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10:10 Jan 16 2016
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11:36 Jan 09 2016
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Lose 11 lbs in 3 Days....Has to be water weight right?

Tramadol Side-Effects:

1. Drowsiness

2. Itching

3. Little To No Appetite

248 lbs 1-6-2016

243 lbs 1-7-2016

240 lbs 1-8-2016

237 lbs 1-9-2016

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07:36 Jan 08 2016
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06:42 Jan 08 2016
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Boy & Girl meet. He likes what he sees. She likes what she hears. They agree to meet up to get to know each other better. They enjoy each other's company. Mutual attraction is there. Things are going great!

However, at some point,

One of them is going to want to do something or not want to do something and the other one will have an issue with it.

One of them will innocently say something or do something that will unintentionally hurt the other's feelings.

One of them will actually do something that will anger the other one.

One of them will think something is ok, but the other one will not.

There will be a disagreement.

One will experience an unmet expectation of the other.

One will become selfish and think of themselves before thinking of the other one.

What happens next at the point these events and more take place will determine if the couple has what it takes to last and maintain a healthy intimate relationship or watch the relation implode.




20:21 Jan 07 2016
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So yeah, my favorite Violinists are as follows (Info from Wikipedia, Youtube & Facebook):

** Lindsey Stirling **

Lindsey Stirling (born September 21, 1986) is an American violinist, dancer, performance artist, singer and composer. She presents choreographed violin performances, both live and in music videos found on her YouTube channel, Lindsey Stirling, which she introduced in 2007. Stirling performs a variety of music styles, from classical to pop and rock to electronic dance music. Aside from original work, her discography contains covers of songs by other musicians and various soundtracks. Her music video, "Crystallize" finished as the eighth-most watched video of 2012, and her cover version of "Radioactive" with Pentatonix won Response of the Year in the first YouTube Music Awards in 2013. Stirling achieved one million singles sold worldwide by August 2014. As of April 2015, her Lindseystomp YouTube channel exceeded 7 million subscribers and over a billion total views. She loves to play the violin, dance, write music, edit videos, play dress up, and perform. So, she combined it all together and this is what happened.

** DSharp **

Since 1999, South Carolina born violinist/producer/DJ Derryck Gleaton, known throughout the world as DSharp, has used the violin strings and his deep soulful vocals, as the vessel to be next up, for the top Dance Music performer title.

** Black Violin **

Black Violin is an American hip hop duo from Florida composed of two classically-trained string instrumentalists, Kevin Sylvester and Wilner Baptiste, who go by the stage names Kev Marcus and Wil B.

Kev Marcus plays the violin and Wil B. plays the viola. They met in high school, went to different colleges, then later reconvened to create the musical group Black Violin. The duo plays a variety of music (relying heavily upon classical music), but are often categorized as hip hop because of the changes to the rhythm and beats. This mingling of hip hop and classical sensibilities is what is generally thought to give them their distinctive style.

** Damien Escobar **

Damien Escobar, also known as Dame Esco, is an American violinist. He was previously in the duo Nuttin' But Stringz with his brother Tourie, but has been a solo artist since 2012. His "crossover violin" musical style consists of a mix of classical, jazz, pop, R&B and hip hop.

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20:40 Jan 07 2016

Lindsay Stirling is awesome


15:34 Jan 07 2016
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It's not that they don't want to come share my Awesome life with me, it's that they can't afford to or they fear failing at closing the deal. Especially when they will be under a year long evaluation to see if we are truly compatible. I mean suppose that we make it to the eleventh month and realize that we are just not going to workout. Hey, was it a waste of time or a wasted opportunity? I mean isn't that what dating is all about? To find out if people are compatible enough to take it to that next level? So I say don't relocate here just for me, relocate either because you want to live in CA or you were planning on relocating somewhere anyways and my being here was just a bonus. They can say they gave it their best shot, but it just wasn't meant to be.

Their challenge with me is I have little patience for DRAMA. I mean why bring the crying, yelling, fighting, etc, etc into a life of Serenity when the source of the DRAMA is probably because they want things THEIR way and they don't care to compromise? It's called being Selfish and/or Spoiled and my Serenity will always be my top priority.

Make my penis hard...Not my life.





21:04 Jan 04 2016
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Well I did wake up at 7:40 am, but my body said...Nope, nope, nope....So I went back to Dream Traveling. I must have visited 3 Alternate Realities.

It's AWESOME that in all of my dreams lately, I'm an Omnipotent Being having unlimited power and able to do anything.

First dream I had found me attending an in-home social gathering of friends. One friend I knew from my time in the military, but she was married to someone else in this alternate reality. She and some other woman both had just given birth and had brought their babies to the party. The host asked for their TV to be turned on for entertainment so without getting up, I turned the TV on with my mind and there was Porn playing. Of course the host was embarrassed so he asked for it to be turned off. However, even though I was focusing hard, I was only able to change the channel to static, but then after about a minute, I was able to turn it off completely. So one of the women was trying to get up from the sofa and was trying to stuff her baby between the cushions of the couch. WTF? I was shown the host's new truck and how much of a load it could carry. The person I was with took me out to the rear of the house and we walked about a hundred yards away until we reached a structure that looked like a flat out-door oven. I conjured up some pizza dough thinking she wanted to make some pizzas from scratch, but nope, she had me conjure up some blankets to do a quickie on top of the flat stove. Before the party ended, I materialized another person to be with the person who had accompanied me to the party and wiped all memory of me from her mind and placed artificial memories of the other guy in her mind and of her in his. I then ascended and became one with the Universe over-looking the Earth.

Second dream found me at a park that always flooded. However, it would flood so much that it would become deep enough that one could go scuba diving. So I did, however, there was an entire city block submerged this time and thieves were robbing the buildings while they were submerged. They used explosives and shattered windows. They saw me and tried to captured me, but I was able to lose them by swimming very fast through the underwater trees. Then I notice that the trees had human bodies trapped in them and there was a skull face made out of humans bent in awkward positions. I made it to the surface and ditched my scuba gear and debated going to the cops because I'm sure they probably wouldn't believe that story. So then the dream had the thieves trying to blackmail me into silence by having some friends being held with their lives threatened. I laughed and transported my friends out of harms way with but a thought and then just for fun, we all started battling the bad guys, but the longer we fought, the more of them kept coming through some huge steel door at the base of a mountain. So I materialized a few hand grenades and threw them through the opening as the door opened and then had someone else stop it from closing and I rushed in. It seemed to be some sort of elaborate secret underground base producing mutated beings. So of course I had to blow that entire facility up with but a thought.

Third dream had me witnessing a person being put into cryogenic sleep and hundreds of years later when he and some other person woke up in the future, sea animals were able to fly through the air and humans had transformed into half-human/half-duck type beings.




19:17 Jan 03 2016
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Will begin learning to play the Violin beginning Jan 15th. Awesome!



05:31 Jan 04 2016

Ooh! Good for you! Starting to play again was one of the best things I've ever done. Have fun!

18:20 Jan 07 2016

GREAT!! I bought my son a Cremona 175 for Christmas. Learning to play an instrument is good for the soul. And on the plus side...if he doesn't take to the violin, maybe it's something I can try. You're never too old to try something new. ❤️


18:30 Jan 03 2016
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"So many women are posting their feelings on FB that I'm even starting to miss their Ex." ~ Unknown LMAO!!!




08:25 Jan 01 2016
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Happy New Year!!!!




05:11 Jan 01 2016
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Happy New Year East Coast and Everywhere New Year has arrived.



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