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02:28 Jul 29 2011
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Neuzeller Kloster-Bräu Schwarzer Abt (Black Abbot)

Wow. This is a dark German beer. With a beer like this, you'd expect a heavy, roasted, slightly fizzy beer with some bitterness.

This is nearly flat and so sweet that it's shocking. It's thin. Sweeter than beers with fruit. I once had a berry Leinenkugel that tasted like a wine cooler beer; next to this pantywaist, the Leinenkugel is downright butch. I cannot believe that a beer that pours this dark can taste like this. Weird and mostly just not good. Skip this one unless you want to drink the bastard child of Schwarzbier and a flat Pepsi.



15:36 Jul 29 2011

That's just not British!


17:41 Jul 19 2011
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I read in DarknessBound's journal about a message she received on VR. A self-proclaimed evangelist is basically trying to win folks to Christ via spam. Wow.

The email begins like this (I'll spare you the rest because it's very long.) "I am writing to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ the only begotten son of God, and to tell you about the prayer of salvation. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have ever lasting life."

If you receive emails like this and hate them, please don't feel bad or guilty about that. She's right, in my opinion; it IS disrespectful. I am a Christian. I work in ministry. So why do I take offense? Because I want to model after Jesus, himself. In our Center, before we gather other information, we ASK people IF they would like to know about Jesus. Some people say no. We help them EXACTLY the same as those who say, "yes."

I don't remember Jesus sneaking uninvited into people's homes and stuffing his message into their uninterested minds. When he spoke, it was to crowds and followers who were interested. Even when he approached the fishermen who would become his disciples, he did so with respect. If Christ champions choice and relationship, why wouldn't Christians?

If this had been a person who had shown an interest in DB, in talking with her and in who she is, he might have then told her that he was a Christian and asked if she was. He might have asked if she wanted to know what he believed. She would then answer yes or no. Like anyone else discussing anything else, you share with willing or interested people.

I'm not going to message strangers about things that are personally meaningful to me, like poetry, my family, my work, or my God. It would most likely have the opposite effect. It would turn them off of me and the things I hold dear. It's foolish.

I know there are Christians out there who use this method. But remember, there are ill-informed people who approach you about any number of things...personal causes and politics being two that pop to mind. Christians are just like you...Big Gasp. They...we... are imperfect flawed people with all the gifts, problems, and social messups that everyone else is vulnerable to.

Just know that if you want to share about something you love or believe in, begin with people you have bothered to know a little, or someone who expresses an interest. And the best way to have people become interested in what you love? Live for it. Let your life and actions reflect what you love and believe in. It's called being authentic.

By the same reasoning, if a Christian uses this approach with you, please don't lump all Christians in that faux pas, annoying company. You just met an overly enthusiastic, socially misinformed individual. Dislike the individual or his approach, but save room for the people who have grown and know a little better.

I'm messaged often by people on VR who want me to read their poetry. YEah, it bugs me if I don't know them. Quite frankly, the poetry is often deplorable, usually because it was done by people who don't really understand poetry. They haven't read much of it or considered the rhythm of language and the power of sparseness and "just the right word." There is an immaturity that is certainly forgivable. As bad as it may burn the eye and the delicate sensibilities, I still try to help and encourage the better parts and I never think to myself, "That is it! All poets suck! Burn my T.S. Eliot! Kill all who would dare to rhyme!"

(If you got this far...why is a stripper cow talking about Jesus? Well, why not?)



20:00 Jul 19 2011

lol, so much to say but best left unsaid.

22:29 Jul 19 2011

Mm, I got that message also. Totally inappropriate, even for a spammer.

12:57 Jul 25 2011

The Magdalene did. Why not Tassle Elsie?

I am much more impresses by those who walk the walk, and LIVE like they believe than by those who espouse with one side of their mouths and live like a devil out of the other.


23:46 Jul 05 2011
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You don't have the heart to put her down because you've had her so long?! Who do you think you are talking to, Missy? I know you. I have lived down the street from you for 15 years. You do not neuter your animals. You let them breed and let the kittens get infested with fleas. They fight and maim one another. You left them during Katrina and they took refuge in our broken houses until we came home. You let your dog roam the neighborhood and bite a child. You take no responsibility. I bet your animals have never seen a vet.

You think your country accent is SO sweet, and your "we always had cats living in our barn" makes us find you likable?! This is a suburb. It is not a farm. Other people! There are people other than yourselves in this space.

Now you have a senior cat. She can't move well. She can't control her bodily functions and cannot clean herself. She's in pain and wants to go outside to die. So you grab her and drag her back inside your torture chamber. I have no respect for you. I am thinking terrible things about you. I wish I could help that animal. I hope you...



00:10 Jul 06 2011

This just made me feel sick to my stomach.

Really sick.

And REALLY angry.

12:04 Sep 09 2011

When I was a teen my family had a neighbor that had a Collie...they treated that dog so bad that one night my brother and I went over...jumped the fence and took it. Gave it to a family that had a farm...our neighbor never said a word.

21:46 Sep 12 2011

You're an unsung hero.

12:47 Oct 17 2011

I don't know about that...I become awfully angry when someone abuses an animal.

16:14 Oct 17 2011

Well, if you turn green when you get angry, I have a neighbor I'd like you to meet.

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