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Friday Evening

23:07 Sep 30 2016
Times Read: 775

1. What price loyalty?

2. Shoulders, back,abs this AM. Current body weight 218 1/2

3. Such a small area. Never would I have thought that I would be working with 3 people who actually went to school with a certain someone. :)

4. I've had about 10 hours of sleep in the last three days. And I fucking feel it.

5. Did a couple of good deeds today on here. Well, as the saying goes "no good deed goes unpunished."

6. An outside cat spent the afternoon stretched out on the hood of my car. Too funny

7. more later... I'm not sure why though?




Friday Morning

11:50 Sep 30 2016
Times Read: 785

Well, sleep was all to restless again.

I'm going to the gym

More later



21:42 Sep 30 2016

yea i hate when i cant sleep


Saturday Night

03:16 Sep 25 2016
Times Read: 819

1. Favor update for an unhappy member.... 79.... I'm astonished at your lack of enthusiasm, for one who so badly wants out. :)

2, I saw The Magnificient Seven today. Yes , it was a remake of the original. But did you know that the original was based on a Japanese film called The Seven Samurai or at least that was the American translation.

And yes, the remake was good. Go spend the money and eat some popcorn.

3. I made beef stew , that was more like beef soup. It was good.

4. Leg day this morning. I've really drank a lot of water today.

5. Working tomorrow evening. It is my Wednesday... but I've had my two days off.... :)

6. I think I will even go to the gym tomorrow and hit the abs and do some cardio.

7. more later

8. :)





16:56 Sep 21 2016
Times Read: 842

1. Favor update... 61 earned. You only have 2939 to go.

2. Seems a shot of Nyquil works to help me fall asleep. Still cramped up during the night.

3. Leg day this AM. Speaking of cramps. Chugged down some Green Goodness after the workout. Will drink some more after awhile and some tonight after I return home from work.

4. Cooking organic brown rice and will saute some veggies to take with me to work.

5. Speaking of work, tonight and tomorrow and then off two. Same as last week.

6. more later

7. :)





05:01 Sep 20 2016
Times Read: 866

1. A certain kismet from Monday Morning made me laugh.... I mean if you only knew who she was..........

2. Gym was good. I was satisfied for getting off last night at 1230 and still in there before 9.

3. Work didn't completely suck but it was busy. Off at 11:30 PM

4. Drinking a Sm Adams 20 pounds of Pumpkin. And I'm not impressed.

5.more later

6. :)




Friday Night

02:53 Sep 17 2016
Times Read: 892

1. A couple of new tats today. Cherry blossoms. I may post a pic of the one on my chest tomorrow. I spent about 2 1/2 hours in a chair and on a table.

2. Well I see that 36 favor has been earned by a certain blinded member. Only 2,964 to go.

3. I skipped the gym due to No. 1 above. The timing was all wrong.

4. May go to the movies tomorrow. I'm also considering the County Fair. :) I like pigs and cows. :) I really do.

5.bed soon

6. more later

7. :)





18:33 Sep 13 2016
Times Read: 965

1. Some of these members seem confused about the Coven System. Unless you are a Sire you are stuck unless a trade is arranged.

For some, well, that ain't happening. :)

And you can jump up and down and piss in your panties all you want and shout that you do not give a fuck about VR, but you are still stuck. :)

2. Seems a certain two legged Cat has had ALL of her profiles Suspended. :)

Any bets on who gets the Mark of Shame first? We could start a pool.

3. Yeah and to the newbies, you do understand that it is quid pro quo, don't you? I mean you really don't think we actually give a shit that you managed to string together a couple of coherent sentences.

4. Well it was shoulders, upper back and abs. You know I was actually asked by someone on here why do I workout so hard? Well, several of you know that is goes beyond looking good. I mean the world is a dangerous place.

For most of you I would suggest a firearm instead of developing any skills from the arts. As that takes time and patience. The reality is pretty much any moron with a clean record can get a concealed carry permit. Then simply spend ...oh, I would say 20-30 hours a month at the range. And yeah, you really should spend that time.

Back to the arts.... you also have to have the stamina to take that first onslaught and then after that deliver the incapacitating strike.

So go buy a gun, practice and get a carry permit. Here in Virginia it is open carry. That means you can walk around with one on your hip, the way a certain female CM does. :)

And the weights compliment the arts in my opinion. Or, is it the other way around? :)

Did you know it takes 7 # of pressure to shatter a clavicle? How much pressure do you think I generate? :)

5. Chicken and organic brown rice for lunch.

6. Working this evening.

7. more later

8. :)



19:19 Sep 13 2016

Wow. Wanna send her to me and Wicked for a bit? We could play bouncie ball!!!!

19:39 Sep 13 2016


20:37 Sep 13 2016

Yes siree home slice. A certain profile comes to mind. Lol.


Friday Late or Saturday Early

06:28 Sep 10 2016
Times Read: 992

Off of work at 1220AM. Drinking a beer called Pumpkin Hunter by Devil's Backbone Brewing Company. It's good!

Bed soon. A few errands and laundry to do tomorrow. I will probably try to catch the U.M. v. F.A.U. game on the internet at 6. Oh, and what the fuck I will listen to those two yahoo teams Virginia Tech and Tenn later in the evening.






19:40 Sep 08 2016
Times Read: 1,016

1. This morning was a 3 hour workout. Chest, arms and 500 reps on abs. Body weight 220.

2. Putting a $50.00 deposit down on Saturday for a couple of tats. He's already booked up for Saturday so shit......

3. Lunch was a turkey burger and a spinach salad on the side.

4. I slept better last night. I only woke up once with my quads cramping up.

5. Almost time for work. Today and tomorrow and then off the weekend.

6. more later

7. :)




Wednesday Afternoon

19:26 Sep 07 2016
Times Read: 1,026

1. I'm so looking forward to my "beating". :)

2. Leg day earlier today. What more to say. And sleep was again restless.

3. Ground turkey burger, without the bun, with spinach and tomato was lunch.

4.Work shortly

5. more later

6. :)





19:38 Sep 06 2016
Times Read: 1,057

1. Getting closer to the new site and the Mark of Shame.

2. Such a small area I live in :) and the look when my co-worker saw the background on the phone. Oh well, kick the tires and light the fires.......

3. Did not sleep well... probably had about 5 hours.

4. This morning was shoulders and back for 40 sets of 15 and 400 reps on abs. Even tossed in 20 minutes of cardio.

5. Trying to eat a little cleaner than usual.

6. Leaving for work soon.

7. more later

8. :)




Sunday Morning

16:20 Sep 04 2016
Times Read: 1,076

1. Bed at 1AM up at 7:45. Boom off goes the internal clock.

2. Spin through Krogers and I escaped for less than $100. Just barely though. Simply because I did not purchase any beer. But I do want to try Pumpkin Hunter by Devil's Backbone.

3. Working later today. It's my Wednesday. My work week is Wednesday through Tuesday.

Seems another company I had interviewed with now wishes to invite me back for a second interview. I'm considering doing it just for the heck of it.

4. It was a nice cool morning here. :)

5. more later

6. :)





05:53 Sep 04 2016
Times Read: 1,088

Virgo Astrology August 23- September 22

Virgo Strength Keywords:

- Analytical

- Observant

- Helpful

- Reliable

- Precise

Virgo Weakness Keywords:

- Skeptical

- Fussy

- Inflexible

- Cold

- Interfering

Virgo and Independence:

Virgo is a very independent zodiac sign. They are fully able to put their intelligence to use and get things done for themselves. It is possible however that their narrow mindedness causes their creativity to suffer and they may lead regular routine lives. They may dwell too much on the past and over complicate things and this may limit their ability to move forward and confuse themselves. In conclusion, Virgos are able to be independent but the less evolved types will have difficult if someone is not there helping them to achieve more and not be so critical of themselves.

Virgo and Friendship:

People look up to Virgo for friends because they are straight thinkers and solve problems logically. They are truthful, loyal and determined. Some people might find them cold or emotionally detached because they live in their minds, not in their emotions and feelings. It might be hard to pin down how a Virgo friend is feeling because they easily live in denial. A person who is able to read deep into another person will notice when Virgo is not well but if they confront them about it, they would rather retreat then talk about it. It is best to keep your emotional distance from a Virgo friend unless they open up to you first. Virgo might try to analyze and control a friend's life but only with the idea that they will improve their life, not purely for the sake of controlling. Be patient with your Virgo friend and understand that their recommendations are only to make your life better.

Virgo and Business:

Virgos are very intelligent, they have an excellent memory and a highly analytical mind. This makes them good investigators and researchers. They also have the ability to probe into a person's emotions and they can often see into people and detect what their motives are. This makes them great policemen or interrogators. Virgos are very good at problem solving, this is what they do best. They are confronted with a problem, they will pick apart the pieces and put it together in the proper order. They are rational thinkers and are good at settling other people's disputes and putting them on the right track for reconciliation. Any position that requires the above features, which is a very long list, is perfect for the Virgo. They keep the world in order.

Virgo Temperament:

Before a Virgo plunges into anything, from a problem to a vacation idea, they need to analyze all the facts and know all the details before they plunge in and make a decision. This makes them seem indecisive and slow. Virgo's perception is their reality, more so then other astrology signs. What they believe is what will be, if they have a negative outlook on life, things will present themselves to be negative and they will be very moody and isolated/detached. If they are positive, the same events that occur will be held in a positive light and they will be a pleasant, well adjusted person. A Virgo mind is a very powerful mind and they must have the proper attitude for their life to be happy and successful. Virgo needs to get in touch with their feelings, this is why they usually seem cold or detached. They are very prone of living in denial. They will say the feel okay or everything is alright even when it's not. This is an easy way out, the one thing that Virgo does not like to analyze is their feelings so pretending everything is okay is a good defense mechanism for not having to take a closer look at their feelings. Virgo has an unpredictable and sometimes unstable temperament.

Virgo Deep Inside:

They need to be organized in their mind, sometimes all their energy is taken from organizing their mind that they have a difficult time organizing their surroundings. They easily look too deep into an issue and over analyze what they percept. Virgo is ambitious and strives to always know more and have more. This is in their eternal quest to bring order to chaos. Even if order is obtained from an outsiders' point of view, Virgo will not be settled for they have a very active mind that is always thinking and can never be silenced. Virgos want to be of use, they need to be important and essential to everyone in their lives and in everything they do. Virgo's major life lesson is to learn to trust in and have faith in the unknown. They have to understand that things in life happen for a reason that is not always known to them, they do not have to always know everything. They need to learn to calm down and not over-analyze a situation or event. Deep inside, Virgo is very sensitive and they need to be appreciated for all the things they do. When is Virgo is offended or hurt, they may never show it.

Virgo in a Nutshell:

Virgo exists in the mind, everything is inside. To the world, Virgo presents a calm and collected exterior but on the inside, nervous uncontrolled intensity in the mind, trying to figure things out, how to improve everything, analyzing and thinking. Virgo can tire itself out without even moving! Virgo has a constant drive to improve and perfect, this can lead to extreme pickiness and finickiest. They are pure, their motives are honest never malicious and they want to accomplish something.

P.S. So no one shits their pants, yes, I copied this, where from you ask.... well who knows.



23:44 Sep 06 2016

Both my parents were Virgos and I'm an Aries...that should say it all. They can be very critical and closed minded about things. They can also be very giving. But, I don't get along with Virgos well. One of my children is a Virgo too and the one I get along with the least. I saw the word pickiness, that is true almost to the point in some cases being almost OCD-like. Also it depends on the ascendant and the rest of the chart too.

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