Basic Energy Work II: Manipulation

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Author: STABB666
VR Publish Date: Oct 06 2005

This is a guide intended to outline some of the basic concepts of energy work for those with an interest in Magick and Psionics, as well as to understand psy-feeding techniques.

We are all capable of perceiving energy in many forms, although some people are able to more readily understand and thus interact with the more subtle forms of it through what is termed as an ‘awakening’ process (which essentially means coming to an understanding of the energetic balances of the universe.

The entire universe is but a single super-massive sphere within which resonate these energy forms at various frequencies.

We, human bodies, resonate between a certain range (matter) which is able to reflect light, which obviously allows the eye to see and also, the hand to touch, as with any other matter which we are able to perceive- this is the physical manifestation of the universal energy.

Other than these visual and physical ranges, there are other energy forms, from infrared, up through visual to ultraviolet and beyond for other radiations, not forgetting gravity, heat, cold, etc.

Outside of the standard perceptions of our five basic senses, exists energy signatures which we emit on our unique frequency- much like a fingerprint and no two patterns can ever match exactly. This is our aura(s).

Once acceptance and comprehension of these fields are realised, one can begin to act upon them in many ways, resulting in not only psy-vamp energy exchanges, but also empathy, telepathy, astral travel and a huge variety of other Psionics and Magicks.

Skepticism is healthy in these matters, but, if one chooses to accept that such energies exist, doubt should not be allowed to cloud the mind during enactment of these skills, as it acts a very effective dampener and will lead to frustration and further reinforce the blockage of flow.

A word on Auras

There have been many threads on this subject and there are a huge number of books and online resources which will explain this topic in depth, but for the purposes of understanding the very basic interactions, I will outline some information here again.

Each person generates a bio-electrical field, fueled by the food we eat, the air we breath, etc and given ‘form’ by our subconscious mind based on the energy output capabilities of our bodies.
Intertwined and possibly even birthed from this field are a minimum of four distinct and separate levels or layers (this is matter of discussion across various teachings and could be seven, thirteen, or a thousand).

The first exists very close to the physical shell, expanding just inches in any direction around the body and is the lowest frequency of energy that we emit. It is the reflection of the physical self in the non-physical universe and is more of a conduit through which the others are linked and interacted with. This form is also the basis for ‘chi’ or ‘pranic’ channels, to which reiki healing is directed, as an example. This can also be captured in image through ‘Kirlian’ photography and is said to be the body aura.

The next layer out extends perhaps several inches further than the first and is likened to the emotional aspect of the self, those unconscious feelings that rise up within us- commonly referred to as the aura of the heart and are how people usually pick up good or bad ‘vibes’ from another.

The third layer can be ascribed to as the aura of the mind, in which conscious thought takes form and directs us and can extend several feet from oneself and is often to what ‘presence’ is ascribed.

The fourth layer is generally referred to as the soul or spirit and could actually be many layers operating within the same narrow range- this is the eternal self, the (virtually) indestructible form in which we exist consciously between physical lives and expands anywhere from a few feet to miles in the most powerful forms.

As mentioned, there are various ways to interact with these fields and direct energy along and through them.


For basic manipulations, there are two main focal points for taking in and out of the self- the hands and the mouth. The hands are most used for expression, the mouth for insinuation, although either is just as capable as the other of both in or out- it seems to be purely a psychological trait and could go some way to explaining why mages use their hands a lot and vampires, the mouth, well…obvious really…

Psionics themselves are an almost exclusively internal matter and one could send their consciousness to the other side of the planet without moving a single muscle in some methods, as well as there being other points on the body in which to take and receive, but these are not basic, so I will limit this section to hands and mouth flows.

The Mouth

In order to express energy, one has to have reserves to do so with, especially in the case of psy-vamps.

There are three primary methods of energy intake for psy-feeding (although there are more, they are slightly more complex and deserve more in depth attention) these are loosely described as ambient absorption, direct contact and distance.

Direct contact is as it says; skin to skin touch, taking directly from and individual, but without breaking the skin. This is most easily expressed as a kiss. To take the energy from another in this way is relatively simple. It requires a conscious act though and should always be with the full knowledge and permission of the doner. To start, simply relax, breath easily yet deeply without straining and often with closed eyes, alight a kiss upon the other in an energy centre. The most obvious and common is the neck (throat charka), but also, the chest, belly and sexual organs will allow equally as much energy to be released.

In the beginning, as the first breath comes in, there should be a feeling of tingling or slight pressure around the mouth area, which rapidly expands throughput the body and can cause the sensation of goose bumps. The doner will usually feel similar, but with more of a pulsing and centralised in the specific area, radiating outwards. The feeder will most often feel and all over sensation and may well feel the pulse also. The feeder than needs to assimilate this new energy into their own pattern. This is done subconsciously to a great degree, but, with practice, more can be gained from what is called ‘cycling’, but this is for advanced works.

Ambient is more of a breathing in of ‘free floating’ energy generated and effectively discarded by large groups or crowds in euphoric states and is the easiest for one’s conscience to accept if to personal doner is available and one is in need.
If one is low on energy, the flow will naturally seep into you and very little concentration is required for this, although, as with direct feeding, conscious thought can purify and increase the potency of such feeds.

Distance feeding is more difficult and does require an open and often personal relationship with the other doner/feeder, but can be performed across hundreds, if not thousands of miles. This is in some ways related to dream walking, but in a waking state. It is advisable at a beginner level to have a focal image, a photo for example and a communication method, such as a phone call, or chat client, but, it is entirely possible to use astral travel or translocation or even true dream walking for this. This method is similar in process to the direct contact, but requires that the feeder and doner ‘envisage’ their astral selves coming together. The first contact is usually an extending of an energy tendril from one to the other to initially join and then focusing on visualising the face or body of each other. Spoken or written descriptions can help build this, but some prefer to close the eyes throughout after the initial contact is made. Similar feelings will be felt as with the direct method, but often, there will be a heightened sense of emotion, as the feed can go deeper due to the deeply personal nature of the contact.

Please note that I am not attempting to differentiate ‘surface’, ‘ambient’ and ‘deep’ in terms of actual feeding level and the amount of energy exchanged, but common methods of taking these feeds.

The Hands

We humans use our hands at the primary tool for ‘doing’. Thus, it is a sensible lead on to ‘do’ energy works with them too (although one should not limit expressions to hands, but it is much easier for the brain to ‘envisage’ it from here).

It is possible to charge the hands with energy. There are several methods to do this, but I will describe only those with which I have direct experience. To start with, a basic charge can be accomplished by holding the hand out flat and gently opening and closing the fist, but with each subsequent closing action, move the fingers less and less towards the palm, eventually flexing just the tops of the fingers. The hand should then feel tight and may have the feeling of a cool breeze flowing across it. It is sometimes possible to envisage and invisible flame in the palm. This is the charge and it can now be used for its intended purpose.

Another manipulation is energy balls. Place the hands together in the classic prayer, fingers together, hands flat against one another and feel the warmth in your palms, then, actively push with your mind the flow of energy down your arms from one to the other, without tensing the muscles in any way. After a few minutes, the palms may feel warm, then, slowly move them apart, but still facing one another and as you do, gently begin to bend the tops of the fingers toward the one facing, thus forming a roughly spherical area between the hands. As you reach a point of several inches, rotate the sphere so that one hand is now at the bottom of the sphere and the other at the top, ensuring that the gap is kept constant and the hands are allowed to rotate also, ending with them pointing in opposing directions from one another, as a kind of ‘69’ position. This is a basic ball. You may then apply it in several ways, but also, it can be compressed to form a more potent one by slowly pressing the palms together at this point with a further cupping of the hands by bending the fingers further inwards. It may be that the muscles tense greatly, but try to relax and feel the energy in the gap and not in the physicality of the hands.

Further motions with the hands are used to draw sigils in the air and upon surfaces such as sand. One of the most common that most do unconsciously is whilst dancing. For example, the flicks of the wrist and the extending of the fingers in flowing motions are exactly the same mechanical process as Magickal ‘drawing’.

Practice by starting an open palm and then slowly curling your forefinger down towards the palm, but think of it dragging through something soft and pliable, like treacle. Allow the other fingers to start bending once the feel the need to and try to capture the same feeling in each one in turn as it starts its flow through the air. Then speed up the process so that you are wiggling your fingers in the air as though strumming invisible strings on a guitar.

Then, reverse the process and feel the energy leave your fingertips as they reach full extension. At all times during practice, direct your motions away from another living creature, as you will disturb their field if you do not and this can have unforeseen consequences, as clawing can pull their energy towards you and is just plain rude and the ‘darts’ can send tendrils out to another and some may perceive this as an attack.

In fact, it is advisable to practice all energy work in solitude to be sure that another awakened does not mistake your actions as a threat and retaliate.

Finally, once finished, you should dissipate any built up energy by simply throwing it into the air, turning the palms outwards as you stretch outwards.
Although it is possible to dissipate charged energy via the hands in the method described above, it is only effective with small loads.

Grounding is a much more effective technique for large amounts of excess energy.

Fore example, if you feel sick or dizzy after your workings, or hyperactive.

Once the energy has been grounded, it is be advisable to rebalance yourself by following the hand discharge method, throwing the energy up, palms outward and into the air, this serves to 'unground' you once you have 'unloaded' (a process called centering) and then returning the hands palm inwards to the chest once you feel your self lightened slightly.
Once you have taken, understood how to handle and have grounded yourself, it is advisable to centre and 'fill'.

This is a technique used to spread the gathered and controlled energy throughout your body.

After feeding and also at later stages, cycling in order to refine, your energy, it is most usually held in a gathered ball within you at your natural center just above your hips and in front of the lower back, though, this could be anywhere from there to your solar plexus and in between.

Take this ball and allow it to softly melt, as would a snowball in the sun, allowing it to spread out and saturate the various organs, bones and limbs.

Try to feel it 'filling' you, right to the brim of your skin, infusing each and every cell of your body. But, be careful not to allow it to escape from you, possibly thinking of a thin film of energy just below the flesh which holds it inside of you.

During this, imagine yourself vibrating at a certain frequency and envisage the melting energy slowly moving towards this same vibration pattern, eventually becoming indistinguishable from your existing internal energy structure.

It is common when taking in energy from another person to feel some welling of emotional reaction to this. It is a common feeling which occurs, particularly in empathic persons and can be a little overwhelming. One of the keys to controlling this reaction is to meditate and clear the mind, allowing thoughts to reach a calm place.

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