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Love at First Bite (1979) - Count Dracula: "Children of the night, shut up!"

Greetings & Salutations!

Juſt did a reſet, so please be patient.

My name is RHIAKAÞU and I've been on VR since March 10th, 2006 and I've really enjoyed ðe people I've met during said time. Ðey've proven to me ðat moſt members here are some of ðe beſt people I've ever gotten to know.

For ðoſe of you who don't know, I have anoðer profile on here under ðe name Jens which cotains my real info. I have, for ðe sake of ðis site, decided to use ðis profile to give hiſtory for my Vampire perſona. You will find no oðer info here. Again, visit my Jens profile to see me as I really am. :)

I support Vampire Rights, as well as ðe rights of gays, bi's and lesbians. I alſo support ðe rights of Native American Indians.

I've been in a couple oðer covens. Ancients was not my firſt coven, I did a brief stint in Lux Æterna where I learned a few þings about how to run a good society. I find Lux Æterna to have set an example for all societies on ðeir whole procedures and structure. Ðey are ðe well oiled machine which I so very much admire.

Before Lux Æterna, I was in La Rose Noir. It was my firſt coven and one I was fortunate enough to have started out in. Rose Noir is a warm welcoming and fun loving coven filled wiþ people whom really feel like family once you get to know everyone. I have returned to my olde family once again wiþ ðis secondary profile. It's goode to be back home, I am happy in La Rose Noir!


Cool I get one of ðese too. :)

My vampire movie list has been moved to Jens' member page. It will open in a new window/tab.

I am a PROUD member and supporter of LOVR. I made them this crest for their first Anniversary.

My friend Honeypot (aka: A.......) is a real sweetie. I am honoured to have gotten to know her. Mess with her and reverse-charma shall be your punishment. ;)~
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave

I refuse to hate. ;)
Follow the Ray or Refuse to Hate

Test Area Below - Proceed with Caution!

Only those quizzes which actually describe me best get put in here. I feel they tell you, the viewer, something about me which I cannot or are unable to explain about myself in my own words. Hopefully you take the time to check out the quizzes and learn about me from a unique perspective. :)
Enjoy, sincerely,

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My dæmon is the Peregrine Falcon
You are quick-witted, and the cliché looks-can-be-deceiving-statement is true for you, because you may not look threatening or dangerous, but you are when the need arises. You tend to help others if they ask, though usually only for your own gain. You are perceptive, seeing things others might not. Someone with a peregrine falcon dæmon would be pretty solitary, and admired for their grace and beauty. You like to travel, and also enjoy areas near bodies of water, such as a river or a lake. It's preferable to become very intimate with a single person rather than on-and-off relationships with numerous people. Another trait is being extremely alert one second, but daydreaming the next.

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My Vampire Personality

You scored as Marius. You are the quiet cool. You are so mellow, people are lulled into a false sense of security. You enjoy being creative with your free time and you spend a lot of time alone because you feel no one around you understands you. When you are frustrated, gawd help anyone who crosses you?
Marius = 100%
Blade = 99%
Dracula = 75%
Spike = 67%
Deacon Frost = 67%
Armand = 58%
Angel = 50%
Louis = 42%
Akasha = 42%
Lestat = 33%

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Which Vampire Clan Do I Belong To?

Whether dreaded, mistrusted, feared or reviled, the insular vampires of Clan Tremere are anything but ignored. Those who have heard of the clan's doings are typically suspicious of the Tremere, and with good reason - for the Warlocks are aptly named. Through their own artifice, they have mastered a form of vampiric sorcery, called Thomatergy, complete with rituals and spells, that are as potent — if not more so — than any other power of the Blood. Paired with the clan's rigid hierarchy and the smoldering ambition so common among Warlocks, this power is an unsettling thing indeed to those who know what the Tremere are capable of doing.
Clan quote: We are more than vampires. We are the next step in Cainite evolution. We will direct the others if they allow us to do so, or we will stand alone if we must, however we will survive.

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What class of vampire am I?

You are an Elite Master, the highest class of vampire. You stand for power and wisdom. Your servants are loyal and numerous. Your overwhelming powers are of a chief element, be it fire, earth, water, etc. You are a unique of few. Be proud.

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—I've claimed my wings—

My wings are DRAGON'S wings.
Massive and covered in scales, they shimmer with strength and magic. They are the most obvious display of your power - though it runs equally throughout your heart and mind. You are uncompromising and grave, with a profound sense of justice. You have firm ideas about what is right and what is wrong and set out to fix what problems you can. You realize that you are more capable of dealing with life and evil than most, and as such you see it as your responsibility to protect those who cannot defend themselves. You have existed since antiquity and as such you are wise far beyond your years in this lifetime. While you strive for fairness and peace, if someone should steal from your cave of treasure (though not all that glitters is gold) or compromise the happiness of you or one who is close to you - they have signed their death warrant. You have a mighty vengeance and will unleash it upon such people immediately and mercilessly. Arguing with you is useless... you rarely back down and are known for holding firm in your beliefs. Sometimes you feel intensely burdened with the troubles of others... Acting as a Guardian can get so wearisome, but you never give up... seeing it as your life's mission. Often very introverted, you can be so smart... it's scary. Such a combination of intelligence, creativity, power, beauty and magic is often intimidating to those around you - who are also unlikely to understand you. Arrogant, proud, overserious and sometimes a bit greedy or obsessed with whatever treasure you choose to pursue... you have enchanted people for centuries, and will continue to do so.

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