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About Me

I have been on this site for my fair share of time.. And there are some that hate me for their own personal reasons.. and then there are those that love me and who I love right the fuck back...

Im a honestly a very down to earth person who gives everyone a chance.. Hell, some even got a few chances on here... anyways... I try to get everyone a chance on here.. but once I need to question your loyalty, shit gets real... I used to be real nasty about it and eat them alive and hand them their asses in any way I deemed funny.. but I now.. have learned on here that it isnt worth it... so now I simply just cut you loose off the friend train and go about my business on VR... I have been here long enough now to know that the shit pot stirrers arent out for compromise... they are just out to try and be bigger and better than the one they are starting shit with..

So TBH I already have friends whom I am close to on here... so if I add some more to my circle thats great and dandy.. and if I dont.. Oh well.. It matters not... Im not out for a population contest..

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My Real Life

When I am not on VR.. I am at work or with my daughter... I am a Mental Health Psychologist.. I have had this line of career for over 8 years now... but before that I was a Child Welfare Worker and worked in reunification.. and I did this line of work for about 5 years... I have always been drawn to helping others I suppose...

As for where I am from... I was born and raised in England... then around 14 we moved to the US due to my father being stationed here.. then when I was 16 we moved back to the UK.. then in my mid twenties.. I moved back here and finished school then went back to the UK... then a turn of events landed me back here in the US and here I stayed... I do miss some aspects of home.. but I will forever live here in the US until the day I die.

As for who is around me.... well I have a wonderful daughter named Luna.. who is my life... she is my Lighthouse... my mini me... when life gets me down... all I need to do is look at her beautiful smile and I know everything is going to be ok... She is so bright and smart and full of life... with a spirit in tact with such vibrant energy... my life would honestly be meaningless if I didnt have her in it... she is every reason I live and can move on thru each day

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My VR Life

Thru my time here.. I have met many walks of life... I have met some that I wanted to choke the ever living fuck out of.. and I have met some that has made me want to hit the delete button on my profile and never glance back at this site.. ... but after thinking it over... I realize pushing thru the thicket of bitches and all the drama queens... I have met some of the coolest people on here... and some I have come quite close to... I am fond of all of my friends.. ... but there are some that I consider family and dear to my heart and soul...




Payne is my sister.. my partner in crime... the reason I have a fuck load of shoes *Snickers.. She and I have been friends since the day I set my fingers into VR.. We have had each others back... and our sisterhood has made it thru thick and thin and survived the shit starters when they were trying to tear us apart.... FUCK THAT NOISE... we can and won't be divided

Madlobotomist is someone I trust with all of my being... he is someone that knows my ass well... he has always had my side... even when I am in the wrong he has stood by me.. He has NEVER betrayed me...

Erinyes is someone that is not only a friend but someone I call my mother.... she was the one the inducted me into her Coven where she is at called Arcane Consort... I knew NOTHING of this site.. then after she took me in and under her wing and taught me everything there was to know on VR.. I became familiar with all there was to know about this site and then some.. in fact... she is the reason I am a successful CM of my own Coven in Coven of the Blood Countess... I love her dearly

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My Coven




Alliance Crest

Arcane Consort... My Coven Home and Alliance Owner

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My VR Etiquette

I am the nicest person as can be... then there is the flip side of me that can be the coldest bitch on earth... what side of me you will get to know all depends on how you act and WHO you are..

If you message me and it a nice flowing conversation.. it will continue as so.. however the minute you start talking about someone else on here... or if you are creating drama.. or you start to flirt with me.. the conversation is OVER... I wont put up with it...

I know that may seem harsh... but I have been that listening ear to some one here and listened to them vent and they bash the ever living fuck out of someone and I sit there and listen and then give my advice on what to do... wich is usually just block them or ignore them... and in the end.. just by being that listening ear.. I have gotten dragged into the drama and made out to look like I was being shady... I learned my lesson the hard way on this one... so if you come to me to spit drama on someone... the conversation will be one ended.. because its not my circus and they are not my monkey's ... THE END on that note

If you flirt.. the convo will stop right then and there.. I dont need a cyber clitoris stimulation... if I am gonna masturbate.. it wont be because of someone on here.... not to mention VR seems to be a couple swapping site.. and thats fucking tacky as shit... Im just sayin.. So just know... if you compliment me thats one thing.. but if you start flirting... the Convo is over with... So rest assure the HOES of VR... stop hatin on me... I DONT WANT YOUR FUCKING MAN... *cracks the fuck up..

If you message me with one word.. such as.. Hey... Hi... Whats up?.... Bite.... Chomp.... or something similar to this.. you will not get a reply from me... Learn how to have a conversation... and stop acting like a moron... I can't stand it.. you sound stupid and I dont have the time for this type of inbox caveman talk..

To the rest... I reply to 95% of my messages... I will not lie.. I get a high volume of them at times... so sometimes I will just hit delete.. but for the most part I will reply..

I also will delete if you multi-spam hammer message me... meaning... If you send me a message.. then another.. then another... then another... and you end up all over my inbox like a fucking seabiscuit ... I can NOTTTT stand this more than anything else.. STICK TO ONE MESSAGE

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My Rating Policy

I can not tell you how many profiles I have rated... and re-rated.. and added.. and all that good stuff.. so here is the breakdown on my rating and adding policy

I no longer rate the newbies of VR... I am far to busy to go and do this with checking who has joined.. ... however if a newbie comes and rates me first.. I will return the rating when I check my rated area... this I promise you..

If you rate me low... I am going to smack you back with a ONE.. and please keep in mind if you do this out of spite.. I am a person that possesses many profiles and I have peeps that have many as well.. so think twice on this.. I know my profile is NOT crap.. so if you come with fire.. I will bring the gasoline.. (Inserts pleasant smile)

If you are a chronic name changer.. go fuck your mother.. I will NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT rate and add and all the bells and whistles each time you have an identity crisis.. or because you collect profiles to level yourself up... NOT GONNA HAPPEN.. I hate you people.. I seriously hate you uber hard..

If you ask me to add you.. I will only do so if you have added me... I am capped out on getting credit for friend adds so me adding YOU is only benefiting YOU .. however if you remove me.. I will remove you too... and yes.. there are days Im bored as shit and I check.. :) This goes for journals as well...

When I rate on my own.. I will give you a ten... I know some are not able to decorate their profiles like the most of us do.. however this ten does NOT apply to those that rate me lower than a ten

Happy rating.. :)

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