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07:59 Jan 29 2008
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I’ve been informed I need more journal entries about travel…

Unfortunately I don’t have much to say about it. Travel recently has been brief, alone and uneventful.

Last week’s travel was cancelled. The week before it was a quick 36 hour trip to Colorado and Wyoming. I took some interesting pictures, but nothing too memorable.

This week I’m off to Tacoma again… I enjoyed my previous trips to that area, but not specifically for the area, the travel or the work to be done. But a two-day trip to the other side of the continent seems almost wasteful. I could spend an entire day – a full 24 hours – just going back and forth. Seems pretty pointless to only have 48 hours in between. But I have no choice. I have to cut my travel as close to work time as possible. There is a lot of work to be done, and even more back home. I hate to even leave at this time.

Closing on a house to move my company offices to. The transaction hasn’t gone nearly as smoothly as I would have hoped. There is a lot of work to be done there now that it is officially mine.

Yes, it became official as I flew a connecting flight to Philadelphia. So I will return home with a lot on my plate... as usual I suppose.

My business is at a juncture of growth. We’ve doubled staff since November. Ok, so that’s only adding on two people, but growth has to start somewhere and it’s never easy to take those steps. I’m needed there. But still, I need to keep working too. My efforts don’t only go towards managing and running the company, but also to bring in revenue and keep up a positive cash flow.

On a flight to Seattle, and endlessly amazed by the ignorant and inconsiderate actions of people. Not only that, but the consistent stupidity and almost complete apathy by the airline personnel to do anything but “enforce the rules.”

I won’t go into detail. I’m sure anyone who has flown in recent years knows this all too well.

I pack light to avoid complications; especially for a quick two-day trip such as this. The less I carry, the happier and better off I am. But my laptop and other equipment I need to carry is a necessity – just as my camera has become a necessity these days as well. Nothing is getting “checked” when this is all I carry.

I’m going to land in Seattle, check into my hotel and decide what it is I need to do for tomorrow. The job I’m being sent to do seem as if it’s destined to be a disaster. I’m usually pretty confident I can get a job done and make things work out, but on this one, I’m not confident at all. The new software wasn’t designed with the model this hospital wants in mind. Trying to make it do what they want it to could be a lot more than the vendor has bargained for.

But of course, they’re counting on me to make it work.

So all eyes are on me.



So two weeks ago the vendor terminated Etch’s contract. That is sad, sad news for me. Etch is a good friend, a great guy to work and hang out with… and he worked hard and did a great job for our team. I’m going to miss him. Doing jobs with the team but without him just won’t be the same.

This trip just seems sad. Again, I’m looking more towards what I left behind than what I can look forward to.

I know looking forward, at least the next two days… all I see is disappointment.

I’m still 37,000 feet in the air… and I’m already looking forward to just going home.

Oh, and I watched Airplane! on my laptop on the flight. Nothing better than a comedy about airline disasters to spice up a boring flight….



08:16 Jan 29 2008

Sorry hon...I know you're good at your job no matter what, people are just idiots...They don't want to change that.

I'm feeling so tired it hurts, but I had to read this entry before I went to bed...

things will all be ok, and you're not alone, you have help ;)

Oh and you always know the perfect movie to make any flight seem better ^.^


17:30 Jan 28 2008
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It's Monday.

Feels like forever since I've been on the road, even thought it's only been 2 weeks.

But I leave for the airport shortly. Flight is in 2 hours. Left coast this week.

I have hopes that this trip will be fun and exciting, but in my heart I fear it will just be dreary, depressing and filled with despair.




22:56 Jan 28 2008

Hope the trip turns out better than you are fearing.


The best laid plans...

22:13 Jan 24 2008
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...tomorrow afternoon I will close on a new house... this will be the new home of my business; a central place to gather the troops, to conduct business...

...to escape the difficulties of working from home.

This hasn't gone according to plan. My original intention was to be done and moved in before the start of 2008.

Banks, lawyers... they have their way of dragging out the process and making it seem a whole lot more complicated than it needs to be.

So I adjust. I regroup and I reschedule my life around them and the new time-line. I had it working out perfect - close on Friday, begin work on making it office-worthy on Saturday, work like hell on it all the next week which I have off from travel....


...yeah, now I have to spend Monday night through Thursday morning traveling to and from Seattle - doing work there... it's an "emergency."

Bullshit. Not being able to handle your customer and their demands isn't an emergency.

And now we have to push the next project up a week because some rocket scientist scheduled it over a training that has been on the calendar for over a month.

Then, the training... so much for reducing my travel.

But... with the help of my team, I should have the new office ready to go before the end of February.

Even when things get all thrown up in the air, I tend to make most of the pieces fall into place anyway....



02:32 Jan 25 2008

Kudos on closing.....and good luck on getting it move in ready :)

11:53 Jan 25 2008

Hope things are done by Friday.

17:38 Jan 25 2008

Are there any trees around the new place?

I think the first thing you should do is cut them all down just to piss off your new neighbors!

Sorry...I had to go there!

Good luck, I'm sure this will bring increaded productivity to your business as well as make home more of a retreat from work!

17:34 Jan 28 2008

Actually the previous owners left a big tree right behind the house... I'm trying to figure out what kind it is... seems like a type of Magnolia.

Anyway, they built a concrete patio around it, which I think is awesome!


15:46 Jan 10 2008
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Ever exprience turbulance sitting at the gate?

No, this is not some perverted sexual reference... sitting at the gate, it is so windy this morning the plane is not only swaying but actually bouncing up and down with the gusts...

Should I be nervous?

Nah.... it's just another day....



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