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Well...being that PAGAN couldn't interview herself, I thought I would...This is for everyone who always wanted to know what makes PAGAN 'tick'. Besides, as she says herself, this means that nobody else can do it because she's really quite shy, she hates speaking about herself because she feels uninteresting and, more importantly, I wanted to make another Member Page...

Vampire Rave

Who is PAGAN?

"That has to be the most difficult question I am ever going to answer... I am a 'what you see is what you get' kinda person and at the same time, I know I'm terribly complex, and, the person I am on VR isn't necessarily the person I am off VR. If you asked me this same question tomorrow, I know I would answer differently.

I feel a very distinct left-brain, right-brain divide: I am both logical and illogical; I can get quite anxious about what I say or do, yet have complete confidence in myself to be who I am; I am very shy, yet have no hesitation in approaching people to introduce myself, chat or ask questions...all my report cards from school said I was a contradiction, I guess that must be true given what I have just said!

I have a passion for words. There is nothing better than speaking to people that use words to good effect, or reading something that makes me think. I learnt to read when I was three years old and I haven't stopped reading since. I read anything and everything, some things have left a lasting impression and other things I have relegated to the pile that says "CRAP". Hell, I read the labels of the cereal box at breakfast even! There is nothing more powerful than words, wars are started and stopped with them, a person's life can be changed with the right or wrong words, and so, the simplest of words can change the world around you forever.

Other than that, I love people, big dogs, learning, and life (including the bad, sad or mad bits). I am usually happy unless there is an injustice and then I am capable of murder. I admire the genius of other people in whatever field they excel at. I hate bad manners, complainers and needy people. I dislike folk who talk in prose or use big words to impress. I HATE having my photo taken. I absolutely cannot understand folk who see conspiracy everywhere, or believe that aliens exist and that we would ever recognise them in a human-like form. I am fascinated in the power of the mind and with people who have 'abnormal' or deviant minds.

I surf but badly and I don't care that I'm useless at it. I live on an island so the sea is an important part of my life. I couldn't ever imagine not living beside a big body of water. I love doing home improvements and I'm actually quite good at them. I am strong as an ox and can lift my own body-weight easily. I don't sleep much but that just means I have more time to be awake and appreciate stuff. I am quite lazy but usually always active in one way or another. My mind never stops.

I talk too much LMAO!".

...haha! That's PAGAN...and here's a question that PAGAN herself always wants to know about other people...

What brought you to VR and what were your first impressions of it - have they changed any?

" What brought me to VR was Google LOL. I was bored and started looking up 'vampires'.

My first impressions? WOW. For the first week I was kinda terrified - terrified of coding, the 'strangeness' of some of the people, and also kinda terrified to think that I might be taken into a coven of people I had no liking of. That soon changed though! Now, I think that I am improving with the coding (heh. I know. In comparison to some people here, I will remain in the dark as to coding, but, for me, I have improved 100%). The 'strangeness' of some of the people here is interesting and not all all terrifying. As to the coven I am now in? I couldn't be in a better one! There is no pressure whatsoever to do anything other than enjoy the site in whichever way I choose - how COOL is that?

So, my impressions have changed from when I first joined. Are they good impressions? Hell yeah. This place feels like somewhere I am meant to be. I love VR".

...and what is it about VR that keeps you logging in day after day?

"...everything...I love the journals - the glimpses into the minds of people I'd never have gotten the opportunity to meet if I hadn't come to VR. I love the people themselves (most of them). I love how the site is set up so that on any day, I can do a variety of different things, whether it's raising my status, reading, learning, messing with how my profile looks, chatting with folk (friends and strangers alike).

HEH. Even the 'drama' has it's place because it's amusing what other folk can get so worked up about. LOL"

...I wondered if there was anything that made PAGAN annoyed because she usually seemed pretty happy...Is there anything you dislike about VR?

"...ummm...kinda...the people who fail to see that they themselves are fueling drama by reacting to it, or even mentioning it. But, people find it impossible almost to change their character so, we have to accept that some folk will always do that whether we like it or not and whether we point that out or not".

Very true, I thought. The burning question that everyone wanted to know was this: What is it that inspired you to do interviews with VR characters?

"Aha! Well...although my first interview wasn't with Cancer, I begun them with the intention of interviewing him one day. Why? How can someone who created this site not be an awesome person to interview?

First of all, it took me a little while to figure out if he was approachable, but I quickly saw that he was LOL just read through his journals 'message gems' to see his sense of humour and from reading them, I knew he'd be cool.

Then, because they are interesting characters, I figured that the admins would be pretty cool to learn about too. And they are. I keep saying that Cancer chose well, and he did. Who else would do what they do and keep this place running like it should?

But there are so many more people on this site that are interesting characters and I'm not done yet. I just thought that I'd start off at the 'top' and keep going until I've found everyone. I fully intend to live forever by the way so there are plenty more to come"

...now that was interesting because lots of people secretly thought that PAGAN only interviewed the admins because she was 'sucking up' LOL as if, anyone who knows PAGAN should know that she likes all sorts of people and although she had started of with interviewing the folk who run the site, she had many more interesting people to come. I wondered if she had a favourite interview so far...Which interview is your favourite and why?

" Not fair to ask me that question! All of them but for different reasons. Each time I do one, that's my favourite until the next time.

...Cancer, Daire, Imagesinwords, Morrigon, Saetan, Wildchild, LadyKrystalynDarkstar, Birra, geez...ALL of them I guess!

I love it when folk say something that we don't normally get to find out about them. That's what makes an interview a good one because I've shown a side to someone that not everyone knows.

I cannot pick just one out at all. Perhaps when I've done every single one that I intend to do, I will be better able to say which one is my favourite. That's gonna be a very long time from now though! Ask me again in a hundred years :P".

...and the question on everyone's lips...Who are you going to interview next?

"Don't ask me that! I'm not saying. I want it to be a surprise both to the people I interview and to everyone else.

I have a definite two more in mind because they are people that I admire. They're friends, they're highly interesting, funny, clever and they are the kind of people I have as friends off VR. I'm not going to give any more clues than that. I don't know when I will do the interviews with them either because it sometimes takes ages to find the right questions, and put them in such a way that the person wants to answer LOL

...and, after doing this interview myself, I have much more of an idea just how hard it is to put myself across in the way that I want to be seen! I think I feel sorry for maybe making people worry that they have given too much information, or not given enough when I ask them haha :P".

HAH! A good observation there...perhaps she wouldn't be quite so nosey in her next interview, but then, I know she will, it wouldn't be a good interview without probing questions. It annoyed me a little that PAGAN wasn't going to tell me who was next on her 'hit list', but I do love surprises so I'm looking forward to who she speaks to next. I hope you are too.

Thanks PAGAN!

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18:06 Sep 01 2011

Ahaha, love it!

18:26 Sep 01 2011

LOL I had fun and I think PAGAN did too although at first she put up a bit of a fight, claiming shyness. Heh, as if :D

19:50 Sep 01 2011

Cereal boxes are good reading! I love how you wrote about yourself. The journals are wonderful here and the drama just makes for good stories. :P Nothing is too bad and people can't be changed. I love your views and living by the water on an island is cool. I found this place on google also and it was the best "vampire" site because no one was pressured into believing in vampires. Which makes it diverse and with that, it makes the site much better. The different strangers, people, covens, choices, and I enjoyed reading more about you. You're no suck up! Just a wonderful person, live long and write many more works of talent! :D

22:43 Sep 02 2011

'ello Stranger! LOL

Thanks. You started of being a stranger but now you're a friend and it's people like you who make this place even better :D

07:13 Sep 21 2011

lol nice one

18:13 Sep 21 2011

LOL Antichrist!

Y-aye-man :p

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