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20:19 Mar 31 2012
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Woke up to a police call telling me that the Center had been burglarized. Someone threw a brick through the front window. I rushed out there and let the Police in, which activated the alarm...the burglar didn't activate it.

There was glass everywhere and it looked so scary and so sad. A large muddy boot print was on a lobby chair where he stepped through the shattered pane.

It feels so eerie to know that someone violated such a peaceful sanctuary that only tries to serve others. He (boot print size suggests a large male) took one thing - a 5 Gallon water jug that sits on the floor for people to make donations. I've seen children and clients who have nothing, who are asking for food, reach into their own pockets and drop coins into that jug. It was a beautiful thing.

Just picture that: Man in the front of the building right on the street lobs HUGE brick through window on a weekend night, steps in and exits through a window carrying a FIVE GALLON JUG OF CHANGE! Nobody saw that? Crazy stuff.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt and that's all he took. I imagine there was about $200 in the jug. The window will cost more than that to replace.

My volunteers are angels sent from God. I made a few phone calls and within minutes, Stabb and a slew of men and women were sweeping, measuring the window, boarding it up, vaccuuming, wiping surfaces, and offering moral support.

My board members were checking on me, and I was able to encourage them. Here's how I feel:

This was an act of desperation. This person didn't try to hurt us...if that had been his goal, he would have spray painted, burned, trashed the place, or stolen computers and precious files. This person saw a little cash and felt it was worth the risk. No food was stolen from the food bank, so I'm guessing probably an addiction made the cash too big of a temptation.

We are going to be able to open Monday. We are going to barely be inconvenienced...the window will be fixed tomorrow (the glass repairman came out today on his birthday), and all will be well. I'm grateful that this wasn't worse than it was. Nobody is hurt, the building is still standing.

I'm leaving the rest in God's hands. I pray that the man who did this will come to understand what he did and that something good will come from it someday. For now, we dust off and go on.



20:58 Mar 31 2012

*sigh* you have more inner strength than I do at this point. I'm enraged and beyond pity right now and saddened for your Center and repairs that will go into it.

23:44 Mar 31 2012

I hope, in a few years, a stranger will walk into the shelter and say he was the one who did this, and how he wanted to say he was sorry and repay the money he took. And donated more to help others. But not only the money- but say he was in a bad place then, and in a better place now. Wishing who did this has strong shoulders to bare the weight, and the strength to change his life.

And that you stay the wonderful person you are. :)

00:08 Apr 01 2012

You have an amazing heart *hugs*

00:54 Apr 01 2012

I think...I would really like you in person too. :)

01:09 Apr 01 2012

See gals- reason I vote for a trip down south. She is so a person we should meet. ;)

08:45 Apr 01 2012

VW, from your lips to God's ears. That would be an amazing Prodigal Son homecoming kind of a day. I'll be praying for it.

16:08 Apr 01 2012

It is such a feeling of peace to see you approach this situation in this way.

It is wonderful to know that my friend is surrounded by so many loving and generous people that in a time of need an army of them arrive to help.

I have been in that situation myself before, obviously to a smaller scale... having property broken into to find the perpetrator only took what amounted to pocket change. So many desperate people in the world right now.... they do what they need to - what they feel they need to in order to help themselves when in so many cases they might have gotten more just by asking.

My thoughts go out to you and your organization to continue helping and forgiving.


18:16 Mar 26 2012
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Tired. I need to be smarter with my time.

Taking inventory of my heart, and not proud of everything in there.

I need to let some feelings go...forgiveness. I need to remember that Love is #1 and live that way.

Sleep is precious. I need to remember not to squander the time reserved for sleeping.

Consistency. When I walk my talk, I am a happier person, and so are those around me.

The goal is to hear the words, "Well done my good and faithful servant."

Lord, help me to be the woman you call me to be.

Gifts for my gratitude:

Thank you for the gift of sandalwood for my bath

Thank you for the honor of a friend's trust

Thank you for sending opportunities to respond




07:04 Mar 14 2012
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A new business partner

Donors to the Center. May they be blessed.

A phone call from my love, and how beautiful "I miss you" sounds on his lips.




17:47 Mar 13 2012
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Have you uncovered The Great Secret to Life? I have. Admittedly, the trouble with The Great Secret is that it is your own Great Secret, possibly not the answer that everyone seeks. I will share mine, though. I believe that if you apply yourself to this one goal, you will live a fulfilled life. I don't promise that it will be filled with material riches, but it will not fail to be filled with treasure that truly enriches life:

Do Not Live Selfishly. (That's the version that works best for me. I know it's in the negative, but that's what I need...it's the gentle correction of a wise friend. You may prefer: Live Selflessly)

This is really not about money or stuff. It is about living openly and genuinely. Give YOURSELF to others. Listen. Be present. Don't rush through people; it will set you apart from the world.



19:39 Mar 13 2012

This is a wonderful entry.


00:23 Mar 11 2012
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For the grandfather whose love I still feel. Je m'ennuie de toi.

La Grâce du Ciel est descendue

Me sauver de l’enfer.

J’étais perdue, je suis retrouvée,

Aveugle, et je vois clair.

Le Bon Dieu m’a ouvert le ciel.

Son Fils est mort pour moi.

C’est grâce à Jésus, mon sauveur,

Que j’ai reçu la foi.

Quand j’aurai chanté dix mille ans

Dans Sa chorale des Anges,

Je n’aurai fait que commencer

À chanter Ses louanges.

De tous les dangers de la vie,

La grâce est mon abri.

C’est cette même grâce qui m’amènera

Aux portes du paradis.


Grace from heaven came down

And saved me from hell

I was lost, I am found

Blind, and I see clearly

God opened heaven for me

His Son died for me

It is thanks to Jesus, my Savior

That I received faith

When I will have sung ten thousand years

In His choir of angels

I will only have begun

To sing his praises

From all the dangers of life

Grace is my shelter

It is this same grace which will lead me

To the gates of paradise.

Au Ciel

J’irai la voir un jour!

Au ciel dans ma patrie

Oui j’irai voir Marie

Ma joie et mons amour


Au ciel, au ciel, au ciel!

J’irai la voir un jour.

Au ciel, au ciel, au ciel!

J’irai la voir un jour.

J’irai la voir un jour

O, cri plein d’esperance

Qui calme ma sufferance

Au terrestre sejour

J’irai la voir un jour

J’irae m’unir aux anges

Pour chanter ses louanges

Au ciel, avec sa cour

J’irai la vour un jour

J’irai loin de la terre

Sur le coeur de ma Mere

Reposer sans retour

In English:

I will go to see her one day

In heaven, my homeland

Yes, I will go to see Mary

My joy and my love


To Heaven! To Heaven! To Heaven!

I will go to see her one day.

To Heaven! To Heaven! To Heaven!

I will go to see her one day.

I will go to see her one day

O, cry full of hope

That calms my suffering

On this earthly sojourn

I will go to see her one day

I’ll join the angels in singing her praises

With her celestial court

I will go to see her one day

I’ll go far from the earth

On the heart of my Mother

To rest without return



16:20 Mar 11 2012

I like the second one... because the singer is hot.



23:46 Mar 10 2012
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16:40 Mar 09 2012
Times Read: 545

The sweet gift of quiet time to slip off my shoes and slip into a good book while soft Irish music played beside me and waves splished and laughed beneath my bare feet.

The exciting gift of a poem trying to be born

The profound gift of my father's love




06:07 Mar 07 2012
Times Read: 554

The way dogs know when you are smiling inside

The gift of a foot rub

The gift of words written in cement




03:29 Mar 05 2012
Times Read: 570

The gift of a great meal shared with friends on a balcony outside while the waves rolled in and sailboats dotted the horizon.

The gift of laughter

The gift of VW's dollhouse images



12:34 Mar 05 2012

16:06 Mar 05 2012



09:57 Mar 04 2012
Times Read: 580

Pink nail polish the exact shade of my joy

the gift of water when I was thirsty

the gift of an old song, new to me




08:15 Mar 04 2012
Times Read: 583

the little dog who trotted in front of me while the waves came in, leaping from the steps periodically into the lake and swimming with doggy abandon!

the husband who accompanied me to the Home and Garden Show in the Super Dome and made the whole experience fun

the joke that broke my father, making his retelling funnier than the punch line could ever hope to be



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