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Prospective of Having to Move?--

23:20 Sep 22 2013
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I guess I may be looking at moving again, very soon. That is unless I can actually get a fresh resident app filled out and handed in, without having the damn thing thrown in the "circular file" again. I've already filled out two or three that I recall, and the same thing happened with each one.

People around here really must not care much for a man who can walk the shadows, at night, and not be found. Funny, considering that it's not too hard to find me during the daylight hours. But then, I also keep to myself so damn much that no one here knows me anymore. Though I can understand why; No one has really known Me, for years. I suppose I'm just that much of an enigma to them.

Most people around here are scared to Death of me, anyway. But I suppose the old phrase applies, in my case, with most around here; "You don't truly know someone until you Know them."

I don't really belong here, though. I have no real "home". Only a place where I reside, in a way. I imagine that if I were to go to New York, or somewhere of the like, I might fit in perfectly. But of course, that also still entails socializing, which I've never been good at.




Stupidity and Ignorance-- Where is The Common Sense?

02:21 Sep 17 2013
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People, these days; I swear, they must have no common sense left in their minds.

For one, I really do wonder what may be the rationale behind claiming to be Vampyr, and using the concept to constitute acts of stupidity. Whether it be a BS act, or not, make no difference; claiming to be a Vampyre, and using that to do things that make those who are Real look bad really makes you look even more stupid than a pet rock.

I've been hearing, recently, of numerous acts of this said stupidity, and I've been seeing it just as often, in people (not only in person, but the idiocy online). And frankly, I have only one thing to say: “Get Your Heads Out Of Your Asses, And Grow The Hell Up. Try acting your age, instead of your shoe size, boys and girls.”

I don't care if you think you are Hot Shit, or feel like shit about yourself. When you make those of the Real world look bad, it reflects upon You, and thus makes you look just as bad as it makes Real Vampyres look.

It is true, what they say in any form or manner of “community”-- If you are going to willfully cause trouble, then don't come in, because you obviously don't belong among us.

Unless I'm mistaken, this goes for both forms of any community- Real World/Real Life, AND an Online Communities. To speak your mind is one thing. That much is understandable. But to willingly cause trouble for those who have done nothing to you is to bring your foot a long way over that line that separates Ignorance ad Stupidity.

Growing up, I never really knew the acceptance of any communities, because I was not only “unlike” most others, but I also held a few extra traits that people didn't care for, and I was persecuted for it. I was forsaken by my own “family”, as a child, and so I never knew what it was like to have a Real Family; people to go to for help. I always had to rely on myself when I was dragged into something I never asked for, and after a certain, but very young age, I was removed of the one and only person who ever actually taught me anything in life. But in the end, it was that man's teachings that brought me to remain strong when I knew I had been forsaken, even by what so many call “God”. My will to survive had become insurmountable, and after some numbers of years, I came to be known by a select handful of people in each community, as one of a few things: “the Cowboy From Hell”, “the Epitome of I-Don't-Give-A-Damn”, and even as what some people knew as “rogue shadow”. Each name I had obtained, among these people was symbolic to them, and to myself, in more than one way.

Mind you, had I ever gone into any communities with the intention of causing trouble, the man who taught me what I know would have “popped my skull” in ways I would never forget, even in his death. When you are raised by a Two-War Veteran Soldier, who also happened to be considered an “Elder” of more than one manner, you learn to show a certain level of respect for those people.

I'm not sure what level of respect these idiots seem to think they are showing, but it doesn't really seem to exist, from what I've noticed.



02:58 Sep 17 2013

Some blossom faster than others, take it from a late bloomer.

I don't regret some desicions I had made, but I do wish I had my current mentality, and maturity back then.

Also side note, does your site need an html coder to help make it more visually appealing?

03:11 Sep 17 2013

Actually, yes. It is in need of that, in my eyes. I've managed to make it look somewhat better, but it still doesn't quite suit itself in that way, in my eyes.

Why do you ask? Are you interested in it, my friend?

03:24 Sep 17 2013

I am willing to do a little volunteer work to see if I can not make some pages a little more to your liking. Currently without internet at home however, so my interaction would be minimal, but when I do interact, it will be in the codex, with my undivided attention.

03:30 Sep 17 2013

Alright, then. I will probably have to send you a link to the site, however. And since it's Invite-Only, you may have to set up a profile for it, unless you can think of another way to do so. If you want to use your own profile, then I can set your permissions for it, so you might be able to do a little bit. But to say the least, it would be a great help, and a wonderful addition to it all, in my opinion.

03:40 Sep 17 2013

No rush, I only request is that you least explain what you are looking for concerning looks, as well as tell me what areas MUST be set up a certain way, and tell me where the gray areas are so I can try to fill those as well.

Also, I would rather fill out my own profile, this way you can monitor when/how long I been on ect ect.

16:25 Sep 17 2013

It is easier to demand to be treated with respect then to treat others with same respect that is demanded. Todays society is all about self importance and what everyone owes you but yet these same people when asked why everyone owes them something it usually draws a blank stare followed by well I'm me. I consider it the continued decline of the human species and I also consider vampyrism a part of evolution since nature is make us allergic to all the stuff we used to be able to eat from her bounty I think she is taking it away and forcing us to feed on our selves in a way to reduce numbers since stupidity is on the rise lol just theories mind you but so far seem accurate

23:26 Sep 17 2013

Unfortunately, in today's world, Stupidity is taught like mathematics, history, and social interaction. But it only stands to reason that the same stupidity taught almost seems to be becoming inherent in today's generations, and the issue of respect isn't taught anymore.

People don't seem to realize that respect is earned just as fear in some cases is.


''HTF'' Has Begun.

08:30 Sep 13 2013
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To those who had once said that it could not be done, I say to you --

"House of The Forsaken" has begun.

I have finally begun the site, after ten years of having it in my head, and I have my sister to thank for talking me into bringing it back after the concept was dead for over a year and a half.

I finally have something that I can hold with pride, as this is only the beginning of it anew.

If you want to be a part of it, then let me or my sister know.



19:12 Sep 13 2013


09:59 Sep 14 2013

Before we talk about that, my friend, keep in mind that I'm looking primarily for others who would be willing to take on certain 'positions', and keep them with proper role of example, as the site grows, first. i.e., 'Administrators' and techs to kelp make the site more visual and also those who may have a sort of knowledge that they can mentor/teach others in. That way, everything is made much simpler, for others who want to join.


03:42 Sep 10 2013
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The new computer is in, and I am now tweaking it to actually work for me. Once finished, I will likely be setting it up to work with Penguin Power. For those who don't know what that is, consult Linux Operating Systems, and you will find out what I mean.

I loathe Windows 8 more than vista. Vista was an insult to everything that is even Microsoft Corporation. W7 was basically everything Vista was meant to be, and in such, completely destroyed everything that Vista was known for.

Windows is still nothing more than one gargantuan virus, however. Hence one reason I will be Penguin Powering the new equipment.

Internet Exploder is removed, now, and I have Chrome installed. But I still have allot of work to do on the beast. But at least, from what I heard from a good friend, ASUS is a damn good brand for what I will be usibg this thing for.




02:43 Sep 08 2013
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I am not exactly pleased, right now. My computer is now completely shot. Granted, it is more than four years old, but I got it after it was already entering its second year, still on the shelf. Everything worked just fine, however, until about a year ago, when the photo of me somehow appeared on it, as a "ghost file". Interestingly enough, as soon as that happened, a perfectly good antivirus shut down, completely, and was erased from the drive. After that, it only got worse. The wifi began to malfunction, the browsers barely worked, and no matter how much cold air I pumped through it, the damn thing reached temperatures well over 120 degrees, even whilst I was using the Linux partition. For those who aren't aware, I know more about using Linux than I do about windows. By my own experiences, I have yet to run into anything that I cannot figure out, when it comes to the said OS. Except for This.

Now, Linux is not exactly an easy system to botch, unless you have less knowledge of computers than a chicken has about using a steel grinder. And unless you know what you are doing, it's next to unheard of to create a virus that directly infects a Linux machine. And though it is possible to get "hacked", it isn't possible unless the computer is connected to the internet (and yes; I am saying that my computer was disconnected from the internet for weeks, when this issue hit, and it happened right in the middle of that time span). A friend of mine had to spend three months, working on my computer, to get the image to show up as more than a "ghost file", and even he could not understand how it happened, or what was wrong with it, despite his Very in-depth knowledge of computers. The problem made even him look like he knows nothing about computers.

Now, I am in need of a new computer. And I won't use a desktop computer, because I hate having to be completely stationary while I work on something.

Granted, I don't exactly need a high-end gaming machine. But I am trying to find something that at least fits Some of my criteria, so I may continue working on my site, and hopefully do some manner of work on the side. I despise technology for this very reason. A roughly six hundred dollar machine, which at one point, was a power house, is now reduced to a fucking night light. And no. I am not joking when I say this. It has literally been reduced to a night light, by a virus or multitude of viruses, that were somehow caused by a damn image that appears out of nowhere.



21:10 Sep 08 2013

I have a couple of creeping suspicions as to what it is.

Linux or not, backdoor's been around for a very long time. Or, programs installed with the OS to intentionally monitor what it is you are doing, as well as occasionally control your machine as well. That, combined with the proven fact things are not built to last, technically all of us have a ticking time bomb. Its not fair, or right, but its there.


The Old Site Is Back.

08:26 Sep 05 2013
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My site is finally "up and running". But there is allot of work to be done on it, so I may or may not be online, here, much.

For those who want to take part in it, and are willing to do Their part, let me know with said positive comment, here.

As it's just starting out, once more, there is more work to be done on it than may seem, from here. New visitors will be welcome, once it is more complete, but remember that it is a very stern concept.



18:19 Sep 05 2013

Yay can't wait to take a sneak peak :)

06:29 Sep 06 2013

If you want to view/join, then I will have to send you personal invitation to the site. For now, only members can view most of it, so it is safer for everyone, and more efficient.

Just send me your email in a message, if you want to join.

Each mwmber will eventually be subject to a questionnaire as to why they want to join, and each person will have their own place in it, to help the site grow.

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