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If One would Have Had a Doubt Before... They Wouldn't Now. lol

04:40 Feb 28 2015
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I remember telling numerous people about a pair of old friends I have had for countless years... these friends were actually born in a place beyond what any mere 'mortal'/human could really imagine, without losing their mind.

Now, I have made mention of them on several occasions. Some have called "BS" on their existence and story, whilst others have actually asked to meet the two people I have come to call the "Magick Twins". Yes, they are twin Witches, of equal and opposite 'power'. They happen to possess such power, in fact, that modern technology cannot handle the proper use or mention of their names alone - similar to how Christians would use the name of 'God', as their 'weapon' against an alleged demon... the mention of the twins' names is strong enough that if I were to use their true names... I would be saying a fast "goodbye" to all technology I use, as likely would everyone else.

One such person has never doubted what I told them about their names - but I won't use their true names here -but I can guarantee one thing... if the individual DID at any point doubt what I said about these two... that doubt, to-night would have been heavily obliterated, at this point. Lol

Just take my word for it, though, and don't try using their true names with technology, unless you feel like waving "byr-bye" to it.




What Is Wrong With This Image?...

02:50 Feb 19 2015
Times Read: 628

Idiot... why does a person try to play both sides of the fence... and with people of the same 'house'? Worse yet, with one of the parties being the 'elder' --

Is anyone else seeing the stupidity in this scenario? Because I am not seeing the common sense, here. But I see plenty of the stupidity and idiocy.

The funny thing is that just like so many from my past, such an individual is also trying to make me appear to be "the bad guy". Mind you, I find this funny because I already have an entire town and County looking upon me with hatred forged out of fear. And oddly enough, they look at me like this, even after I saved the life of the Daughter of the very treacherous shit-for-brains who began it all. Now tell me... does anyone see the strange similarities and stupidity here? Rather ironic, is it not?




Now, I Remember Why...

01:56 Feb 19 2015
Times Read: 634

Now, I remember... why the Hell I don't speak to people. Some are just too Goddamn argumentative (and no... I bullshit not) just by their nature alone. And sad to say, I know far too many of these individuals Personally.

Now I know how Einstein and Tesla felt, having people tell them "you don't know what you're talking about".

I swear, were it not for the one of few commongrounds that one of these individuals and I hold... I would already be 'Gone like the Wind' and become ghost already.




Hatred? Not quite... simple Disdain, really...

06:02 Feb 16 2015
Times Read: 651

There is a difference between "hatred" and "disdain". For most people, I feel disdain anyhow, out of my sheer inability to tolerate them (meaning humans/mundanes). And that is typically accompanied by my inability to understand said people.

For most who have done me wrong, I usually feel genuine hatred, however... that isn't always the case. Sometimes, I do manage to find some small fraction of myself that manages to forgive just a little. But when I say "just a little", I am not joking. Even when I am able to let something go in the slightest of ways, most of me (including my intuition) tells the rest "fuck that - let 'it' rot and decay".

In 'your' case, however, I decided to make an attempt to consider graceousness... erasing as much as I could, that I might grant you one more chance.

Obviously not a chance at "being with me", mind you. Though I know that even the conception of that alone is laughable enough, on its own. What I refer to is granting a chance to prove that you deserve full forgiveness.

An arrogant thought? Perhaps. But as per my nature, not without due reason. To whom this refers, you know who you are. Thus, I have no reason to elaborate. Just know that it is very rare for anyone to gain my complete forgiveness, simply because I have lost my trust in many who once made claim of being trustworthy to me. Needless to say, most of those people are on what one may call "death row" with me, as most of them 'did me in' with situations that - were I normal or human like them - would have actually killed me. Hence, my disdain, hatred and disgust for most of mankind. That being said, do you really blame me for my distrust or my disdain? Better yet... CAN you blame me?

If you want my complete forgiveness, then you still have a hell of a walk ahead of you to prove you are deservant of it. But if you can do so... then it may be worth it to you.




''Yay or Nay, Yay or Nay...'' damn possibilities...

01:38 Feb 13 2015
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As the mundane world grinds away at my mind, I wonder - since a certain side of me has finally been not only provoked but almost invited to return - what will happen, this time, should I open up the gate of whom I used to be, and let the truth of myself be revealed?

Will people run for their lives? Or will the Real "monster" within be finally welcomed by a very few?

Either way one looks at it, I think that for now, I will leave those who read my journal with a "poll" of sorts --

Should I open up that 'gateway', and let my own 'dark side' roam?


Should I leave it be, for now, and just let it explode like the time-bomb of which it seems to "emulate"?

Amd speaking of which, I may not be online as much as I was before, as a similar issue seems to insist upon arising, and is beginning to get on my nerves.



15:51 Feb 13 2015

If you keep it caged for fear of others it will only ensure the count down to a bomb however if you listen to what the monster is asking and find YOU can live with what it wants well then it would only be a matter of can't living on won't street but if what it wants makes you feel any "negative" emotion such as sadness guilt so on and so forth then I would take that as the catalyst to start "beating" that aspect into better understanding of what is and what isn't :)


18:06 Feb 13 2015

Be who you are.

Those that don't welcome you as such will leave your side in due time.

05:15 Feb 14 2015

I agree with slain.

02:58 Mar 02 2015

I would definitely not want to be around to see the explosion lol! But at the other extent that may cause issues as well possibly to? I wish I knew what to say. But i would rather I think see you open up the hate of who you used to possibly,' Based on what your saying I do see the dilemma!

03:02 Mar 02 2015

I meant I would rather see you open up the gate of what you used to be. Did not mean to say the word hate! Typing on my cell phone is not in my favor these days.

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