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This was going through my head, this time...

11:56 Feb 24 2024
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Tell me... Can anyone say Beethoven's Für Elise, with a slightly darker/heavier twist?


I found myself playing this, the other night, without even realizing it until I heard Beethoven pop up in my music feed, later on.




And To Think That I WAS In A Relatively Decent Mood, Today...

03:07 Feb 23 2024
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Yes, to think that today had started off... actually relatively okay, after realizing, last night, that I plucked out a much darker/deeper version of Beethoven's Fur Elise.... yet, now... "Oy Vey" does not even begin to describe my level of... I don't even know what to call it.

Mind you, last night, of course, I found myself playing Beethoven, of all things, on my guitar, and didn't even realize it until the tune of Fur Elise came up on my YT Radio. So I was pretty well surprised about that, because I genuinely had no momentary knowledge of it. But after the day/late afternoon I have had, sadly, the relatively pleasant notion of finding myself playing that tune has gone out the window, since I ended up getting rear-ended, today, in the middle of a construction zone, while EVERYONE in moving at barely 10mph...

How in the absolute HELL anyone can be dumb enough to rear-end someone at that low speed is beyond me.

Now, I only find myself in a very strongly "I want to commit homicide" mood. So, of course, I am restricting myself to some Classical, and trying my damnedest to quell my mind from something that has me wanting to (at Least) break the neck of someone who clearly does not belong behind the wheel, let alone with a license to drive.




Managed This The Other Night::

16:37 Feb 20 2024
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I managed to get this little piece plucked out the other night-- I keep thinking that something of it would make for a great intro for a few songs, or just make a couple straight from it. Though I am currently a little torn between the "cleaner" sound already present, and at least a little distortion.



23:21 Feb 20 2024

Nice EO

19:08 Feb 24 2024

Thank you, Girlie.

23:28 Feb 24 2024



08:46 Feb 18 2024
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I find myself wanting to do some more guitar videos, of late. But naturally, there is one slight debacle holding me back from it:: music gear does not really take to the cold very well. I suppose I'll just have to wait until the weather is a little higher than 20 degrees.

Mind you, of course, the only real heat in this house comes from either space heaters or a wood stove that (thanks to my buddy's jackass of a son) has been rendered unusable. So, naturally, I can't really do anything at least for the next few days, or whenever the weather warms up a touch (whichever comes first).
Interestingly enough, I have a few different ideas going through my head, which, I'm almost certain would make for some great into music, but of course, I find myself a little torn between the use of just my typical "gloomy" sound and the use of added gain distortion.

I tried playing a little bit ago, and realized that there was no way in absolute Hell that I was going to get a proper sound, because while I may not necessarily be able to physically feel most of the temperature issue, my guitar and amplifier can definitely feel it, because while I know exactly what sound my gear makes, no matter what I did, I could not get the right sound, at all. So, instead of doing anything now, I get to wait until the weather is actually agreeable with my instrument(s).

Meanwhile, I don't think I'll be making it for this coming Friday's film night, since I seem to be the only one reliable enough to cover for the evening across half the damn county, so I'm going to be at work that night. Ironically, until I was asked to cover that shift, I also had it in mind to be working on something until the film was to start.




19:59 Feb 11 2024
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Forget the "title", this time...

Well, the debate with myself over working on some of my music is over with. Something was driving at the back of my mind, while taking a look at some of the original files and taking a listen to what was release, and I've realized that my old distro-company did a lot more damage than I first thought. Only thing I find myself thinking, there, is that it's a good thing I decided to discontinue with them (sadly, I have to wait until the signing with them is expired, so I can just make the effort with copyright, etcetera). Needless to say, when I finally have things more in line, I'll be letting people know; until then, it will only be samplings of everything on my channel that people can listen to, for a little glimpse.

In other news, of course, as seems to be typical, of late, my damn managers decided to wake me up, again, today. I swear, I need to start putting my phone on SILENT when I sleep, so I don't have to deal with the jackasses pestering me at the ass-crack of dawn, particularly on the weekends...
Motherfucker, unless I straight up tell/decide OTHERWISE, the WEEKEND is my time to do with as I wish... Period. It is vastly different if you're someone I actually care about, but if I only work with you (or otherwise), then you had better have a life-&-death reason for bugging my dead arse when that sun comes up. And I don't consider the idea of asking me to drive Half an Hour, to cover for a mere THREE HOURS "Life-&-Death".
Funny enough, these past two days in a row, it hasn't been the male counterparts of management who have pestered me, but the one damn woman in the offices who seems to enjoy making the mistake of using the words of endearment that I have only even heard from one person on here, or the French (and if you're curious, then just use your imagination(s)). Equally funny is that I mentioned that little detail to my old foster sister, the other night, and her response was almost priceless and hilarious. Too bad they were/are never smart enough to call Her up and ask about me, because I can guarantee they would learn plenty about me, just from that conversation.




I Bloody Hate That Shit...

02:17 Feb 04 2024
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So... film/movie night, last night... I usually try not to miss that, but of all things, right as I am logging on to the PC, everything goes nuts, and I lose power and even phone service. No way to explain it, which is weird as Hell, even for me. Not only did my power go down, but even my phone somehow lost power, which I cannot for the life of me figure out.
The power was out for pretty much the entire night, last night, and into the morn, so I couldn't really do much until just a few hours ago - thankfully, my system didn't completely crash.

Still can't quite figure out what the Hell happened yesterday, let alone why. I just checked the news, etcetera, and nothing. I'm still trying to figure it out, and I'm coming up on a blank.



16:02 Feb 05 2024

Miss ya.


And It Hits Me...

10:24 Feb 01 2024
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It just hit me that I've technically finished the full album I've been yapping about. The whole thing and then some, it seems. And it didn't even register until tonight, as I found myself listening to playbacks of the songs I've been working on here and there. 5 tracks to the initial 'E.P.' of "Anti-Religion", and another 8 tracks (mainly 5 of which I was planning to combine with the others to make a full compilation album.

I guess, now, it's simply a matter of having to wait for the right time to put it up for release (most likely, however, as a string of singles and/or individual songs first, and then the whole thing.

Mind you, of course, I've already had to learn that apparently, I have no choice but to wait for that, right now, because, for one, I have to organize the whole thing (tracks and lyrics to boot) and I've also learned that if I try to put it up for release, Now, I would likely end up at the receiving end of a copyright legality, which... it really doesn't make any sense that any artist (of any kind) should have to fight with copyright laws over their own work, but apparently, if I don't want to be the one dealing with that, then I need to file for said copyright some time before I launch the whole thing. No surprise, really.

I don't really expect it to gain much attention (or have much impact), to be honest. If it does, then I will be amazed. But in any case, I'm looking at/thinking of having the whole album set of 10 of said songs, and possibly saving the others for something else. Unless, of course, they all seem to fit together into the same compilation.

But in any case... time to think, I suppose.



10:27 Feb 01 2024

Congrats on the finish album but sounds like a lot more work is needed. Good Luck

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