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A Really More... Trivial Update...

11:56 Dec 16 2018
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So, it has been quite awhile, now, since I've posted anything, so I figured I would say "screw it" and post a little something, despite how trivial it may be.
Now, some may know that I am indeed a smoker. When I first arrived on the site, I had a cigarette or a cigarillo in my hand almost every time I was online, or even worse... every time I was on camera, which was nearly every time, in general... well, that was only because I no longer had my pipe (a piece I had had for ages - literally for decades on end, before it vanished on me). Well, I have for awhile, now, had a 'new-ish' pipe (two of them, now) and I am still a semi-regular smoker. But now, since my time in Connecticut, I have picked up something relatively similar to pipe-smoking, but still many times safer than average smoking, in general; which would be vaping.

I was introduced to vaping by a former member of this site, who went by the alias of "Ismael Ravenlock". Otherwise known, still, as "Izzy", whom, for years, now, has instead gone by a somewhat comical title of "vape-dragon Izzy". This guy started with and probably still uses the same vape mod that he introduced Me with: a stainless steel (unless I'm mistaken) Mech/Mechanical Tube/Pipe mod - which, for any unfamiliar with the terminology, a "mech/mechanical" is literally the simplest form of a vape mod that exists, but can also be the most dangerous, if the user isn't careful. Especially if you don't actually know how to use it. But just like with cars, the more old-fashioned you go, the more power you have, in a sense. That all being said...

So, I have had a "528 Customs" Goon mechanical mod for a little while, now. And frankly, just because it is so "raw", I won't use it, myself, ever again, nor will I let anyone else try to use it, because I actually worry that this thing will go "boom" in somebody's hands. It is just that damaging, by itself. But in the time I've used it, I've still done some pretty insane stunts with my own hobby (one of my many hobbies, that is).
So, I ordered for myself an old-fashioned "VGOD" mech mod, over two months ago, now, and it finally came in about two weeks ago. I had to order a brand tank for it, though, since it apparently did not come with one, for some reason. But since even that came in about a week ago, I now am back to my hobby of "fogging out the whole house with two breaths". Now, granted, the one who first introduced me to vaping is the kind of crazy that, with his mod, can build some certain coils, put his build together, and once he has it "juiced" this guy can take half a breath and fog up two rooms in a single hit. But personally, I'm not really a fan of doing that. I prefer to have a really strong vapor production, but still be able to taste my vape juice, without having to burn out my taste buds. Thus, I use a different coil build from what he and I had made at one point. Me, I currently use simple Clapton coil to build what I suppose is technically considered a "dual/quad" coil, which is really nothing more than putting two coils into one, and then running a dual setup. Quite simple. But I do also experiment with different build ideas, just to see how well some of them may work. I'm not really one for being a self-generating fog-machine, unless taking two or three hits can fog up the living room, which... where my wife and I currently live... funny yet sadly enough, this is actually the case. But This is really only because I'm typically an Extremely fast leaner, so I learned very quickly how to use a mechanical mod - thus a mech is my preferred piece to use. I'm also not much of a fan of regulated mods, simply because I prefer to use something that requires a decently vast chunk of knowledge... "mechs" are of that status. Regulated mods?... not so much. they really only require that the user knows how to use a keyboard or a touch screen, and most of them (to my knowledge) don't have what is called a "bypass mode", which basically allows you to manually say "fuck it" and pump all the power your mod has into the coil, thus pushing the coil to the max potential.

But... even when I try NOT to... I'm still fogging up half the house with two breaths. And yet I still also smoke my pipe every day - mainly when I'm at work, or just out of the house.



18:42 Dec 16 2018

It is a myth that vaping is "healthier" than smoking. It very well might be, bu tit isn't healthy, because it causes a condition called popcorn lung.. You can look it up if you're curious, but it isn't good for you.

11:12 Dec 31 2018

Actually, I already have looked that condition up. It is only caused by 'vaping' with an excessively high voltage and/or too much water content in a given "vape juice". I have been 'vaping' on and off long enough to know, by now, what causes it, and I've also spoken to a few doctors who have done their own research into it, themselves. Essentially, the higher the watts one uses, the more likely they are to have "popcorn lung" occur. And that is only amongst other factors.

22:11 Dec 07 2019

And actually, not even from using a high voltage/wattage, but it came from a chemical that used to be only in certain flavours (specifically anything popcorn-related), which it has since been removed and thus the flavours have become what they were supposed to be.
Like I said, though, after being introduced to it nearly a decade ago, I began doing my research, and trust me when I say that all the anti-this-and-that about it is about as uneducated as one can get about anything. And I say that about all things that I do to which others are opposed. Not just the vaping. Trust me, if you only knew a fraction of the chemicals that are in a single cigarette (assuming you're a smoker) I can guarantee you would be stopping by your local vape shop to pick up the first mod that catches your eye and you would be learning everything you can about it both before juicing it up and while you use it. How do you think I learned what I did?

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