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Comrade Tuckerofsky

21:14 Jan 29 2022
Times Read: 418

Folks, really, really think about this




FAKE ELECTORS Subpoenaed By Jan 6 Committee

12:01 Jan 29 2022
Times Read: 428

This is in addition to the reports that the US Attorneys in these states have already opened investigations........ lol..... they signed their names..... all the documents pretty much look the same...... voice recordings.... lol

Mom, Dad are you going to Federal Prison? lol

I wonder how much of this is penetrating the skulls of these inbreds who still believe the election lies... Hey dumbasses the lie is that Mango won.... that is the lie....




Muslims Might Murder You If They Live Next Door

10:04 Jan 26 2022
Times Read: 456

What the fuck Churches to these buffoons attend? I really fucking doubt that that those of their ilk have actually read a book outside of the King James.....

Oh yeah, voting needs to be restricted, I agree.... this clip proves that :)




Alex Jones Takes the 5th 100 times

23:21 Jan 25 2022
Times Read: 476

lol.... you know this fat fucker has been running around for years blathering about this government conspiracy or that government conspiracy. He has sold millions of dollars in advertising and product to his dumb, inbred followers. He denied that Sandy Hook happened and said no child died. He has been ordered to pay sanctions and refuses to do so......

I say waterboard him ....... and the rest of them too




Flat Earthers

15:11 Jan 25 2022
Times Read: 505

I wonder how many of them joined the MAGA Crowd or believe in Q or think Mango won?

How many of you think the earth is flat?



16:16 Jan 25 2022

Questioning the intelligence of people now, are we?

I believe the Earth is not Flat. 😂🤣😅

I believe media platforms are feeding propaganda from all sides to make a buck.

Blindside the masses while the real shit is happening.

I found the Q stuff entertaining, as much as I find the rest of the misguided political shit to blind the masses to the real issues or agendas.

It's like leading the sheep to the slaughter.

17:26 Jan 25 2022

And out of curiosity what is the "real shit".......

00:07 Jan 26 2022

Covid vaccines, Russia, China, are these situations being given the same amount of air time.

There is no savior on either side, corruption, greed and the human Ego run the show, unfortunately.

People are looking for hope, stability, and a safe future for the next generations

00:19 Jan 26 2022

How many Civilizations in our world history fell over human Egos.

Put Nuclear warfare in the mix and it's a disaster waiting to happen.

02:35 Jan 26 2022

Russia, and China are not our friends...they are constantly looking for ways to undermine us as we do them. Add North Korea, Iran, and several other countries into the mix as well. That is why there is so much air time for them As far as a savior is concerned... I do not seek one..... The ones who do seem to belong to some of the followers of Mango Mussolini who seem to think he is a savior or will usher in the End of Days.... he is not that... he is a grifter and would be dictator. who does not respect our form of government.

As far as stability and a safe future is concerned it seems that a large segment of the population is armed to the teeth in this they remind me of scared little boys and girls. These same individuals preach that this should be a Christian Nation ..to me the two are contradictory. One more thing regarding vaccines..... they seem to work.... we have received vaccinations in this country for a long time.... it is not an infringement on their liberty rather the failure of some to get a vaccine or to wear a mask is an infringement on my liberty to be free from the likes of those who might pass it on to me and I in turn might pass it on to someone else....

But no matter.... I'm sure it is clear to most


History Cops Bearing Down On Fake Trump Electors

11:44 Jan 25 2022
Times Read: 511

lol...... oh, my these Republicans.... Wait until a few are indicted...wait until their wives look at them and say "you did what"? ... wait until their children say "daddy are you going to jail"? ........ wait until the banks foreclose on their mortgages because they have lost their jobs..... wait..... until a few talk and point their fingers at ?????




Georgia D.A. GRANTED Special Grand Jury

01:22 Jan 25 2022
Times Read: 522

This Grand Jury can sit for a year..... it will investigate election interference by Mango,Rudy and others..... subpoenas will be served...witnesses will be sworn....




Jan 6 Committee Sends A Letter To Ivanka

12:11 Jan 24 2022
Times Read: 536

Mango Mussolini has responded by saying they are going after children now. Cry me a river bitch .... This is a 40 y/o woman!!! She was part of your grift for years....... Folks, this is a family of crooks.... all of them...... it all started with Mango's grandfather who fled Germany to avoid MANDATORY military service......... to his son which was Mango's father... who hated people of a different skin tone to Mango himself ....

The screws are tightening ......




Oh, and There Is History

23:28 Jan 23 2022
Times Read: 550

These are good questions, right?




"Moscow " Mitch McConnell Steps in The Shitsky

00:55 Jan 23 2022
Times Read: 570

On Thursday January 20,2022 "Moscow" Mitch made the following statement regarding voting

"African American Voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans"..... Say the fuck what???

Of course he tried to walk it back but......

then there is this link https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/s8lqv9/a_picture_of_mitch_mcconnell_with_a_confederate/

check it out Mitch is with a confederate flag...of course he was younger....a lot younger

But I'm sure it means nothing, right? Kind of like the tourist on Jan 6, 2021 who walked through The Capitol carrying the flag of treason .... RIGHT???

a slip of the tongue? doubtful......



00:59 Jan 23 2022


Oh, Oh

11:44 Jan 21 2022
Times Read: 581

defendant, Mango........ has a nice ring to it .......




Georgia D.A. Requests Grand Jury To Investigate Election Interference By Mango

01:20 Jan 21 2022
Times Read: 593

Oh, Oh...... seems the screws are tightening on several fronts...... :) not to mention reports from multiple sources leaking Rudy Guiliani to the fraudulent Trump electors in a number of states..... oh,oh lol




Just In- U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Trump

00:14 Jan 20 2022
Times Read: 615

In a 8-1 decision the U.S. Supreme Court has held that the Jan 6 Committee is entitled to Trumps Presidential Records from the National Archives. Justice Thomas was the lone dissent......

Well, well, well ........ hopefully something will be revealed in those records and perhaps the Committee will find some low hanging fruit and send it over to the DOJ ..... and the low hanging fruit will be pressured to talk......




5th Amendment

23:02 Jan 19 2022
Times Read: 620

"The mob takes the 5th Amendment. If you are innocent, why are you taking the 5th Amendment?" - Donald Trump during the 2016 Campaign in Council Bluffs Iowa.

Eric Trump , the son of the above mentioned scumbag was deposed in October 2020 by the New York A.G.s office he took the 5th about 500 times...... So Eric if you are an innocent man why did you have to take the 5th even once?

This was part of a 115 page Court Filing the A.G. made on Tuesday January 18, 2022.

So why do you think he took the 5th 500 times or even once?




N.Y. A.G. Slams Mango and Family

10:58 Jan 19 2022
Times Read: 637

Oh,Oh...... what do we have here...... :)





02:46 Jan 19 2022
Times Read: 642

Ok... I realize that FOX viewers are dumb and dumber..... however in the last several days they have been inundated by FOX with warnings that Satanism is running loose in the United States......... any little thing to distract their viewers from the Jan 6 Committee and the arrests of Oath Keepers last week.

You know if this country had an adequate safety net then perhaps we would have far fewer or perhaps not one homeless encampment.... but by all means we can't raise taxes on those making more than 400,000 dollars in taxable income...... taxable income is what is left AFTER the itemized deductions....... 99.9 % of you will never realize that amount.... but plenty do,

Oh, I guess that is the Christian Nation they want




Did Pence Have Knowledge of the Fraudulent Documents???

14:43 Jan 18 2022
Times Read: 655

Damn, those date stamps and the other V.P.s at time of certification all said pretty much the same until along came Pence..... the question is why..... put him under oath in front of a Federal Grand Jury and ask him




More Election Fraud, YES, Republicans Again

12:09 Jan 17 2022
Times Read: 668

Referred to the DOJ...... mmmmm Michigan A.G. investigates for over a year...then refers the matter to the DOJ........ then turns all their evidence over as well...... seems like a slam dunk for the DOJ..... Michigan could soon be down more Republicans as they cool their heels in Federal Prison




Billionaires Got Richer During the Pandemic And Millions of Poor Pushed Further Into Poverty

00:22 Jan 17 2022
Times Read: 676

As the deadly COVID-19 pandemic has raged on, the world’s richest have only got richer, while tens of millions of people have plunged into poverty.

In a report released Sunday, Oxfam detailed how the wealth of billionaires increased more than ever before over the past two years: The 10 richest people in the world — all white men — more than doubled their wealth, from a collective $700 billion to $1.5 trillion.

From March 2020 to November 2021, a new billionaire was created every 26 hours, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the organization estimated that over 160 million people have been pushed into poverty in that time.

“One of the single most powerful tools we have to address this level of egregious and deadly inequality is to tax the rich,” Abby Maxman, president of Oxfam America, said in a news release.

“Instead of lining the pockets of the ultra-wealthy, we should be investing billions of dollars into our economy, our children and our planet, paving the way for a more equal and sustainable future.”

Oxfam’s report estimates that the 252 richest men now hold more wealth than the 1 billion women and girls living in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean combined.

During the pandemic, women were especially economically hard-hit because many work in industries with disproportionate job losses; others were forced to leave work to care for children and elders. Women collectively lost $800 billion in earnings in 2020, and there are 13 million fewer women in the workforce now than in 2019.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit people of color disproportionately hard, the report noted: Through November 2021, in the U.S, Black and Latinx people were about twice as likely to die from the virus than white people. Similarly, during England’s second wave of the pandemic, Bangladeshi people were five times more likely to die of COVID-19 than white Brits. In Brazil, Black people were 1.5 times more likely to die than white people.

In the U.S, Black and Latinx people also work disproportionately in industries like the service or domestic sectors, which faced significant job loss, as well as in health care or agriculture, where workers deemed “essential” continued to work on the front lines as others stayed safely home.

Millions of Americans received increased unemployment aid and three stimulus checks from the federal government during the pandemic, but undocumented immigrants were barred from this support.

“There is no shortage of money... There is only a shortage of courage and imagination needed to break free from the failed, deadly straitjacket of extreme neoliberalism,” Oxfam International’s executive director Gabriela Bucher said in a news release.

“Governments would be wise to listen to the movements — the young climate strikers, Black Lives Matter activists, #NiUnaMenos feminists, Indian farmers and others — who are demanding justice and equality.”

here is the site if you wish to read it there https://www.huffpost.com/entry/billionaire-wealth-inequality-increase-covid-oxfam_n_61e1f818e4b03874b2d7cf36

and https://www.oxfam.org/en/research/inequality-kills?cid=aff_affwd_donate_id78888&awc=5991_1642378884_46d6c16e859f37a059502e64c6f7c45c

But by All means let's NOT RAISE FUCKING TAXES ON THEM!!!!





23:21 Jan 15 2022
Times Read: 697

"I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro's great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the White Citizens Councilor or the Ku Klux Klanner but the White moderate who is more devoted to 'order' than to justice."

Martin Luther King Jr. - part of the letter he wrote while incarcerated in the Birmingham Jail

Todays example, Joe Manchin, Kristin Sinema, John Testa..... what they don't get is that the end of democracy is closer than they realize or perhaps they don't care. Both Manchin and Sinema are backed by corporate interests . These interests don't care about democracy as long as they profit.

Most of you have NOTHING in COMMON with these corporate interests other than buying their goods.




Flip Flop Lindsay - Or Just Plain Fop

20:09 Jan 15 2022
Times Read: 706

Clip from The Morning Joe Show on MSNBC. For those of you who do not know, Joe Scarborough, is a former Congressman from North West Florida. He was once described by GOP Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich as to far to the right to be elected. He was elected and re-elected. Scarborough left the Republican Party months ago. He has described Mango as a threat to democracy and a would be autocrat.

And there we have the contrast of Lindsay Graham..... who is as phony as they come............

Better wake the fuck up...... If you aren't registered then get registered..... We are approaching what maybe the last two national elections this country will have




Space Laser Barbie Unhinged

11:43 Jan 15 2022
Times Read: 717

Marjorie "Space Laser Barbie" is one unhinged bitch. She made the above comments within the last few days. And as the Congresswoman from Michigan points out if this was a school or a normal work place Greene would be red flagged.

In case you have forgotten Greene follows Q and has stated that the California wild fires were started by Jewish Space Lasers.

Here's hoping that the recently indicted 11 somehow lead to Greene, Buck, Gohmert, Gosar, Jordan, Gatez and perhaps one or two senators.

It is amazing as to HOW STUPID the voters in some areas of the this Country truly are.




Sedition It Is

01:33 Jan 14 2022
Times Read: 739

These fuckers were arrested today by the FBI.... These charges carry 20 years...... Unlikely for bail to be set...... I hope your wives and children are fucking embarassed by you and change their names.

We will see what courtrooms these cases end up in.....

Give them a plea.... let them plead to 20 years..... less if they flip on the GOPQ elected officials who assisted them




And This From The Lincoln Project

15:19 Jan 13 2022
Times Read: 751

Mango is deranged.......




Crazy Mango Interview on NPR

00:52 Jan 13 2022
Times Read: 766

Just listen to this... Mango is completely out of touch with reality.... and when the Interviewer mentioned the Judge .... Mango hung up.

In case you missed it a Federal Judge in D.C. questioned why Mango was silent for over two hours during the Jan6 2021 Insurrection/White Uprising and whether his silence constituted his Complicity?

Look, for all you dullwits..... Mango is a traitor, a piece of shit, a criminal, and hopefully will soon be indicted in Atlanta......

See this is what happens when he doesn't appear on FOX or Brietbart or Newsmax or the other bullshit media and is questioned in a real interview...... his ramblings are hysterical... he probably needs psy meds.




Mango's Attorneys Meet With Georgia D.A.

10:42 Jan 12 2022
Times Read: 780

Well we shall see.....




To Cruz and The Rest

11:29 Jan 11 2022
Times Read: 794

One Who Makes Himself A Worm Cannot Afterwards Complain When People Step On Him - Immanuel Kant

Ran across this earlier...... my reaction was immediate





18:30 Jan 10 2022
Times Read: 811

So let's see if he sticks to this or has to back pedal




Yes, Tucker, It Was Domestic Terrorism

01:54 Jan 10 2022
Times Read: 824

However, Cruz is so groveling, so craven a coward , so inept..... that he should never be considered as a republican nominee for ANY office........ and let's not forget he ran to Cancun last Winter when the Republican Power Grid of Texas collapsed..... I say Republican because they have controlled Texas for years......and due to their actions people died.

Think about it




Cyber Ninjas Head For the Hills

18:02 Jan 08 2022
Times Read: 840

Note: As was pointed out this bullshit company was supposed to find voter fraud in Maricopa County Arizona. THEY DIDN'T. The CEO of the company is a multi millionaire and promoter of Mango's big lie that the election was stolen. He has appeared elsewhere and voiced those sentiments. Again, no proof whatsoever.

The Company ran afoul of the open records law in Arizona. Many other states had that including Florida. Here's hoping Ron Dumbsantis, Governor of Florida decides to step in the shit, and hire a similar company.

But back to Cyberturkeys, they laid off all their employees and are filing for bankruptcy . lol...... more GOPQ craziness.

As a reminder the earth is not flat, nor a mere 5,000 years old and the fucking universe does not revolve around the earth nor does it revolve around a piece of shit like Mango Mussolini, who is by all accounts a loser by 7 million votes. Let's not forget he lost the popular vote in 2016 too.




Domestic Terrorism of Jan. 6, 2021

11:23 Jan 07 2022
Times Read: 860

The FBI defines domestic terrorism as “violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.”

and from 18 USC 2331

(5)the term “domestic terrorism” means activities that—
(A)involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;
(B)appear to be intended—
(i)to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
(ii)to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
(iii)to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and
(C)occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States; and

mmmmm....... to intimidate or coerce a civilian population...... well to me (and lucky for them it's not) the mere public presence of armed thugs such as 1 Amendment Patriots, Proud Bois, Oath Keepers, White Supremacists flashing their weapons, showing their colors ,lol, or carrying their toy shields is in my eyes AN ATTEMPT TO COERCE OR INTIMIDATE A CIVILIAN POPULATION.

HOWEVER, there is not a Federal crime of domestic terrorism.... just a definition

And one more thing..... the 1st Amendment...... there is that... they have a right to speak, to gather

And what are they trying to achieve...... they say the politicians are traitors...why? ..... because they they disagree with them?.... because they are afraid of socialism?... yes, terrible if we all had cradle to grave medical coverage...... because they dislike public housing?.... or they dislike SNAP (food stamps).? because they dislike people of a different skin tone? perhaps because for all their bravado they are easily manipulated and just scared little boys who really can't accomplish anything other than by the use of force

But again, as the late Antonin Scalia once wrote ....the Constitution is not a suicide pact.......

Time is getting short.... you better start talking friends and coworkers up.....



13:37 Jan 07 2022

What is more interesting to me who's gonna be the next POTUS??

14:38 Jan 07 2022

To me the immediate importance is convicting everyone involved in the Jan 6, 2021 Insurrection/White Uprising from those charged to those yet to be charged. As well as identifying and tracking those who are involved in planning future armed insurrections against the government.

Concerned about the next President??? Hopefully, Mango will be pissing in his prison issued clothes and drooling over his oatmeal in the prison medical unit by then.


Former Mango Aide Navarrro Confesses on MSNBC

11:30 Jan 06 2022
Times Read: 875

Here is the confession...... Hopefully the F.B.I is reviewing this.... to me this guy will crack even more when pressured.




A.G. Garland Earlier Today

00:33 Jan 06 2022
Times Read: 885




Mango Supporters

02:07 Jan 05 2022
Times Read: 903

Note the one with the Trump Forever Flag....... did you hear the the dolt that said the judges were democrats and covered it up. do you understand these fuckers want Mango to seize power and never leave the White house..... do you think it was antifa? do you think it was the FBI? do you think it was little green men from alpha centauri?




Liz Calls Mango Derelict and a Threat to the United States

11:31 Jan 04 2022
Times Read: 916

Watch the 8 minutes of this clip. She clearly lays out that Mango was derelict in his duty on Jan 6 2021 as he simply sat in the White House and watched as his supporters attacked American Democracy. As she correctly points out more than one Mango supporter who has been charged has come forward, usually at sentencing, and said they were there because Mango told them to be there on Jan. 6 2021. And she and I differ on a lot but not on this.

As the numbers indicate there are millions of Mango supporters in denial about the election as well as the Jan 6 2021 Insurrection/White Uprising. I'm not sure exactly where the educational system failed them but it did.

individuals who testify in Court must take an oath.... not one witness was placed under oath in any court in this country and testified as to the election fraud claims..... why..... because they would have been charged with perjury.

It is mind boggling as to how many of those in the middle class support Mango..... as he has nothing but contempt for them... He was for Abortion until he ran for President ...... he changed his party 5 times during his lifetime.... his Christian values are non existent.... DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT JESUS WANTS A WALL or that HE WOULD WANT WHITE SUPREMACISTS MARCHING IN THE STREETS OF THIS COUNTRY or THAT HE WOULD WANT THE RICH TAXED LESS ?




Another Poll Reveals Craziness

12:17 Jan 03 2022
Times Read: 941

Well the overwhelming majority of Republican voters think the election was stolen..... without one iota of substantial, competent evidence being presented in a Court of Law.

Larry Hogan is one of the sane GOP Governors who has said the party needs to move on from Mango.

Listen carefully to what he says about his actions on Jan. 6 2021,the date of the Insurrection/White Uprising.



14:27 Jan 03 2022

Yeah, scary.


And More On Higher Education

22:38 Jan 02 2022
Times Read: 962

Wait..... oh dear God ...No....... this can't be...... hey Poor Bois, Skin Heads and the rest of the dumb fuckers....... the members of the U.S team don't look like you.... nor me.............. HOWEVER they are Americans..... and represent their country honorably...unlike you.




Happy New Year

14:28 Jan 01 2022
Times Read: 991

So you crazy GOPQers really, really, want to dumb down our educational system? So you really think that parents in THIS COUNTRY should have a greater say to what is taught in schools? How the fuck can the parents have a greater say when they think the earth is flat, or only 5000 years old or created in 7 days?

And did you know that women make up slightly more than 50% of those with 4 year degrees? https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/06/20/u-s-women-near-milestone-in-the-college-educated-labor-force/

That stat must drive the Proud Bois, 3 percenters, White Nationalists bonkers..... oh wait ... it does



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