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21:02 Feb 18 2012
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That Al Pacino is a badass I'd never deny. My problem lies with him always being the SAME badass in every friggin movie. I even like the movies, but damn...you're an actor.



22:02 Feb 18 2012

I find that with a few great actors, they are wonderful at what they do DO but they just don't have the range.


17:31 Feb 09 2012
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Dear Cliche' Quoters of My Every Day,

I just want you to know...

I am trying to have a nice day.

I am trying to mind my own business,

To not say anything at all if I have nothing nice to say.

I am trying to be the change I want to see in the world,

And to not worry and be happy.

I would like nothing more than to bend over backwards for you,

And I check every cloud for the silver lining

While walking through the doors that open when others close.

But just sometimes, I feel like standing on my toes to get a better view, to see if anyone else has noticed...

It's raining cats and dogs out here

And beggars aren't being choosers;

They're drowning their sorrows

And dropping like flies.

This has been going on forever and a day,

For crying out loud!

We need a new lease on life...

To nip it in the bud!

Haven't you told me a million times

Necessity is the mother of all invention?

Well, the handwriting is on the wall...

It's now or never

Because only hindsight is 20/20.

Have a heart,

Take your own advice.

I am going to hope against hope

That you will help get the ball rolling

We can't wait for the dust to settle

Or the other shoe to drop.

Wake up and smell that coffee!

You have talked until you're blue in the face,

Taking the easy way out

But I am telling it to you straight,

YOU need to take that bull by the horns

And tighten your own belt.

Hold your tongue

And for the love of Christ...


Participate in something because it speaks to you on the inside. Stop talking like you're dead, using rote phrases that lost their ability to inspire after the creative person spoke them the first time. Jump in even if you screw up. Come learn along with the rest of us.

And hey...

Don't shoot me; I'm just the messenger.



17:56 Feb 09 2012


18:25 Feb 09 2012


It just goes to show you, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it light a candle rather than curse the darkness....

19:23 Feb 09 2012

Great entry, when all is said and done, arh cliche!!

20:25 Feb 09 2012

I love you. :)

01:36 Feb 10 2012


"If you can't say something nice about somebody, come sit next to ME."

Love you

02:08 Feb 19 2012

Golf clap!!! :)


17:02 Feb 01 2012
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Remember that when we write in journals, it is always a snapshot of the moment, already passed. A feeling or event, a reflection. As you read this, I will probably already be contemplating something else.

People have told me that I should write for myself, and not for others. I understand the sentiment, but I disagree for the most part. If my goal were self-therapy, maybe...but I WANT others to look and react, to maybe discover something of value in there. Does that make me arrogant? I sure hope not. I hope it lines me up with people who aspire to be creative and to touch others through art, literature, music, dance, etc...

Now, I readily admit that I may not be very good at it, but the goal remains. How sad if our poets had only written for themselves, our artists leaving masterpieces beneath a drop cloth. How ridiculous the ballet dancer only dancing in a darkened room.

I don't work that way. I can't. I doubt that you can either. Most of us long to connect with one another in some way. This is my way...good or bad. I suppose the process really does hold a great deal of the value...the concept, the emotions, the getting it down, the molding and forging, the refining. But I always cherish the unveiling. The day that I put it out there and boldly say, "Here it is." A piece of me, for better or for worse...here it is. For you.

I picture my audience as I write. Often it is one person. It gets me out of my own limited scope...my own mind. I think about teasing their eyes and senses as I take them on my ride. Some consider that a sell-out; it is anything but. Creativity is a gift that grows from concept within one to be shared with and for another, to stir something within them.

Sadly, few people look anymore. It isn't what draws the eye like the easier, cruel phrases that lash out at others. Those are the posts that rake in the views...the gossip, the swear words, the vulgar, and the downright mean. These will bring people to your post in droves. It's interesting to me. And if I'm truly honest, isn't that my goal here, it's a bit sad.

The reach for beauty, the aspirations of the soul, can sometimes be buried by the dirt we love to rake over ourselves and the objects of our disdain. We love to read about the bastard who betrayed you and the bitch who lives to annoy you at lunchtime. We can't get enough of the repellant juggalos and those who are not attractive enough, in our justified chairs of judgement.

I know what some of you will say, "That's just human nature." Yes, I suppose you're right. But I ask you...and I promise, I do it humbly and as one among you...does that validate the ugly parts of ourselves, allowing us not to question them, giving us permission not to reach a little higher?

Though ordinarily not the right section, I'm posting this in Exhalations as part of my walk as I am trying to find my voice again.



17:30 Feb 01 2012

Words to me can be ugly. And like any human, I like to read the drama, the trash talk. But not every day. I like reading words that bring a feeling to me- be it sad, lonely, loved, happy.

A balance is what words should give you. Not feeling well, kind of sad? Read a few jokes. Feeling out of touch- I reach for some poetry.

Like life- if you only fill your mind, soul with the ugly/ bad parts... why live? What is the use? Take some joy with the written words if nothing else. They can take you back to when you had job, life, a endless smile.

But that is just me. :)

17:30 Feb 01 2012

I hope it lines me up with people who aspire to be creative and to touch others through art, literature, music, dance, etc...

It does. I see your words as I see you- kind hearted, loving, and moving. Your words are both uplifting and motivational. It creates a canvas of words that are a beautiful find for those who seek and find you.

Creativity is a gift that grows from concept within one to be shared with and for another, to stir something within them.

Your words, shared with us through here, are a portal for us to see through your eyes, to share a moment in time that you experienced.

I thoroughly enjoy reading everything you write, always have. You have a way of drawing a crowd of people to you with ways that most can never achieve- through kindness and a sense of "life".

You have a way of making words come to life before us, and that is something not many do. I think you have found what many have sought for but can not find: a creative and inspiring muse that allows for you to write with a passion not many can match.

And for that, I thank you.

17:41 Feb 01 2012

You write about what stirs you. Everyone does.

You are stirred by your compassion for others and your interest in the world around you. People forget that drama comes in all forms and not all of it is bad.

18:12 Feb 01 2012

We accomplish nothing in life when we hold back who we are from other people. Unless we open ourselves up and put our hearts out there for others to stomp on them, kick them in the dirt or break them in vicious ways, we can't expect to grow as individuals.

Love leads to growth. Pain leads to growth.

Probably has something to do why we make the same faces both when we orgasm and when we stub our toes on a table leg in the dark...

02:15 Feb 21 2012

I like this, and agree completely. I had never thought of it quite this way, because often I write to get my emotions and feelings out. I have a hard time talking about them, but I can express myself well when I write. But you are so right, I do also write for others, in hopes that I can connect with someone, find someone that shares a common emotion, hope, dream. Or possibly I hope to encourage or help someone, or make someone smile. Thank you for sharing this... you have connected with me and I look forward to reading much more :)



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