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What I dislike
unhonest people
people who like to pick on others
unfriendly people
metal music
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About me

I am 19 years old and I am part cherokee indian and part Irish.

Interview with dooby

You ask what my name is? : Brian B
You ask how old I am? 19
You ask what type of education I had? :sadly I have a special dipolma from High School.
You ask why I have a special dipolma? I have it because I was always in special class's to last year when I went in to regular class's and I was doing good in them. If I wanted a real High School dipolma though I would have to go back to High School and theirs no chance in that.
You ask where I work? : Work at publix as a bagger
You ask what I wanna do in life? I want to become more education and want to go to college.
You ask how I'm going get into college: Answer to that I am not sure, I'm going try and studie then go take the GED.
You ask what I like to do: Like to play basketball, watch t.v, play video games,pc games, hang out with friends
You ask how many pets I have? 1 dog, 4 kittens, 1 cat, 9 cows= 15 pets in all
You ask what movies I like? Harry potter, Scary movies, Haunted House On The hill,Transformers
You ask how much I make? More then min wage.
You ask how I treat people? I treat them nice and also support them in whatever they do, because it their choice, I might make a statement and say it isn't good for you but it is you choice. I treat them fair and like to help people.
You ask have I made any bad choices in life? Yes I have, I mistreated alot of friends and lost a really good friend by mistreating her. I will not forget how I treated those friends and how I lost a good friend by doing what I did. I learned from it and I now treat each of my friends with a lot of respect and trust. Trust is a very big thing to put in to you friends and I can only hope they trust me back. Yes, the reson why I put trust in my friends is because I care about them as Family, because we all are human beings, we all have stupid choices and we all do them rather we admit it or not.
You ask about my family?
Mom:I love her because she taught me stuff about the people on the earth when I was little about drugs and partying.
Dad: I love him because he cooked for me and supports me in alot of ways now that he didn't used to.
Sister: Basically when I was young, she raised me up to be who I am today, because my mom and dad was always fighting, the reson why I'm not good at work is because my sister always did it for me. I still love her though. She was there for me even if we did fight.
granny: I love her because she cooks very good food and gives me great gifts.
grandpap: sadly, he died
Brother: I love him because I just do.
Cousin: I love him, because he is a great cousion to hang out with.
Basically I love them all, because they are all great family.
Nephew who passed away: I will always love Kyle Allen because he taught me alot in life and made me a tougher guy by being sick and even though he was sick, I could feel he had a heart and he wanted to stay with his family, but also he wanted to go, so he didn't have to suffer. Point is he taught me how to really care about people and made me tougher when people try to pull me down, even when he was sick, he was a tough fighter and he lived for 7 months. That is what I call amazing Kyle Allen! I won't forget you Kyle!!!!!!!!!! Kyle Allen Luv u always!
Baby on the way from my sister: I don't know if its a boy or girl but I love it allready because its a part of my family, which my family is a part of my heart.
What happend to me in the past: When I was a little kid, I went though alot in my life as a little kid, I moved in and out of my dad house, with my mom, why I won't tell you why but it was hard to deal with. When I was about 14, I was about hit by a car waiting for a bus.
When I was in 11th grade, a bus piece fell off and it missed me by an inch or less, it was right near my head actully, I got lucky.
April I was in a accident and I got a hernaited disc from it, I am lucky though that, thats all I got.

Updated September 29,2007

I say we are all good people. Sometimes though we have bad days and can't be good people. Also we all make choices and the choices we make effects our lifes. I belive though the people who really want to have a good life try hard and don't have time to do much and they get really sleepy from working everday. The reason why I say that is because in the last two days I got up at 7:00 am and worked to about 2:30 pm and I only worked today and got really sleepy. So I can see why people like to go out and do stuff when they can. Its because they live the same life ever day and they get sick of it, so they go have fun and do what humans were made to do. We won't made to work ever day, its this that the world not like it used to be if you have ever read history book's. I would like people to answer this question when they commet me.

If you did not have to pay bills or work, what would you be doing everday?

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Nephew Mother
More information on what my nephew was sick with here

Sorry for the links but I want yall to see who the mom is and how good of a mom she was. She made a great mom and is still a mom.

When you add me as a friend answer the question, What do you look for in people?

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