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00:59 May 22 2023
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Start the night
Start the drive
Start the struggle again
Start the night again
Sleep in the afternoon
By the time you awaken
The sky's gone black
By the time your ready to try again
The days just flown away
The days been groaned away
All the grim grays-shades of grinding
Grim days of gray shackles
Ground away to great shades of black
Grinding povertys
Great circle of lacks-crown of life
Great crown of life-the night steals it back
Great circle of black comes back around
Great circle of nights-seals in the living
Great cold night-locks out the dead
Can't make the light come back-until it's done
Can't take the cold dawn back-until it's come
Can't stop the cold night-it holds all the blacks
Power of death awaiting it's chance
Skull of power watching us all
Some of us rise-some of us fall
Soaring of crows-high above at night
Day crows dance on the grass-seeking out worms
At night they are the watchers-nests far above
Can't see the beady eyes in the darkness
Can't see the sheen of black wings-soaring above
Watchers from the towers
Powers of death-holding onto life
Darkness & black
Coldness & slack
Lonleynes & lack
Great grays pulls you back down
Great grim of urban slums
Great grim environmental sum
Great deck of cards-death is it's sum
Society of human shackles
Holding onto souls
Takes its toll
Concentration like a slack-elastic
Can't stretch it-cant hold it no more
Time to bed down
Time out-time has come
Sleep till the afternoon
That's the snuggle
Pause from struggle
Pause for thoughts
Pull it all together
Pause not to crack
Fear the fractures inside your mind
Could bring to life the nightmares
Old school blankets
Tangled up in this season's colours
No central heating-in this dive
Covered up in many colours
Comforting snuggle up
Some are alone-no love from the mothers
Drift off into dreams
Dreams tinged with tensions
Dreams tinged with nightmares
That's the world trying to get in
Trying every which way to keep it out
Trying every hour to hold it down
Trying to fight all the corners
Fighting monsters you can't even see
Chores been done
Chores been done again
Clean-up & clean-up again
Chug down sweet tea-pop a painkiller
Calculate the hours done
Calculate the hours to come
Calculate how long done & how long left
Days too heavy-nights too long
Days too slow-nights too sharp
Times been done
Times been down
Times been done over
Tiredness drags you down
Try to hold the focus
Try to keep the grip
Till your sliding away
Tired of trying
Tired of fighting through
Take time out
Take a comfort brake
Take a sweet hot tea with peppermint
Take a chill pill-push back the meltdown
Take an oat milk chugg-take the next challenge
Take time wrapped in different colours
Time out as the body sleeps fitfull
Tension all layers-like body armour
Tension-like a hard carpace
Mind like a snake-slippery around corners
The mind is full of mirrors
Start with the right ones-or freak yourself out
Start the night
Start the night off right-or just feel down
Trying to get through till dawn
Trying to get it right
Trying to fight that fight
Trying to come through dawn still alive
Trying to fight through dawn still intact
Trying everything when the nights so long
Trying to do chores
Trying to find study topics
Trying to find home comforts
Trying to push back the cold nights
Trying to cook warm stuff
Tea over coffee
Coffee over tea
Long vests-long slips-long layers
Vain attempts to weaken the cold
Cold white flesh-fending off cold
Cold white body-fending off povertys
Cold white flesh-fending off certain death
Fears in the night
It's cold in the light
It's a trial through the night
Day trials amplified by primal issues
Darkness amplifys everything
Darkness is cold either way
Awaken to darkness
Days been sucked away
Awaken to blackness
Darkness emptyness
Push back the blackness
Fill up the emptyness
Yearn for a better life
Turn for a better chance
Turn in a tight circle
Trapped in a night circle
Trying for objectives
Trying to understand lifes reasons
Alone with the creeping shadows
Can't relaX till the dawn comes back
Cold circle of night
Cold circle of tension
Cold circle of frights
Cold dawn in muted whites
Brings eXhaustion
Blackness holds you in
Cold faceless night
Blind power of life
Blind to your fate
Blind to your face
Cold hours of the clock
Cold face of death
Coachroaches crawling
Can't see your life
Cold face of death
Can't care if you live or die
Cold control-cold ticking circle
Cold hours of the clock
Carrys on regardless
Cold & faceless
Cold hours of life & death
Cold face of human time-slipping away
Cold hours of empty gods
Cold metal chest of empty goods
Empty hours stolen-unmeant promises
Getting used to staying strangers
Cold faceless night
Empty void of black
Big empty blackness
Pigeon dropping promises
Don't end up meaning shit
Just leaves a mess behind
Cold hard face
Empty face of time
Hands of time not keeping up
Spinning out into nowhere
Cold calculated hours
Can't keep you alive
Can find the will from somewhere inside
Cold faceless night
Cold black night
Cold hours spin around the clock
Adjusting the body
Hunger pains-mental strains
Urban struggle-urban huddle
Trying to keep alive
Faceless sight
Empty hotel lobby
Giant windows look out on the night
Night staff keeping quiet
Nightowl-creeping out
Empty night
Moonless sight
No stars only nightlights
Traffic lights changing without cars
Heartless black
Liquid pools of black
Shades of black
Move silent in the cold night air
Move forward & back
Back to another shade of black
Times flows around like black ink
Stone cold heart of the city
Empty roundabout tracks time
City circle
Concrete jungle
Cold deadness of the night
Cold gray towers holding up the sky
Escape the goldfish bowel-sitting outside
Fresh air-looking out at the night
Warm hotel room-empty night outside
Dayside city life gone-black glass bowel
Cigarette smoke-looking out at the night
Escape the goldfish bowel-cold black night
Hotel room-nowhere to go
City bench-nowhere in sight
City night-just looking out
City sights-noone to know
Time out from double bed-giant TV flickers on alone
Tea supplies-pot noodles
Hotel room treasures coveted
Steel kettle-waiting it's time
Thick white towels-folded into piles
Room card-encased in leather
Key to safety-safegaurded hours
Escape the luxury room
Night watcher breaths the night
Silent watcher scans the skyline
Skyscrapers & high towers
Loads of small windows-eyes in the sky
Hidden lives-hidden windows-hidden lives
Huge hotels light up the sky
Skyline highlights
Living buildings in the night
Only sign of life
Faceless modernitys
Faceless towers
Holding up the night
Huge stone towers-light the empty night
Huge icon hotels-full of hidden lives
Lives lived far up high-dont know who lives up high
Can only see the tiny windows-from the ground
Huge towers-guiding nightlights-secret nightlife
Lit-up by city lights
Lit-up by the city sights
Daytime gloom gray smudges
Of the city throbbing away
Heat throbbing away to leave it cold
Turned away into cold city roads
Turns sharp as a sword
Turns night air into ice
Black night as cold as ice
Black night cold as steel
Black night brings you to heel
Black night stirs up your mind
Can't marry the night-all your life
It don't know your name-it don't see your pain
It takes on the blame
It takes on the brunt
It takes on the shadows of shame
It takes on the critiques of pain
Urban blackness-blanket night
Urban corners-empty fights
Urban skylines-manmade towers
Towers of concrete triumph
Terrifying empty giants
Great gray towers-hidden residents
Powers of the night city
Powers of the stillness
Powers of the throbbing city
Gone on to frozen-captured silence
Same emptyness-same cityscape every night......💀🌹





15:23 May 04 2023
Times Read: 919


Start the day
Start off stalling
Starts off sucking
Start off strangled
Silence too heavy
Silence strangled
Start off wrong all over
Only way we know
Stolen time stanger
Start off feeling wrong
Start off feeling wronged
Start off shit way
Or don't start atall
Feel bad already
Feel like shit
Do shit to stay alive
Go aganist my own will
Feel like undead shit
Or don't feel atall
Think some shit
Or think too much
Think wrong stuff
Head full of words
Headspace full of wars
Heart full of thorns
Feeding my body
Is fending off worms
Living inside a lie
Feeding my body
Body's hunger is always blind
Sorrow knows only hunger
Why should we eat?!?
How could we eat?!?
How can we live-without her here?!?
When she is eaten only by worms
She can't eat
Can't even breath
Stolen somewhere
She is gone
We are living from what?!?
Conflict of interests
Parallel realitys
Some murder
Leaves a sentence
Someone missing
Leaves an emptyness
Nothing can ever fill
It's why they pushed us away
We do know that
Same shit-different day
Same shit-domestic dires
Same shit-kitchen stuff
All over the world
Folks be a starting
Day of life
Toasters & kettles
Coffee & tea
Dreams having wings
Teabags on strings
Trying to do some kinda breakfast
Time left for plans
Time still left
To love-the lovely
It's not ripped all away
Honey with a golden twist
Sweetens the coming grims
Could be equal
Could be anywhere
Could be anyone
All over the world
Universal shit
But it's not
Got myself a life
Now I don't care
Now it's not there
Should be mine
But now it's all theirs
All the money
All the time
To build it all up
Cared last week
Full of plans
Drops off quick
Don't care today
Everything's behind
Lagging behind
Invisible shackles
Ball & chain
Injustice drags
Snag on your soul
Not in a hurry
Society is shit
Better at the back
Woke up dead inside
Body's still here waiting
Don't know why?!?
Depression steals the life
Greif is like a stabbing knife
Sorrow is a crown of bones
Grimness of Gray's
Washing away the colours
Once so bright
She was so beautiful always
God's angel
Got smothered out
Gone to hell-some killing demon
Could be a chance
Could be a change
But it's never gonna be that
It's just another aftermath
Some other life lived afterwards
Justice ripped apart
Framework all wonky
Family never to be the same
Those who loved but who lost
Family members
Family features
Relatives they've lost
People really needed
Not here anymore
Too much taken
Too much stolen
Killer still out there somewhere
Killer of sickness still laughing
Should be caged-up
But he's not
It's us being stifled
Living life in a cage
Heartsick every hour
Life going from Deadend
To Deadend every day
Deadend-dead lead
Cold hard case
Growing colder over the years
As the living heart shrinks
Killing time
Road to nowhere
It's murder of a soul
Nobody knows
But my heart isn't in it
Don't live like others
Don't see that I'm a ghostly soul
Don't see the ghastly heart
Scars of the survivor
Ghost of a chance
Had some chance at life
With important others
Greed ripped it all apart
Can't do anything
Can't put it back
Life slipped away
Can't restart the clock
Greed is a killer
Haters killed off love
Haters killed off life
Now time is all wormy
Framework of life just rots away
Slowley taking out the light
The framework is doom
The fire inside is death
As your busy living life
Family's together
I am alone with the morbids
I feel the breath of living death
Spirits a creeping out
Smothering out breath
Abandoned souls left alone
Rotting away slowley
Left like the lonely
Places not great
Fallen off track
Put-back out
Cold case-grows colder
No more answers
No more leads
No more hope
Just awfull ghostlife
Lifeline always get pulled out
Light gets smothered out
Body's left out
Only the sun warms them now
As it passed over flesh
Noone knows yet
Where the missing ended up
They've been removed
Souls been taken
Life's gotten lost
We can feel them
Those been taken
We can see them
Miles away
Lost signposts
Missing souls
Some tangled up corpse
As living dead ghosts
We feel them
We feel for them
We understand those taken
What it costs
Those forsaken
Got that loss
Secret death
Eating away
Living hearts
Living as broken
Living flesh
Feeling dead stolen
Half life
Ghost life
Living as shattered
Crawling through
Life left already feeling stolen
Feeling dead cold
Icey shadow passes over
Justice isnt out there
All the hours they have asked
All the times they've tried
It's somewhere trapped within
In dreams we cannot catch
Bits of limbs left poking out
Images suddenly there
Freaking us out
Faces we can't catch
Feeling already stolen
Feels rotting sometimes
The still living body
Seems kinda pointless
When the dead can't breath
Waste of time
Time all spikey
But we're still alive
Now outsiders
World withdrawn
World gone cold
Where are you God?!?
I'm sure my loyaltys are steel
I'm sure my heart was gold
I'm sure my faith was salty
I'm sure somebody lied
I'm sure the road to hell is paved with blood
I'm sure that justice is withheld
History is a living lie
She was gods
She was loved
She was ours
Sure we didn't have much
But we had love
We had angels
Love of God
God of love
Start the day
Why bother much?!?
Better off in bed
Cocoon from life
Turn over from strife
Empty life
Empty start
Empty hours
Yawning onto into death
Stomach still growling
Wondering why?!?
We haven't started
Hunger always stays empty
No matter how hard we work
Still half-starved
Half-assed creations
Whatevers quickest
Hearts not really in it
Heart has been lost
Who lives on dead?!?
Who turns into a ghost
Before there dead?!?
Relatives of the dead
Every breath
Is a breaking heart
Splintering soul
Glass heart
From the start
Routine lifestyle
Forever departed
Kitchen full of cans
Steel sustainers
Stopping starvation s
Steel upon steel
Left in waiting
Sharp stab opener
Got a sharp hook at the end
Everythings got a hook to it now
Everything in society has a sharp end
Only steel evades the rust
Says it all
Got a steel heart
Got a stubborn heart
Will never die
Trained to stay alive
No idea why?!?
Animal instincts
Life of blind
Leading off nowhere
Nowhere left to go
Starts off empty
Empty life
Empty day
Hunger is the winner
Chance is a player
Die another day
Start the day
Start off empty
Struggle on all day
Start of empty
Stays that way
Getting better
Ends off empty
By the end
Gameplay already denied
Heart life already soured
Better start already taken
Aftermath life
Silence full of demon spirits
Silence full of horrors
Sure I'm not sure
Silence is stolen
Sentence full of greifs.......💀🌹





13:00 May 04 2023
Times Read: 950


Start the day
Start off the dayside
Unplug the night
Empty the night
Empty the fright
Ended that deadly tension
Ended struggle
Nightside tensions subside
Dayside depressions return
Grim Gray's pushing back in
Skull of the watcher
God's worms turning in circles
God's merciless worms inside my head
If my heart should become living flesh
Instead of cold hard steel
Let it stay true to god
Emporers child till my last living breath
Pause for next stage
Snakes of unreason
Surface darkness
Sacks full of horrors
Survived again
Still twilight will return
Still nightfrights will regain
Injustice will retain
Mad hearts still hurting
Mad souls still sucking
Depression has changed its colour
Black fear depression
Turned back off again
Unplug the nightlight again
Plug the kettle back in
Can't plug in real hope
Only plug in grim shit
Long slow dread
Long slow death
Grim & grime
Grim & Gray's
One more time
Gray times
Gray tides
10 shades of grim & gray
Start the day
Same as all the other days
Sucking out life's days
Start the day
Start off again
Starts off empty
Stays that way still
For what it's worth
Down for sure already
Depression is a slow killer
Dance with death
Dreads in the shadows
Dead inside underneath
Mask of life
Mask of a life
Masquerade of life
All masks straining under
Troubled soul
Cleaved up life
Private night
Colder nights
Torments in darkness
Private life
Precious life stolen
Taken its toll
Constant drip of greif
Bad old tap
Gotten too old
Still not fixed yet
Still won't stop
Constant bloody dripping
Tap tap tap
Like a brain drip
All night long
Night is so long
Depression is a slow killer
Darkness looks like black glass
Dread of untimely death
Murder hearts 💔
Inside the shadows
Night is much too long
Fighting through
Holding on
Have other hopes
Have fleeting dreams
Have no real chances
Have so few choices
Hurt yourself lying
Hurt yourself with hopes
Hurt yourself with truths
Hurt by lifetimes
Slow drip of greifs
Wreath around your neck
World of emptyness
Empty darkness takes on lights
World was empty
Surges with life
The mighty eagle takes on life
Time fighting time
Death fighting death
Connected to other societys
Contract of soul
Connection to strangers
Thousands of miles away
Bridge over metal bridge
Waters spanning waters
Highways fading away
Dreams intermingled
Will get betrayed
Dead soul turns alive
Special magick boX
Special magick eye
Special magick times
Sears images into your living soul
Watching others America
Avid eyes working it out
Hearing what they say
What does it mean?!?
Society's of conflict
Society's of weird odds
Society's of angry lives
Society's of angry drives
Angry drivers-twisting over fate
Feisty faces
Furious figures
Fight it all out
Electricity's bring forth life
Electric dies-your life's out
Electric dies-your lights out
Electric ends-your soul dies
Electric goes-out
Everything is over
Plunged into blind darkness
Battery's left blinking
Sand of time draining on fast
Time has run on out
Awfulness again
Your left on empty shores
Your left with emptyness inside
Silent nights
Secret strifes
Survive alone
Secret circles
Survive it alone
Private life
Privation pains
Hunger fear pain
Sucks out the hours
Over giant metal bridges
Over mystery's
Others unknown
Other secret souls
Other states overlapping
Others struggles highlighted
Over the waters
Over other bridges
Sunlight glowing down
Injustice crawling out
Human coachroaches
Hates on the beat
Hateful hearts about to start
Day hopes are fading out fast
One mistake could end the game
Povertys reality
The rich live on longer
Lack of reason
Bad concentration
Anything stupid
Any dumb mistake
Ambulance stalling
Time draining away
One wrong word
One wrong face
One wrong turn
One fatal altercation
One sharp blade
One stray bullet
One bad punch
Lose your lunch
Fate is fickle
In ghettos
Chances all fucked-up
Poor positions
Povertys a killer
Poison souls-drag you down
Pull out the night-plug
Pull out the night-light
Put out the dim-light
Pull out the owl-plug
Back to the dayside crow
Dim light diffuser
Fending off bad shadows
Somehow survived again
Should've died by now
Half hope for a way out
Some kinda accident
Didn't want to live
Don't know how to win
Didn't want to die
Did want the night to end
Either way feel the loser
Grim daylight
Grays of depression
Gone back to dayside
Troubles of ever
Everyday troubles
Outside the sinister shadows
Dayside grimness
Kitchen grim
Kitchen gloom
Lonely kitchen
All trys again-one more time
The loser already
With every moment
She is gone
Angel of god been erased
Everyone we loved
Enemy of time
Over other bridges
Struggles still on
Death has life
Justice struggling to find the key
Lonely souls lost something
Comfort in strange things
Colder cases
Charmless life
Fearfull nightimes
Figure on the daylight-dim
Fear the daylight
Future is featureless
Scarred by the darkness
The black muffler
Coming out again
Dance with death
All day again
Switch over
From nightime struggles
Depression slows down life
Grayside takes over daytime
Povertys a killer
Passion chiller
Fear of the future
Eats you alive
Fear of the future
Fear of the features
Eats you alive
Fear of the future
Factors that could go fucked
Povertys a chiller
Passion killer
Improvised living
Intelligence kept culled
Improvised living
Improvised realitys
Slipping templates
Improvised realitys
Hold the hours
Slipping away again
Inside quirky lifestyles
Brain levels varying
Povertys a killer
Passion chiller
Life is a chancer
Depression is a slow drainer
Day & night is a changer
One mistake could end the game
One slip up
One wet hand
One wrong plug
One wrong knife
Fall asleep wrong
Fitfull rest
Bloods coming back too slow
Comatose soul
Wake-up feeling wrong
Povertys a killer
Draining all your days
Poor folks die faster
Shit medicals drain your days
Povertys are a silent killer
Could take you this time
Morale always has a taker
Mind is a constant ticker
Mentality always has a corner
Dayside nightmares
All mired in gloomy grays
Fighting off death
Concentrations a war
Concentrations a concern
Concentration wobbles
Like a giant jelly moving
Like a spinning top
Like a wavering snake
Brain gets interruptions
Body takes the strain
Beware of society
Better out from under
Better gone years ago
Silence this self
End this life
Once given-now taken
Knew that always
But still here
Hanging on
Ghostly face
Ghastly face
Ghoulish picture
Scars remaining
Waiting for what?!?
Feeling a fool with every breath
Can carry on
Can carry the can
As a ghost of a self
As bare bones of a life
As every hope sucked out
Every light
Every lie
Already gone
Sucked out life
Life already stolen
Everything ransacked
Treasure-chest drained
Just old bones
And a golden key
Everything else
Wood just cavern empty



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