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I guess it's true, what they say...

03:25 Feb 24 2023
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I've decided that I should try to redo at least one or two of my first songs, while I also work on the coming piece of work (which, I might add, I think I may have come up with a name for it, though I'm faintly uncertain).
Specifically, the reason for redoing them being that I've been examining the "finished product", and have slowly begun to think (or realize) that parts of the files may have gotten corrupted, while they were all being recorded. Just my damn luck... it would kind of explain why the sound quality doesn't seem the greatest. But that might be what I get for doing too much tweaking to the settings, while also trying to use my more natural voice, when I should just do it little by little.

In any case, once I get the songs redone, I would actually very much like some opinions on them - for those who pay my channel a visit. Furthermore, anyone who enjoys my songs and pays my channel a visit, you're much encouraged to subscribe and share my work, as I would like to make my music known to others. Once I have the songs redone, I'll be posting the links on here, as well, so it'll be easy for people to view and listen.




A little something I forgot about...

00:29 Feb 21 2023
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Given my recent return to music, which I now have posted, I've been pondering something of an "artist name", so to speak. I have an idea or two in mind, but I'm not quite sure about them, let alone which one I should choose, if any/either.

As far as my "particular style", I've only started with more mellow stuff, just as my starting work. As time goes on, some elements will likely become a little (or a lot) more heavy, due to branching to other possible genres, though I'll merely be blending them with a more gothic style. But in terms of using any manner of "artist name", I find myself pondering something akin to what I've been nicknamed over the past ten years... "Nocturne"-something, or similar. But at the same time, as I've said, I find myself a little torn.

As far as works to come, I'm considering making my next string/"album" based around the alleged "paranormal, ghosts/haunting" and the like. The one slight issue being that I also wouldn't mind doing some songs that are strictly video based, and using the elements of surroundings to the song advantage.

And speaking of all of this; for those who decide they want to pay my channel a visit, if you enjoy it and think you might know of others who also would, then feel free to share my channel with them. Most of my music, I am looking to gain an audience with. There may be some pieces that I won't do so with, but that one is still up in the air.



22:09 Feb 21 2023

Love paranormal/ ghost. I was in a ghost hunting group for a few years. Looking forward to hearing.


A Small Start, But Finally...

21:18 Feb 20 2023
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I finally have some of my music published on Youtube, and am now working on the (what I call "Real") next works or album.
Getting things to function properly was a bit of a pain in the ass, but it is a start.
For those who pay my channel a visit, feel free to let me know what you think.



23:48 Feb 20 2023

Nice, such a smoothing voice.


It Took Awhile, But...

12:19 Feb 04 2023
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Since I have recently been rendered devoid of my current job, for the time being, I've been focusing s much as possible on my music. And it has taken what seems like quite some time, but I've finally finished two particular songs; one of which was twenty years in the making, and the other being a tribute to the client and friend I recently lost and became a pallbearer for.
Ironic as it somewhat is, my tribute song was more of a pain in the ass because my system kept glitching and corrupting the file, as I was working on it nearly nonstop, for about three days (apparently, even a nigh $2,000 "gaming" machine isn't designed for the kind of digital "abuse" I tend to put it through, which is a little pathetic, in my opinion).

"Birds of The Feather" will be posted up on my YouTube channel, soon enough, for those who wish to hear it. But even though I more or less have the audio finished, the piece, itself, isn't quite done. Since I was apparently much closer, more endeared than I thought, at first, this person's family has decided to give me free reign access to some photo albums, so I can find a photo of her, to add to the song. Although, while the song, itself, is the primary tribute to my friend, I'm still trying to think of what I should call the entire album in which it will be featured. Speaking of which, when I have the song up, I am seeking some honest opinions as to what the name of the album should be.

It's kind of interesting, knowing that she "jumped my shit", when she found out I was a diehard musician twenty years ago, and made the mistake of putting it down. Now, I'm left with pretty much no choice but to fully return, "no holes barred & all barrels loaded", as the saying(s) would go. This woman straight up accosted me, for a week, straight, asking when I was starting my music again, and how far I've gotten in my return. At the end of that week, she watched me walk in the door with a (technically speaking) brand new guitar and full setup - amplifier, distortion pedal, etc..

In any case, when I have my music up on YouTube, I hope anyone who visits enjoys it. And yes; it is more of the gothic nature, but I think there are some things that still need a tiny bit of fine tuning.



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