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I am the reason of birth and death. What element you think I am?

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Darkest Greetings

My name is....



As to putting my real name on here i'm not comfortable with that just as of yet. As time goes by i will tell you what it is.


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The mask and the mirror.

Everyone puts a mask
Everyone wears a mask
But with different reasons
But with different purposes.
Some hides the insecurities
Some hides the softness of
Their own character and hearts
Some hides how fake they are
Some hides how ugly
They really truly are.
Some hides narcissism
With fake angelic modest
Personality enough to fool you.
Others just to protect
Themselves from being
Destroyed by being all tough
And rough and all blunt
But with amazing pathological
Lying and acting 24 hours
Around everyone.
They can still be themselves
But nobody knows which is which
And here we all are playing
A game that either you win
Or you loose it all.
Who wins they live.
Who loose they cease to exist
Let alone live.
It's a ring.
The foods or forest
But woods fits better.
The hunters and the hunted.
They predators and preys.
We all wear a mask
To kill and destroy
To charm and fool others
To be someone we are not
Just to belong somewhere
To survive from the imminent death
We have to be the hunters.
We have to fool others in
In their trap and their own games
Give them something like
A living a lie security when
It's all made of thin ice.
But when we look in the mirror
If we look harder, we can see
What we truly are.
Who we truly are.
Fool yourself with lies
And you end up believing
Fool others with the lies
They will believe it too.
But you can never fool
A mirror.
Mirrors never lies.
It will show you the skin
It will show you also
What lies in that head.
What lies in that heart
What lies in your fears.
What lies in your past
That formed you now.
You can never escape
From the mirror.
Everyone puts a mask
Everyone wears a mask
But with different reasons
But with different purposes.
Some hides the insecurities
Some hides the softness of
Their own character and hearts
Some hides how fake they are
Some hides how ugly
They really truly are.
Some hides narcissism
With fake angelic modest
Personality that will fool you.
But you can never fool a mirror.
Cause nothing and nobody
Knows you better than
The mirror itself.

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I am an element that this world need all the time. I am not invisible. I am nothing but an enemy to gods and angels. I am me. I can give birth to nature yet I can simply destroy it. I can bring despair and damnation, yet I can bring peace and joy. I can injure you in many ways. Shatter your soul as well like nothing yet I can heal it.



My darkest side or me? Choose

Slipped into the most darkness of all days it can’t be helped. No one can stay strong for long time. We all get weak and ill and fall. It takes time to recover ourselves back. Sometimes we get back stronger or the same or different weaker or more estranged. Which one I will be I shall never know and I have no much care either.

This blue hair is my identity. Myself. My stability in every way. If I dye it red, black, brunette whatever tone it is, purple or blonde it will turn me back to those darkest phase of my life where I went out of control with exaggerated violent spree. It brings the darkness out and the beast. That beast I rather so much control cause I will leave death and destruction in my wake. If I loose that control just to make my hair in the eyes of society of work acceptable be prepared to see me coming at any moment behind you and strike at you or play games with your mind and your emotions or very much suicidal in drugs and alcohol till I self destroyed.
I am that person. The real truest me is when I am like that. I caused real damage wherever I went when I was like that. That damage unfortunately can never be recovered nor survived. So I rather keep my blue hair and be all bipolaric and lunatic beyond repair yet at times funny and all then that kind of person. Unstable. I don’t want to go back for the sake of work and society. Society can go and fuck it self. I wobt depart from my stability. Blue is me now. Blue is my identity today. You try to keep me away from it be prepared to pay one of the nastiest consequences of all.
We all slip into the darkness. We all slip into turbulence that leaves us deeply damaged or shaken. Let me go and set me free from your society and learn to accept diversity in me.
Make me loose myself for your sake of satisfaction and I will disassociate myself. I won’t be able to stop myself from doing what I will do in that phase. In a way or another I will destroy myself and those around me whether I know them or not. I will have no care if it’s family or not. I will have no feelings but pure rage and fun I guess. It’s one of that darknesses that I struggle everyday to keep inside.

You say what bullshit am saying. Well hair color effects me. It represents the levels of my psychopathic self out properly without missing. Blue is stability and calmness. Like a binding contract on that me that keeps it still. I don’t expect you to care or to believe. Actually I have no much care but if you are going to mess with me I am not any less harmless or dangerous. So careful.
Let me go and set me free from society


I am goth but I like also wearing normal clothes too and wearing goth will be during dark phases of my life. sometimes I wear punk party, and sometimes I am all metal, times I am emo, times am casual.

I like theaters and dramas on TV.
I like comedies and motorbikes.
reading and travelling.

I really don't hold anyone dear apart my Great friend here on vr which is Dave and he is very cool in every means. FallenDemon I call her little sister.
Oceanne and Venusfire and her love too. I call him wolfie big bro.
Aliceproject? she is super awesome. love her my sister
NellMorgan is a darling, and wish to meet her once i am in UK

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Its up to you how you act, I will move around you. You do wrong I will punish you. You do good and I can simply send you something really precious in life. when and what is it no one will know. Its a blinded package whether its punishment or the opposite.

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Twenty years

Twenty years had gone by and I still can’t understand life. Twenty years has gone by and they were silver cause I could not grasp what’s in it. What’s the game in it. What’s to loose. Now there are other twenty years to go and they are going to be without you. And it will not be the same. Twenty years ago and it will go by me and still will not understand the life and the game. But I understand, that I had missed the golden age because you were in it and now it’s all grey age. Grey is a very ugly color. Black will make it dark but not so blind. Only depression and despair and emptiness. White will make it blind and not being able to see what’s coming at you. I lived in white but now that you are gone is all grey and I should have noticed how biggest and most important you were to me and not were you gone. Hopes are gone. Dreams are shattered. Happy days died with you. All I have is deep numbness and sadness and deepest of all is emptiness. The day you died put me into most traumatic experience in the highest emotional level. I don’t think I can ever go past this. They all say in time. But they are all wrong. I can’t heal from this. It’s too much for me. I hit the brakes and stop cause I am at an en pass. I am stuck. I can’t move on. I am just existing not living. I miss you. Twenty years were gone in no time and I never understood life. Never understand the game of it and the rules. Never understood what’s there to loose. But now I know. Another twenty years to go and they are nothing but like clouds. Golden age has passed the day you passed too. It went down the day you went down. We had happy times. Now they are lost. I can’t seem to connect with no human being. But with you I connected a bit. But with them I did not. Why do I even bother to live when I can put myself to rest and be with you down there? Why don’t I use a gun and end myself for good ? Even if there are some people who say they care they can’t understand I need deep connection in order to feel alive and mutual interest. Mutual love father to son and son to father. Not in the disgusting twisted way. But honest weird yet wicked way. We both had a temper and I still carry a psychotic rage short fused temper too. Faster than a shotgun my temper is. So were you but that’s why we make up back to normal day to day parent son smiles and good communication cause we were always straight to the point. You narrow minded and me open minded and go conflict enough to cause volcano stronger than Etna to erupt dangerously and tornadoes of fire and ice and leave chaos and destruction in our wake. That was one of the strongest connection I ever felt.

I can’t seem to be able to open open up emotional way with my cousins and their parents. I closed down on them. I had shut them out of my life from age 5. I only saw them as strangers and only mimicked very well the cousins to take interest. I can say I am great actor or either they themselves never noticed how very detached and cold I always truly been cause in the end they still never cared or bothered to care. If they did they would have noticed. My age of 5 I already saw my fate. I will die alone. I can’t connect to other human beings. I am very very dead and cold inside to others.
I have nothing inside me. What if I die too? Nobody will truly miss me cause they actually miss me. Just cause they have to. What if I let my other alters take control of my body and me alone will vanish? I got no connection to this world. It’s so cold. I can’t seem to be able to love. Animals I love and connect well but with other humans it’s like they are not important to this world. Like me. Not important. I took interest in a human being 3 years before you were gone in a human being and he took me under his care and he is real good man. Like a second father. He never will be you of course and you are my golden age. I see him like a second father psychological way mostly. But with family I can’t open up. I am already dead. I am only serving my duties but inside I am dead and not much interested. Please father. Give me a sign when to leave this world. Or you are too angry with me cause I was unable to save you that night? It’s one of the biggest regrets ever. If that is your sign of my punishment for failing you by giving me silent treatment and let me exist in misery guess I shall take it. Just not for long. If in one year I can’t connect I leave the body to my other alters and succumb for good.
You were the truth and real thing not me.


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I am very sensitive and easy to get mad. I am like a bomb right under your foot. Respect me and we get along well. Disrespect me and you will get in to real trouble as I will report you right away.


Acceptance and Denials.

I wonder what it the big deal of not accepting the truth is. Why all this denial. The denial of accepting the reality and the truth. I understand that there are psychologically/emotionally fragile people who rather ignore it or they shatter to pieces or give up, even enough to suicide. But others then? What is the point in that at all? I see why a mother who had just lost her child or baby, lives in denial of accepting her or his death that they may go and do something like stealing someone else’s child or having a doll and keep it as their real child, divorce or live in her own bubble world like it never happened. Its not accepting reality at all. Or see a child that look exactly like hers and kidnap that child and make that child into their own like they want to remember her or him. And if not they will make the child go through physical changes and attitudes that is similar to their own. That is denial. Either guilt cause when she was supposed to take care of her own child but did not and died, or simply easy to blame herself and feeling guilty for something that might not have been her fault at all. That is too much to accept for them. So they live in denial.

Others might not be so guilty about it yet they go for it.

Its called lack of love from the past either render them cold or love and affection starving.

Its when you lacked of love in the past from parents or being an orphan and from others that you would be too innocent to know what is love at all. You know what dark world is already that you already comfortable with or used to it. That a bit of love or affection whether its fake or not, you would not see the difference. You think that someone loves you by buying you things and saying lovely words or fill you with flattery and yet, you can’t see if there is a ulterior motive or genuine at all.

Once you become that person’s partner first it will start alright and all is nice and flowers and all rosy. You will think this is love. He or she loves me and understands me. He/she accepts me for who I am and think I am beautiful. Not that you are not, mind you. But its easy to get you swoon and swept off your feet. Make you build castles in the skies.

With castles in the skies or made of glass can be easily shatter. With the concrete not so fast. But a cannon of truth that burns it can break piece by piece and bring you to the ugly reality that you, so much want to evade at all cost. But you can’t hide from the truth. Maybe for sometime but it will come to you either to save you or to break you apart.

Rule 1.

First they will study you, your body language and your clothes and your expressions, way of thinking, talking. They will see how much weak and fragile you are, and even how naive and fool you are or someone not to mess with. They will calculate the probability of their chances in your mind and your emotional state.

Then they come and talk to you and seduce you from afar. Either they make themselves look good and nice and chatty and sweet, or being a playboy type and talkative that like saying jokes, or act all broody and a bit of a bad boy yet mysterious yet hot, or shy and vulnerable and cute.

They will make you like them and then addictive and flattery and these lovey dovey things. Just thinking about this stuff makes me sick. They will try to make you talk and see if there is more deep secrets or pain they can attach to, to use it on you. Make you dependable emotionally and mentally. They will prove to you sexually or try to ruin you sexually so you will not want others but her or him. Make you believe they are your pillar, your rock. Once you caught the bait deeply, than all it starts, slowly. They will be possessive and jealous or act like but still be possessive of you. Some are really jealous people others act or it is. but not necessarily emotional but simply cause you are a possession of theirs. They will see if you are really at work or school or home, where you are and with who you are. They try to separate you from people who are close to you and that genuinely loves you or care about you for real, so they do not come in between his/her goal and him/her. When someone really cares about you tell you that, that person does not seem right or something is off, then kick your own arse really hard and come off from the fucking clouds and back to reality and check well his or her background. You might never know what that person might do to you. If there is a previous history about that person that avoid and cut off all the connections from her or him.

Do not be in denial. No matter how much you are starving for that person affections. When that person start to ask you to live together so fast, please do not be so stupid and do that. It means that person want to take control on you completely and the best way to do it is when you are living together. Because when you are not living together, it is driving that person nuts, not to be able to do that. It might be an OCD = Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. People want everything in order in objects and complete control in people too, Or Sociopath or who knows what else. It might be to use you only as well but still want to keep deep control on you. Meaning not necessarily have any serious disorder if not an OCD. LOL.

S/he will check your phone tabs, and your cellphone messages, and where you are going, your habits and clothes. Everything and you do not always happen to know. Some would become physically violent on you, others simply use psychological ways and sexual and finance to control you. Its cleaner than physical one. Leave no bruises but more damage. It puts you in a position of re-evaluating yourself to minus rather to something positive. They will use any methods to get what they want. its like treating a child or a puppy. If they behave and do what they are told with no questions asked they will be well treated or fairly at that and if not they will be punished. Either by blows, or left starving, verbal abuse or psychologically and emotionally trolling. (insults and diminish someone’s self esteem) and break their spirit altogether. Maiming the person. Neutralize him or her to the point of she or he will see him/herself as nobody without that person praises and its all their fault. There they are still in denial.

It takes time for certain people to wake up. Sometimes a beating over their children or sexual abuse from their partner on the kids might wake them up to never happen again or simply keep living in denial, by knowing what is happening but instead of protecting them, they close the door on them while the kids cry for mother or father.

They are not accepting what is happening. They are not accepting this all hell is reality that must be stopped. Your partner is abusing you? WAKE UP

Your partner is an alcoholic? WAKE UP and take them to rehab or give them the ultimatum. It will not be easy to make them realize what they are doing to themselves. with alcohol and drugs. To their lives and to you, or kids. Denial or simply they refuse to detach themselves from it. That won’t change him or her by nothing. They will go in the grave with the bottle attached to their lips. Or cocaine powder, or syringe or pills. If you do not want your life like that than wake yourself up and leave.

If your partner love sexually abusing you or the kids or both then wake up and leave.

Serial killer…..well…. sometimes serial killer does not necessarily kill their partners or kids. So I can’t speak about it.

Not even serial killer himself can speak about it cause he or she might not do it but others do or vice versa. I had known serial killer who was married and had kids and he killed lots of females but never once hurt his wife and kids. And he was the most dangerous serial killer ever. Sadistic and rapist, necrophiliac yet in front of his wife and kids he is innocent hard working man who tells his kids to obey their mother.

Go figure that. So not necessarily a monster within his family but outside world.

But again,,,,,everyone is different. People kill so much for less today. They do not need to be serial killers. They are simply murderers or abusers. Yet people live in denial most of the times when it comes to accept reality.

Reality of your own mistakes over your kids. In realizing something is wrong with your kids. Girls might open up or show their emotions in their actions and make up and stuff and lying. Anyways girls are different from boys all the time when it comes to attitudes. When they want attention from other kids, their attitudes change all over the place. Call it hormones or call it adapting. Lying to the parents or teachers or these new kids to impress them, bad attitude towards parents/teachers or whoever holds the authority over them. You were a kids too,. You just made new friends or want to make new friends and what is the first thing you do? Impressing them or trying if not making yourself more of a total idiot. Becoming a non you. A fake. I was that kid. Many were that kind of kid. Rebelling against our parents if they do not like our new mates. When today it seems all stupid. Many times our parents were looking out for us.

Our new friends did not really give a fuck about us. Either we fit or we are out as losers. I was easily cast as a loser and beyond loser and freakshow before I knew it. You? Others? We all go through that. We get in denial to accept our kids are not being friend with others cause they are different. They are not accepted. Simply they might be a better people once they realize it is better like this than being all fake for the rest of their lives and be all miserable sods. Or be miserable cause they can’t seem to fit. We accepted the reality that we can’t fit and we happen to live okay by it but what about them? We need to guide them that if they can’t fit they have to adapt to reality and create a pack of their own. Like that they won’t feel lonely for a while. When your kids start to steal, confront your kid or trap your kids into something that will make them pay the consequences harsh enough not to re-do it but do not cut their fingers or their hand or crush it. Fuck sake we are not in medieval era. If they become bullies, take them to the prison, and lock them for 24 hours and see how it will turn out. See if they will change their ways. I know I am harsh. But at times with harsh psychology can effect a kid to the point of going good direction or worst than he is. Depends what really you are trying to teach him or her. Or send him or her to the scouts or military camps. There sure will adjust. But hey In military does not mean there is no bullying. Everywhere is. You can’t protect your kids every time but you can guide them. If you are not that good to guide them psychologically, find him or her a psychologist. Its hard to find the right one. But once you got one right enough that your kid trust and start to heal or get help all is good.

There is also a program for difficult kids.

But when your kids are being bullied specially by who they thought that is a friend is a real shocker. It would hurt them badly and might cripple them a bit. They will change into someone else or become detached or bit vulnerable. Some kids committed suicides cause of these. Bullies and cyber bullies that follow you even at home its hard to take. I thank my dad for never buying me a computer at all. I had some peace at home from the outside world. But many today not everyone is lucky. Some kids will change their passwords and profiles and email addresses so the bullies won’t get them cyber. But other’s keep getting it and others simply ignore it and remain a duff but still enjoy their lives being themselves with very few friends. But if you parents live in denial and keep saying there is nothing wrong with your kids then we need to re-evaluate your parentship. Cause either you want to avoid the reality cause you want your kids to be perfect or simply you want to avoid them telling you their problems. How the bloody fuck hard can it be to stand there in front of your damn kids and listen to them and accept what they are going through. If you accept it does not mean tolerate it. It means a way of letting the news processing in to your lazy ass fuck brains to work the things and see how can you help your kids. simple.

Kids taking drugs and smoke and alcohol from behind your back? Grounding them will make them re-do it more and more. Take them to the places where drugged people already are and than take them to the morgue. Yes you read me right. Take them to the morgue those who died with overdose or who could not pay for the drugs how they ended up. And force the truth in their heads till they had it in and process it all. Your kids won’t ever be a saint or be how you wish them to be or they will be super fuckin naive. First let them do it then, if they had not learnt make them pay the harshest consequences of all till they get it and see the results. My methods are not pretty I know but you got to love the results.

It is all accepting and not being in denial and that is how we all should live.

If you got the news you got cancer and its terminal or maybe there will be a chance. DO NOT PANIC and cause chaos and storms and floods before you evaluate things. If its not terminal, see if there is something its worth that torture and pain that shit called chemotherapy to go through and if not well make a bucket list and live it till the moment you won’t breath anymore at all.

Same goes for terminal. Fuck the sad faces, and all. Have all the fun and live it with no regrets. Your loved ones if you have any at all, will cry and grieve and if they do not cry does not mean they won’t grieve. Everyone grieves differently. But you took your chances and evaluated them instead of wasting precious time by panicking and crying. Make plans for the family to live well, after your death and spend every moment with them and your own life. There you simply accepted it and having it all better than being in denial, No???

Denials are for people who are over emotional or simply cowards and others who are psychologically too weak to accept. But for people like us, We shall thrive and accept it, so stop being a big hairy prissy vagina and be tough. If I say something in your face or someone than take it and stop being over emotional and take it personal cause that how it will be your demise idiots.

If someone like me make a video on transport Malta or happen to see me on video call you a cunt means you are a cunt and every word I said on video transport Malta I fuckin mean it. You can’t take reality? go and kill yourself cause I won’t stop.

Acceptance meaning growing up and take it all in. Its a blow. Accept the blow. Its the aftermath that is important. Not before.


I dont mind chatting as along as its decent and nice. NO DRAMA is allowed in my page. dont try to get to know my past, dont try to get to know my real personality. cause I dont have one. I am flexible, enough to be called a mirror of your soul.

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Mute, mute I go.

Mute mute I go
From today now on.
No point of showing me.
No point of living as me
But being all mute and deaf.
I might as well be blind
For no reason at all to get hurt
Is way too much to take.
Mute mute I go
From today now on.
Deaf and blind I might become.
Or simply I just kill my emotions.
Killing them all till I feel no anger and no sadness.
Killing them in suffocation.
Suffocating them in ice cold.
Then I will become invisible
Invisible to nobody at all.
In the end I am nobody.
I am nothing.
I am just ashes and dirt
Anyone stomp on
Ashes and dirt
All dusted away
By the wind.
Washed away with pissing rain.
Mute mute I go
From today now on
No point of showing me
No point of trying to be me
Whatever the circumstances
I will be dusted away
Cause I am nobody.
Cause I never meant
To anyone at all
If not my father alone.
But the moment he was gone
I lost my way
And I am just more nothing
Than I ever was before.
Mute mute I go
From today now on,
In the end I will be just
Ashes, dirt and dust.

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If you need to call me, or to find me, seek in yourself first and then you will see me.


I will rate everyone a 10. I think its a chance to give to everyone to rise up their levels. If you give me low than 10 I expect at least a real explanation.

I am a very Proud member ScarletMoon

My Coven:

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If you would like to add me or my journal please do and let me know so i may do the same for you.

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The Path I need to be in.

I am so lost
Lost to an unknown place
A very place that is
Way too much bright
With blinding light,
That is suffocating
And it's not welcome
I want my dark world
Cause I am used to it.
Used to darkness
Used to mess
Used to disappointment
And used to have no hopes
But realistic views of life
To go for something
Better and solid.
I like obstacles
Cause makes me want
To tackle,
To bend
To break
To eliminate.

It's who I am
Who I am embrace
Myself as.
I got anger issues
I got impatience
I don't know what
Following the rules/laws
Means and have no intention
To abide by any of it.
I have no remorse
I have no compassion
I might be a monster
But it keeps me alive
It keeps me surviving
All the shit I went through
It keeps me kicking
No matter the brutality
Of life.
I am not a beautiful person
I am not a good person
I am not an attention whore
Who acts bad to get attention
Or likes.
Who acts good to be liked.
I act good not for the need
But cause I want to.
I act bad cause I had to and
Want to.
Same as in good.
I don't follow anyone.
So it's up to you if you want to be my friend or my foe.
Am used being alone.
Used to being hated.
Used as being the freak.
I am used to people who
Act and talk nice in my face
But behind my back
Nothing but backstabbing.
Used to be used but that's OK.
I use those who uses me.
I never go empty handed.
I will still remain myself.
I won't make myself
Pleasant for you or anyone
I am a human being.
With goods and flaws.
I love Dark world
Realistic and not
Stupid fake or empty
Promises and hopes.


Prosthetic Heart, Prosthetic Love

Prosthetic Heart
Prosthetic love
Empty but no pain
Empty but functional
It's mechanical
It's not emotional
It works fine with
Oil and grease
It will malfunction
If you give it love.
It will work well
With the book and rules
If you give it right
Oil and grease
It will not work well
With the book and rules
If you let it be emotional.
It's a prosthetic heart
It's need prosthetic love
All mechanical and cold
Smooth and gages
Like clockwork it will go.
Sometimes needs a little
Push to move or technical
Support and oils and greasing
It's prosthetic love
It keeps you alive
But not emotional alive.
Just not like a human
But like an engine
Robot or computer
You name it
I create it
They label it
Others own it.
It's just prosthetic heart
With prosthetic love.
But like humans
Or animals hearts
Emotional or not
One day it will reach the
Very pit stop and dies
Machine, humans or animals
We all come to an end
Sooner or later.
Prosthetic heart
Like prosthetic limbs
With prosthetic blood
Which we call oil and grease
Full of prosthetic love.

Evlogohauntedtx ei

 photo dc4bdeb3-d7e4-4726-a821-57f159f4251d_zps11f98df2.jpg

Just when I thought
It was over,
You were my beginning.
Just when I thought
I was dead,
You were my revival.

Just when I thought
That I was enslaved,
You became my freedom.
Just when I thought
I'd become enchained,
You were my release.

Hit the release
And get to know
Me better than a joke,
Better than the dead,
Better than a slave,
Better than the chained,
Get to know me better than.

By Lord Byron

No breath of air to break the wave
That rolls below the Athenian's grave,
That tomb which, gleaming o'er the cliff
First greets the homeward-veering skiff
High o'er the land he saved in vain;
When shall such Hero live again?

Fair clime! where every season smiles
Benignant o'er those blesséd isles,
Which, seen from far Colonna's height,
Make glad the heart that hails the sight,
And lend to lonliness delight.
There mildly dimpling, Ocean's cheek
Reflects the tints of many a peak
Caught by the laughing tides that lave
These Edens of the Eastern wave:
And if at times a transient breeze
Break the blue crystal of the seas,
Or sweep one blossom from the trees,
How welcome is each gentle air
That waves and wafts the odours there!
For there the Rose, o'er crag or vale,
Sultana of the Nightingale,

The maid for whom his melody,
His thousand songs are heard on high,
Blooms blushing to her lover's tale:
His queen, the garden queen, his Rose,
Unbent by winds, unchilled by snows,
Far from winters of the west,
By every breeze and season blest,
Returns the sweets by Nature given
In soft incense back to Heaven;
And gratefu yields that smiling sky
Her fairest hue and fragrant sigh.
And many a summer flower is there,
And many a shade that Love might share,
And many a grotto, meant by rest,
That holds the pirate for a guest;
Whose bark in sheltering cove below
Lurks for the pasiing peaceful prow,
Till the gay mariner's guitar
Is heard, and seen the Evening Star;
Then stealing with the muffled oar,
Far shaded by the rocky shore,
Rush the night-prowlers on the prey,
And turns to groan his roudelay.
Strande--that where Nature loved to trace,
As if for Gods, a dwelling place,
And every charm and grace hath mixed
Within the Paradise she fixed,
There man, enarmoured of distress,
Shoul mar it into wilderness,
And trample, brute-like, o'er each flower
That tasks not one labourious hour;
Nor claims the culture of his hand
To blood along the fairy land,
But springs as to preclude his care,
And sweetly woos him--but to spare!
Strange--that where all is Peace beside,
There Passion riots in her pride,
And Lust and Rapine wildly reign
To darken o'er the fair domain.
It is as though the Fiends prevailed
Against the Seraphs they assailed,
And, fixed on heavenly thrones, should dwell
The freed inheritors of Hell;
So soft the scene, so formed for joy,
So curst the tyrants that destroy!

He who hath bent him o'er the dead
Ere the first day of Death is fled,
The first dark day of Nothingness,
The last of Danger and Distress,
(Before Decay's effacing fingers
Have swept the lines where Beauty lingers,)
And marked the mild angelic air,
The rapture of Repose that's there,
The fixed yet tender thraits that streak
The languor of the placid cheek,
And--but for that sad shrouded eye,
That fires not, wins not, weeps not, now,
And but for that chill, changeless brow,

Where cold Obstruction's apathy
Appals the gazing mourner's heart,
As if to him it could impart
The doom he dreads, yet dwells upon;
Yes, but for these and these alone,
Some moments, aye, one treacherous hour,
He still might doubt the Tyrant's power;
So fair, so calm, so softly sealed,
The first, last look by Death revealed!
Such is the aspect of his shore;
'T is Greece, but living Greece no more!
So coldly sweet, so deadly fair,
We start, for Soul is wanting there.
Hers is the loveliness in death,
That parts not quite with parting breath;
But beauty with that fearful bloom,
That hue which haunts it to the tomb,
Expression's last receding ray,
A gilded Halo hovering round decay,
The farewell beam of Feeling past away!
Spark of that flame, perchance of heavenly birth,
Which gleams, but warms no more its cherished earth!

Clime of the unforgotten brave!
Whose land from plain to mountain-cave
Was Freedom;s home or Glory's grave!
Shrine of the mighty! can it be,
That this is all remains of thee?
Approach, thou craven crouching slave:
Say, is this not Thermopylæ?
These waters blue that round you lave,--
Of servile offspring of the free--
Pronounce what sea, what shore is this?
The gulf, the rock of Salamis!
These scenes, their story yet unknown;
Arise, and make again your own;
Snatch from the ashes of your Sires
The embers of their former fires;
And he who in the strife expires
Will add to theirs a name of fear
That Tyranny shall quake to hear,
And leave his sons a hope, a fame,
They too will rather die than shame:
For Freedom's battle once begun,
Bequeathed by bleeding Sire to Son,
Though baffled oft is ever won.
Bear witness, Greece, thy living page!
Attest it many a deathless age!
While Kings, in dusty darkness hid,
Have left a namesless pyramid,
Thy Heroes, though the general doom
Hath swept the column from their tomb,
A mightier monument command,
The mountains of thy native land!
There points thy Muse to stranger's eye
The graves of those that cannot die!
'T were long to tell, and sad to trace,
Each step from Spledour to Disgrace;
Enough--no foreign foe could quell
Thy soul, till from itself it fell;
Yet! Self-abasement paved the way
To villain-bonds and despot sway.

What can he tell who tread thy shore?
No legend of thine olden time,
No theme on which the Muse might soar
High as thine own days of yore,
When man was worthy of thy clime.
The hearts within thy valleys bred,
The fiery souls that might have led
Thy sons to deeds sublime,
Now crawl from cradle to the Grave,
Slaves--nay, the bondsmen of a Slave,
And callous, save to crime.
Stained with each evil that pollutes
Mankind, where least above the brutes;
Without even savage virtue blest,
Without one free or valiant breast,
Still to the neighbouring ports tey waft
Proverbial wiles, and ancient craft;
In this subtle Greek is found,
For this, and this alown, renowned.
In vain might Liberty invoke
The spirit to its bondage broke
Or raise the neck that courts the yoke:
No more her sorrows I bewail,
Yet this will be a mournful tale,
And they who listen may believe,
Who heard it first had cause to grieve.

Far, dark, along the blue sea glancing,
The shadows of the rocks advancing
Start on the fisher's eye like boat
Of island-pirate or Mainote;
And fearful for his light caïque,
He shuns the near but doubtful creek:
Though worn and weary with his toil,
And cumbered with his scaly spoil,
Slowly, yet strongly, plies the oar,
Till Port Leone's safer shore
Receives him by the lovely light
That best becomes an Eastern night.

Who thundering comes on blackest steed,
With slackened bit and hoof of speed?
Beneath the clattering iron's sound
The caverned Echoes wake around
In lash for lash, and bound for bound;
The foam that streaks the courser's side
Seems gathered from the Ocean-tide:
Though weary waves are sunk to rest,
There's none within his rider's breast;
And though to-morrow's tempest lower,
'T is calmer than thy heart, young Giaour!
I know thee not, I loathe thy race,
But in thy lineaments I trace
What Time shall strengthen, not efface:
Though young and pale, that sallow front
Is scathed by fiery Passion's brunt;
Though bent on the earth thine evil eye,
As meteor-like thou glidest by,
Right well I view and deem thee one
Whom Othman's sons should slay or shun.

On--on he hastened, and he drew
My gaze of wonder as he flew:
Though like a Demon of the night
He passed, and vanished from my sight,
His aspect and his air impressed
A troubled memory of my breast,
And long upon my startled ear
Rung his dark courser's hoofs of fear.
He spurs his steed; he nears the steep,
That, jutting, shadows o'er the deep;
He winds around; he hurries by;
The rock relieves him from mine eye;
For, well I ween, unwelcome he
Whose glance is fixed on those that flee;
And not a star but shines too bright
On him who takes such timeless flight.
He wound along; but ere he passed
One glance he snatched, as if his last,
A moment checked his wheeling steed,
A moment breathed him from his speed,
A moment on his stirrup stood--
Why looks he o'er the olive wood?
The Crescent glimmers on the hill,
The Mosque's high lamps are quivering still
Though too remote for sound to wake
In echoes of the far tophaike,
The flashes of each joyous peal
Are seen to prove the Moslem's zeal.
To-night, set Rhamzani's sun;
To-night, the bairam feast's begun;
To-night--but who and what art thou
Of foreign garb and fearful brow?
And what are these to thine or thee,
That thou shouldst either pause or flee?

gothic beavis and butthead


I am a fan of beavis and butthead. they are fun

my fav color is blue so yes I am black n blue

feelin blue


this is why I hate love so much

broken love heart n soul gone mad


thanks for the misery


HAHA lol I found a cool type spongebop

emo sponge bob


True. Emo is not punk. Punk is hyper creative type and Emo is deeply emotional. It can be happy, love, hate, suicide, sad, angry.
too bad people stereotype us as negative type

stupid people.

emo is not punk


people love to judge in everything and label and stereotype everyone cause its easy to deal with them, but when they are the one to be under the lens?

why do people judge me so


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I got this From Aja. A very good friend on here vr whom I am honored to be friend with.

~~ *What do this stamp mean* ~~
I Aja Respect our friendship, I love you as a friend.
I Thank the Gods, for sending You to me.
Your there when I need help.
I'll Always be there for you no matter what.
Love Always, and Forever.
This is my oath to you.

mate stamp


From Abbygirl



Nell Morgan


By Caligo


by VampireLily


by MasterMel2


By Chandra


From HannahRose


by Darkbloodsoul


by DiamondJewel


by TommyLuv


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