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And A ''Holy Shit'' To The Maximum Mathematical Power...

06:41 Mar 15 2023
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I could be mistaken, but... I just got hit with a strange sense that I may have just done what might be the "most powerful" song I have, yet. And of all ironies, I actually recorded this one, half-way by sheer accident. If you don't know what I mean, it's simple;
For the past couple weeks, now, I've been trying to work mainly with rhythmic sound, for my music. And I mean Pretty Much Nothing BUT Rhythm. And ironic as it is, I was intending for a particular song to be a little... harder, so to speak. Much more of the "hard rock" sound than anything. But apparently, "nature" wasn't having that one, and instead, I ended up with a purely electro-ish rhythmic tune, anyway, but it apparently tied in with the song, itself, unbelievably well. Although, I kind of wonder if anyone else will think the same, when I'm finally done with the album...

Speaking of which, the album, itself, is somewhat shortened, in name, to "Mechanized". I'm still working on getting a few things in line, but I'm also having to struggle with getting a new car, still.
But I have to admit, this song... I can't even joke about it, when I say that just thinking about it, right now, has my fingers almost jumpy. I actually had to hold back, while working on this one, which... for me, I suppose, isn't really saying much. But at the same time, when someone hears it, I'm sure they'll see what I mean. I actually had to turn down the sensitivity of my gear, just to record it. Ouch...




I've finally gotten "Afterlife" finished and uploaded.

05:34 Mar 07 2023
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"Ghosts of The Past"

"Both Feet In The Grave (Afterlife)"




Well... it was a bit of a frustration and headache, but...

04:10 Mar 05 2023
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I finally (mostly) finished "Afterlife", though it might need some fine tuning. I'm going to be checking on that, before I try putting it online; though I also need to think of something to use for album art, since there is apparently no other way I can get it online, which is just fucking stupid. Basically, I can't upload WAV or MP3 format, so I actually have to convert EVERYTHING into MOV format, which requires either an image or video to accompany the music... again... simply just stupid. But of course, that's Google/YouTube, for you.

I have a feeling, however, that I already know what may turn out most popular, which I believe I've already mentioned this. Nine songs, this time, and what I'm heavily thinking of doing is making This one, in particular, just "first volume" of two, since I've been debating upon making a "supernatural/ghost-hunt" based creation, for some time, now... especially since I seem to consistently come across stories of people stupid enough to be messing with shit they have absolutely no business messing with ((insert facepalm, here)).

Boy, do I look forward (and hope to see) this being enjoyed, because though I have enjoyed working on it... as I've said, it has been a bit of a headache, simply because my system doesn't seem to like my *natural* voice, which makes things a bit difficult.
But for those who enjoy my work as much as I've enjoyed working on it, I also hope to see some subscribers and people sharing my work.
I'm not quite sure, just yet, what my next run is going to be in. But I'm sure I'll think of something. And if anyone has any suggestions, then I would very much like to hear them in comments on my channel.




Of the next run of songs to expect...

23:35 Mar 02 2023
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I have a funny feeling that there may be one song that sticks out to most to view it, in terms of my coming 'album' being put up on YouTube...
Specifically, the song titled "Suicide Watcher"... I don't know what it is about this one, but for some reason, it took me about FIVE HOURS to finally get as close to what I wanted as I could get it. And Jesus Christ... I have to admit, I am actually kind of looking forward to having these songs published, because this particular song was a bit of a frustrating headache.

I really don't know what it is/was that made it such a pain, but again; I have a funny feeling it may be at least among the more popular, if not the most popular of "Afterlife", which... I haven't even thought of a song to call by the album name. Kind of makes me think I should be at least a little embarrassed, in all honesty.

Of course, once I have my music published, I'll be posting a link or two on here, for others to find it. Although I will forewarn anyone who enjoys my work that I'm not going to consistently put links from my channel on here. That being said, for anyone who wants to hear it when I put it up, you might want to subscribe to my channel. That and it would also help me to make my music more known, which is one of my greatest goals in the matter.

On a side note, though... it is kind of funny, I think.
I don't exactly expect to become a "TOP 10", least of all right away. Honestly, even in my mind, that would be kind of an unrealistic fantasy. But I do, either way, want to be able to do my music as my primary profession, given the history I have with it. Granted, however, I do have to vastly redo my first/"Tribute" songs, since apparently, most of them became corrupted somewhere in transition, before I even got them uploaded ((insert painful & headache-inducing facepalm, here...)). But once I have them fixed, I'll be putting them all back up (and likely taking down the originals).
Admittedly, yes... even I do have some 'pipe dreams', even in terms of my music. But I'm not going to bother getting into that, unless someone outright asks me.
Speaking of which, however, after I have my coming works done, if anyone would like me to do any cover songs (though I kind of doubt that will happen any time soon), then please, let me know, via my YouTube channel, and I'll figure it out.

I also won't likely be putting the lyrics with my songs, the way I did with the tribute work. Instead, I'm going to be trying to figure out where to put them, where I might be able to possess "proprietary rights". All that I really know is that I do look to gain a following of the music lovers, here, at the very minimum (and obviously, further than that). But personally, the more people who want to hear it, the more it will give me the drive and inspiration to both improve even further, and publish much more.

Speaking of all this... I'm soon to be rewriting most of my profile, as well. Personally, I've grown tired of some of the old details still sitting around, and I would prefer to finally move on from the memories of being part of the "RVC", as that shit has really left a sour taste in my mouth. I've had no choice but to walk alone for decades, already; so I think it's about high time my profile, on the only social media I really use, actually reflected this factor.



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