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Member of Ordo Sangre Fidelis (Coven Of De'Morte)

My Alliance


I Miss

I miss the shine
Of your ruby red eyes
The leathery feel of your face
Your breath on my neck
And the points of your teeth
As you come unto me for a taste.


The night was day,
The day was night,
The world was dark and
The caves were dark 'er
the light shall ne'er touch,
Thy light be scorned,
Else thee be burned,
By it's purifying touch,
We are the dark ones,
Scorned by those of
We are the darkness,
That touches yonder heart,
We be Deaths' carriers,
Who watches those
We be the shadows,
Seen on full-moon's
Flying above yonder
Waiting for a mistake,
To be made by thee
We be the ghosts of history,
Haunting All-Hallow's eve,
The monsters under a child's bed,
We be the nightmares,
We be the sins,
We be the wraiths
of natural destruction,
We be the Vampires.

Wingbeats from a High Balcony

A tale or a dream
His other life seemed
As he slunk through the shadows of night.
Barely remembered,
That fateful November,
When dark swallowed all of the light.
The bite.
The pain spreading through him,
The poisonous fangs dripping red.
As twilight consumed him,
He looked at what doomed him,
And these are the words that it said:

Creature of night,
Take heart,
Take flight.
You’re free now to do what you will.
No morals, no life,
To live out in strife,
Your pleasure will come from the kill.

As he had been fated,
He gorged and he sated
His thirst on the blood of the living.
Warm, dark and red,
The innocent bled,
Unaware of the curse they were giving.
He longed for the killing,
And in each waking moment it grew.
The feeling of spite
For all that was right
As his soul frosted over anew.

So now in the dark
He waits for the spark
Of a life that is ripe for the taking.
He longs for the day
And he can’t get away
From a trance that’s not sleeping or waking.
He wonders if only
The kiss of the sun would bring peace.
And so, come the morning
Despite instinct’s warning,
He’ll lie down and hope for release.


You Embrace the lust
You Embrace the pain
You Embrace it until tears fall like rain
You sit and wait for a calm in your brain
Wait so patient and still the silence drives you insane
You Embrace the pain
You Embrace the lust
You run toward the very thing that turns your heart to dust
Why do you set yourself up for a fall
Go so deep your skin starts to crawl
Start to run but never get anywhere
The thought of going nowhere is too much to bear
So embrace it with every drop of tears
Embrace it.....You still have so many more years.

Under the cloak of happiness

Every time you cry your crimson tears,
My heart breaks, sending it
Crashing among the shattered
Glasses that had yet to be
Filled by your Love and Beauty.

Every time I watch you
Slip into the silent ebony night,
I remember that we can never
Be together.

Every time I feel your silk-smooth lips
Press against mine,
Or feel your pearl white fangs sink into my skin
Taking out rushes of blood,
My heart soars into the abyss of happiness
That fills my soul.

Every time I see you embrace the
One that claimed your love,
My blood runs cold at the realization that
You don’t feel the same way

And every, every single moment
That I spend away from you,
I die just
A little

To Thou Who Lingerest In The Wilderness

Before the place existed and the time was,
She made her first cry to make us hear her call,
But there was not a place to dwell in.

As the light departed from the shattered sun,
Then carried gloom to the landscape of that yard,
She was asleep in the land where there was no one.

Her throat had embraced the dark nails of cruelty,
But she tried to leave from the edge of that chaos.
Evacuated her grave, she dwells in the night, lingers in infinity.

She arose like a ghost from her old gray tomb,
Approached their soul with a devilish touch
And suddenly sparkled to become our new host.

As an undead she is, she feels a strong blood desire
Wandering in the night, through the woods,
Through the land, in the woods, in an eternal fire.

De mentoring

When I bite for the taste,
All I see is blood to waste,
For I bite into the flesh and the energy I put to the test,
But when the blood touches my lips, my mind just utterly flips,
Spins into eradication. It spins fast.
How long I'm wondering will this rush last?
I did it once. I did it twice.
I tasted blood many times and thought it nice.
Hunted the energies down like mice, mice without a purpose, mice without plan,
I hunt them down and strip there energy and place it in my hand!

It seemed like a good idea at the time

It seemed like a good idea at the time,
the immortality, the eternal youth.
My mentor reassured me with her crimson lips,
her caresses, her murmured endearments,
all the while stroking my beardless cheek
with her blood-red nails,
nuzzling my pulsating throat,
‘You will be mine, forever.’
And then she sank her ivory fangs into my neck,
and drank deep, deeply, deepest,
drawing out my very soul.

That night I died, only to be born again
by the light of the next rising moon.
No Christ figure I, never again would I set foot
in a house of worship or defile a temple of faith.
The daily company of men was forbidden me;
I sought nightly those of my own kind
and those foolish enough to venture forth,
becoming appeasement for my unceasing hunger,
my insatiable lust for life.

Time passes, the world changes,
mountains crumble, oceans rise;
I remain the same.
I do not change, I cannot die;
my mentor’s words were spoken in truth:
forever young, forever untouched by the passage of time.
Everyone I know, everyone I ever loved is dead.
No one loves such a one as myself.

You cannot see me, as I stand behind you
while you brush your golden hair,
paint your perfect lips,
not reflected in any mirror,
unfelt by your beglamoured senses.
Your beauty, your innocence, are all that I crave,
yet what I desire most is your death,
to drink in your essence, your soul,
to feel the life pour out of you,
to hold you tenderly as your veins empty into mine,
to watch fondly as your rosy glow is replaced by an icy pallor.

And yet with your death I am deprived of your life.
The warmth I would swallow, the blood
filling me with your essence, your very soul,
will in turn guarantee that I shall never have you again.
I wait for you to unclasp the heavy silver chain,
the one that encircles the throat I yearn for,
that keeps me from reaching out and touching
the very thing that I desire most,
and pray that you do not.

Yes, it seemed like a good idea at the time.
But now, as I cannot have your death,
I desire my own; and yet, I cannot die.
I cannot die.

Vampire Motel

A rather stretched line of people is waiting
Facing the rusty door of a crypt-like building
Each of them worriedly watching the horizon
Guessing impatiently when the sun starts risin’

In a few minutes time the door opens slowly
And a short guy appears, who’s truly unholy
“Please sign this paper and then hand it back to me”
He says in a dull voice, “Oh, and prepare the fee!”

They do as the man says without hesitation
This place can save them from eternal damnation
Each of them's shown a spot where they can ‘spend the day’
Waiting for the dark night when they meet their next prey…

And the sun starts shining, but they are safe by now
Lying in their coffins 3 meters underground
And a wind blows through and dissolves the awful smell
This cemetery is a vampire motel.

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have mercy

run, run faster
keep on running
he is after you
and he wants your blood
he has no mercy

everyone screams
there is no way out
she is after you
and she wants your blood
she has no mercy

hiding behind a house
they'll find you anyway
they are after you
and they want your blood
they have no mercy

come out, come out where ever you are
you can run, but you can not find
for I am after you
and I want your blood
and I have no mercy

soon the world is all the same
soon no one has to run or hide
soon no one is after you
soon no one wants your blood
soon no one has mercy
soon you are also
a vampire

Quick Guide to Vampires

If you come upon a vampire,
Better not poke him.
If you can’t help it,
Don’t further provoke him.
And if you do,
There’s no hope for you,
Because when they’re mad as heck,
They’ll bite your neck.

Real Vampires From A Reliable Source

Vampires come in all shapes and sizes.
They look normal, like you or me,
But I will now tell you the biggest surprises,
The have types, numbering three.

Sanguinarian (that’s Latin for blood drinker),
Now guess how THEY loose their thirst,
But they can still get blood-born diseases,
So Donors must be blood checked first.

Then there are Psi’s,
Now THEY need to feed from emotions,
And prana, now there’s a surprise.
They don’t feed off blood? What a peculiar notion.

Then there would be the Hybrids,
They feed like both Sangs and Psi’s.
The choice is theirs, how they want to feed.
Oh boy, would that not be nice?

They aren’t evil and don’t live forever.
They can’t “change” you or give you their powers.
They just have superior senses,
And prefer to sleep daytime hours.

I hope that this poem I’ve written,
Has taught you this subject well,
‘Cause Vamps can be real good friends,
And not ALL of them come out of hell.

Child of the Night

“Fear is power,” the eldest did confide,
“Mortal minds with thoughts can bend;
Home is darkness, where I hide,
Every beginning must start with an end.
Touch not the sun, oh poisoned light,
But embrace the silver temptress moon;
Make your sanctuary the velvet night,
The wolf’s howl is your mother’s croon.
Blood is wine, flesh divine,
Nary a prayer will halt your will;
Garlic, silver, nor holy sign, --
Only the sun makes your blood stop still.
So be wary, child of the night,
Let no mortal know of your bloody endeavor;
Sleep with the rising of the sun, tainted light,
Safe with the thought that you’ll live forever.”

She Waits

The sun it fades, by the window she waits
Her lovers bite, will ignite her flame
He came on the wind, one cold winters night
His smile radiant.... so bright,
He showed her the light,
His fangs he hid well....
Her blood he did lust,
He bathed her with love,
From the very first start
Her moans were soft, as his fangs they sank deep
The pulse of her jugular,
Against his pale lips it beat fast
He drank not with greed, for his love it was deep
The heat of her blood, seeping warmth past his lips
Brings him to life, till the early morning light
Like the darkness of night, he fades fast away
As dawn fills her room, alone she will wait
Till he comes once again, like a mist in the dark
To fill her with love, from his gentle cold touch
Her blood he will drink, to bring him new life
To fill him with warmth, each and every cold night
By the window she'll wait, till the sun it does fade
For her lover's return,
She lives each and every day
By the window she waits, day after day
Her undying love for him, it will never fade.

The Final Day and Stand

it's the end of the day,
the end of the world
as the sun burns up
mere mortals do stay
they each fear their death
but they do stare
the immortals among
discover their death.

as they stare at the sun
the vampire strikes
as the vampire bites
their death has begun.

lycans stand still to see their prey
but they are in weak mere mortal form
let the moon coincide with the sun
so that they become their true form

mortals do panic to see the true sight
the appearance of myth among that last day
they have no faith to believe what they see
the ideology of myth is swept away
the battle between immortals does stand
but on the last day, they join as a clan
the battle still rages between master and slave
but today, they together do stand.

Blood (The complaints of a vampire)

It makes me feel good
It makes me feel great
It makes me feel satisfied
It makes me what I am

I have mine
But yet I prefer yours
I have more than enough
Running through my veins
Yet I can't live without yours

Why was I made this way?
With sharp piercing teeth
For piercing and sucking
I wonder what I am
Beast or man

Blood! Blood!! Blood!!!
I wonder why I like it
It makes me feel real Good
It makes me what I am

A Vampires Love

A soul found sought within the sweet taste of ecstasy
the journey begins symphony resonates in her heart
beating flames cant tear them apart. Feelings of
desire whispers in the wind creeping upon the
shadows desperation descends. Hypnotic concentration
he gives with a stare and takes her to a place she
never knew was there. Beneath thee angelic statue there
is a sacred place he whispers to her heart in a
telepathic way. For you my love a gift for eternity
you'll see a life of indescribable love with a Vampire
such as me. She accepts his gift as he takes her blood
within he lessens his grip upon her fragile skin. She
looks within his eyes gleaming tints of gold kisses her
upon the lips as in the days of old. For we are bound by
blood forever we shall be I give my love to you for all eternity.


About me

I'm Karin and I'm an single mother I'm 41 years old and I have an 13 year old daughter Tracy. We are living with my parents in Prinsenbeek (Holland). I work in a greenhouse with bellpeppers. I'm a happy woman I'm always nice and friendly to everybody but I can be an bitch too when needed. I have a good sense of humor. Most of the time I smile and have fun. My hobby's are music, movies, traveling, chatting.

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Bands I like:
Nightwish, Within Temptation, HIM, Cradle of Filth

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Movies I like:

Queen of the damned, Dracula, Van Helsing, Exorcist, Dirty Dancing, Titanic. Or better say I love good Action and Horror

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TV Shows I like:

The X files, all of CSI and Law and Order, Criminal minds, Las Vegas, Alias, Buffy, Angel, Bones

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I have an very sweet man in my live who I love very much. Kristian Kocham cię (I love you)

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About my rating. I never rate lower then 5 unless somebody keeps on downrating me with an 1 then I'm gladly return the favor.

Important to know. I have an premium account so I stamp. I paid for it so I use it also I just love to bite

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