel it's a matter of respect. I don't try to force my views on anyone. Especially those who will be totally unreceptive to it.

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This is the section I call TMI.
The stuff no one wants to hear.
But, I've been told that my profile is not personal enough. We're about to get real personal.
1. I have hideodorous breath in the morning. I mean I could knock down a dragon at 2 miles.
2. I'm in a sort of an open relationship.
3. I pick my nose
4. I'm OCD about deodorant because if I'm not, my pits will smell like a guy.
5. I have always wanted to be the filling in a twin sandwich.
6. I really really have a thing for guys in uniform.
7. One of my best friends is in prison.
8. I love country music
9. I hate hanging out with the girls.
10. I'd rather drink beer with the guys.

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Below I've added a little something that I literally have handed out to people at work and complete strangers. If you know someone who could use a clue...here ya go!

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My little lovie, Bessie.
As soon as I get pictures I will post one.
Bessie is a little dog.
She is part Chihuahua and Boston Terrier. She looks like a little cow. She's active and loveable, and about to have babies.
She also belongs to my Best Sister/Friend Shelly.
After the pups are weaned, if I can convince my husband to let me have her, I can bring BESSIE HOME!!
I love the Bessie!
I promise, as soon as I can get her to sit still, I'll post a pic.
20 days till I get BESSIE!!!

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