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One More Seems Finished...

22:21 Jan 28 2024
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One more song seems to be finished, as of last night/early this morn. Soon, I should be putting the sample up for further viewing - the song, itself, is called "Merlot Winter".

Of course, just like "Sensation of Dissonance", I was working on this one during the funky ice storm(s) that seemed to slap half of the country, but since the recording/music gear doesn't exactly like the freezing cold, I couldn't exactly do any real recording, whatsoever. Naturally, I think this one will also likely be part of the album I've been working on.




Why The Hell Not... Oh, Well, I Guess...

11:25 Jan 27 2024
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Naturally, since the film earlier in the night finished, I tried to complete the documents needed to go back into my old/last job. Think I was able to do anything? Of course not. The management is still... relatively competent, yes. But their system(s)? Why the Hell would it/they be?

Of course, now, I have to pay a visit to the office, because of this one, since their system still has zero liking of me.
Funny enough, my re-hiring interview was naturally quite "swimming", as we used to say. The manager didn't know me from Adam or Eve, until I reminded her that I worked with them before, and even then, she seemed clueless - but that's really no surprise.

But anyhow, while I wait to be able to pay the office a visit, I am currently working on putting up the sampling of the second version of "Primal Lullaby", and after that, I am looking through my work to see what else I'm putting up for viewing before/until I can actually set the entire album (be it the full album or individual songs) up for circulation.

Since doing "ADDENDUM" and "TTMoL", I've become a little more accustomed (and controlled) to using my natural voice in my singing, so the works to come should be quite interesting. And meanwhile, still having a storm of other things constantly going through my head that I almost don't even want to mention.




One Thing I Really HATE Having to Say...

17:53 Jan 16 2024
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You know... when most people decide to call out from work, when there is a mere dusting on the roads, I usually 'laugh' at it, because I learned to drive in the worst conditions people can often imagine. But when I, of all people, can't even make it out of my own drive, because I'm stuck in snow and ice, and thus I actually have to be the one to say "nope- can't do it"...
Ya, that kind of pisses me off.

I'm one of those long accustomed to not only being on-time, but making it in when and where no one else I work with can. Having to say that I can't is one of those things that really does not sit well with me. But then again, it's also not an emergency from which I need not be concerned about making it back. And yes; let us just say I have had a number of those happen over the years. Granted, in most of those cases, I've not been driving, but, instead, I walked from Point A to Point B, and still made it in. But I don't trust those in society on the roads covered in an ice/snow-slick as far as the Average Joe/Jane can personally throw my car.

I now get to wait out the "winter storm warning" until it's cleared from my area, so I can work on clearing out not only my own drive, but about a decent half-mile-ish or so (since I also get to do the same for at least one of the neighbors (i.e., my buddy's brother, across the way), along with the very steep road that lies between properties).

Unironic, as it is, I've also already dusted off my car 3 times over the course of the night, once again, just before trying to get my ass out the door, and now, I get to dust it off a Fifth time, once this fun weather passes.
Normally, I consider this to be good weather. But when it straight-up puts a kibosh on necessary means... yeah, that's when I actually have a problem with it. I just hope this doesn't turn into another one of those days when I end up having to fight my car back UP the drive because of said slick going on.

But anyway... Such is what the day seems to have in store, right now. Even the manager of my old job is currently stuck at home, because her entire locale is apparently covered in the same ridiculous slick, and the only slow-plow trucks in the area barely even hit the main roads - forget about the highways or interstate(s)... that usually ends up a disaster for the very same reason. Can anyone else say "Alley-OOP" and "oy vey"?



19:33 Jan 16 2024

I may be in the same boat, so I get it

20:05 Jan 16 2024

I never call in unless my roads packed high in snow, because I live on a private road. first time in 13 yrs that I couldn't make it to work because there dusting turned into a foot of snow. And now freezing rain. Work is closed every machine is froze .


Well... Back to the Olde Square... Not Quite The Same Old Expression, But...

20:52 Jan 08 2024
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Since I have continued getting messages from my old job - most of which almost seem random, really - I've been considering going back to working with that agency, for awhile, now. So, I decided that today would be the day I reach back and contact them.
Of course, I already figured I knew who would answer the phone, since it is a relatively small agency, so I ended up talking to the very last manager I spoke to, months ago.

So, now, I get to venture into the local office Thursday morning... obviously not my favourite hour, especially to be out, even in an office, but hey. Thankfully, this one remembers that fairly vividly. I would hate to have to chew out yet another I've already worked with, just because of the same stunt my current job keeps pulling.
Though I do find it a little ironic... I resigned from the last job because they wanted me to travel way too far... I will likely be resigning from my current one, because the most prominent management seems to be halfwit-ed and doesn't seem to want to get very important details through their skull(s). And unfortunately, that list of pitfalls only keeps growing. But anyway...

In the recent days/nights, I have been finding myself trying to think of a way to make one of my older songs a little bit different. Hopefully, give it a little more of a dark, yet... "warmer edge".
While I seem to have finally gotten "Cannibal Delight" the way I want it to be. But of course, I seem to be having one big issue, now - in fact, the same issue I had during my time recording TTMoL... Physically, my control is pitch-perfect. But working on the song I reference, well... twice, already, I've nearly overloaded my microphone, with the first chorus. But of course, that could just be the fact that music gear (particularly anything with thin, even if flexible parts) does not take well to low temperatures. And lately, the temperature, here, has been hitting the freezing point and lower, which doesn't exactly have a conducive effect on a condenser mic (hence, why I try to keep my quarters/recording area around the 50's or so).

But I suppose, I'll just have to find an-other/new way to maintain a constant temperature in my area, which could prove quite interesting. "Back to "the olde square", indeed, I would say.




Well, Now... THIS is a Bit... ... Can Anyone Imagine Me saying "GRRRrrrrrr..."???

06:39 Jan 02 2024
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I had just checked this the other day (literally the day before yesterday), and somehow...

I don't know what exactly it is that keeps corrupting the files, but this quite annoying. granted, I know I've been meaning to redo one of them, anyway. But the other...
Mind you, one of the songs that I now have to redo (which was NOT on my list of redo's, I might add) happens to be one that I did for someone I actually hold very close. In fact, it started as something you could say I pretty much insisted on turning into a song, just because I knew it was too good to pass up.

Luckily, the other one is one that I have been wanting to redo for awhile, but I've been left scratching my head about how to go about it.

I really need to find out what keeps messing up my files... sadly, at this point, I don't even think I can blame the solar storms, like I have been able to, of late. But I do find it a little bit weird that it's almost right after something weird happens around me (and trust me, that atones and accounts quite a few things), something else gets wonky. This is why I miss the old-fashioned methods of music recording. But can't very well go back to the stone age, can we? That doesn't really work well with anything that uses electrical instruments... ((facepalm))




A Little Piece of ''Cannibal Delight''--

06:32 Jan 01 2024
Times Read: 159

Trust me, I don't expect many to have much of a liking for this one. But the idea for it was driving me up the damn wall, so I finally decided to work on it, which... it's still a work in progress, but hey.
I would say it is almost done.



17:47 Jan 01 2024

Nice, very moody

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