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Thirst Infernal

13:35 Oct 29 2021
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Awaken every day, each night,
Parched like a desert tundra,
Yet sweating, as if from a fright...
In the face of an umbra,
Watching life fade from the eyes;
This thirst infernal seems to give no reprise!

As the eyes turn from pale to a shade so black,
Animal hostility is all that comes back;
Like a chemical burn, roiling within the veins,
Sorrow and anger, hatred and grief
Fill the hands with a clenching of disdain,
And savagery fuels to the brim like a sieve.

The sense of dread sinks into the depth,
Corroding the skin like a tainted death;
As the rage begins to climb like an atomic death toll,
And blackness fills the mind with tears and a thunderous roll;
"Sacrifice the logic that lies in mind,
And give into the forces that distort thy rind."

Eternity amassed like a blade forged in bone,
A hunger no human could e'en try to atone;
As begin to rise in the Fahrenheit, to a Celsius core,
When the fever takes over, and eliminates all reason from before...
A stone-cold will is the only weapon alive
To withstand the unquenchable drive that arrive!

"How can you withstand your own drive to destroy?"
A meteor conclusion of the blatancy gone decoy,
But the malefactor of hatred and hunger are hand-in-hand,
A consuming rage is the King of the mind Queen of the hand,
Burying the reason with the last of the empathy we've had,
Turning the clear mind to that of the psychopath's clad!

A thirst infernal, a hunger eternal are the factors at play,
That drive the reason frail and out of the way...
Burning like a crematory, yet cold as a glacier,
When the thirst arise, you will wish for erasure.
Forced into a madness undefined by the laws of the mind,
The only words that can be used to properly define...

This thirst infernal... is Hell eternal...




Follow The Black Cat

10:13 Oct 21 2021
Times Read: 63

I'm currently working on something else, while I wait for my job to pick up further. This isn't the piece I'm working on, but a simpler glimpse at the message behind it...

Now, will you know you cannot follow
Where your angels and your god cannot guide you to the light;
As the veils fall and shadows rise over the grave,
Do you realize there is no further chance to save
The monumental failings
Of a world that has already lost its wings...

As the Angels fall and Demons rise,
Giving all chance of doubt in Self to now surmise;
The "god" you know cannot, will not
Give you the salvation for which you have Damned and fought.

This madness in your soul
Has corrupted you too far for even your own god to behold.
Know this, when the skies fall,
That they of those of whom you have forsaken and left to cold,
Will be the ones who rise again against the odds of old,
To sacrifice no more, to take back and hold what was theirs from before.

Those cast out have come to follow only their own,
Just as the Black Cat that in your superstition you condemn,
Arises from behind the grave, to nest beside the Crow,
And give rise to the legends of the dead, in the ill you speak of them.



16:16 Oct 21 2021


19:08 Oct 25 2021

Lovin it for sure.


Worthless Giving Up (Make No Confusion)

21:04 Oct 13 2021
Times Read: 85

Don't confuse Me for what You once were.
Don't mistake Me for who You now are.
You have refused all your life to realize the fact
That because of your insanity, I've been forced to act;

You destroyed what you had by choice of your place.
I've made no such decision, as I stay My own pace.
You have squandered everything that you could have been,
And assisted others in burning what I had built all over again.

There is a memory resurfacing from the bowels of Hell, now;
Turning silence and sanctity into pure fucking insanity,
Burrowing like a sewer rat into the skin of a twisted, warped vow,
As it carves away at the sanity, causing Hell to ensue with vanity!

Make no mistake of who you stand before, on this dismal day!
The blood of your own has been spilled decades in delay;
You murdered your own son and replaced him with Me,
Yet the twisted fact that you are the only who don't see...?

You and yours are worthless,
As you have demolished your own dreams in demise;
A monster resurrected from the past,
Now, you place the burden of your madness in these eyes!

I will not accept it, nor confide, as I black out all your light,
As upon the day I am gone, you will be lost once again in your blight!
You have confused a kindness which you never deserved
For a tender caring, after you left even Me, then, to rot unreserved!

No mercy will be found, what I leave you with on this day.
I am finished with hearing the cries of your son in his childish sway,
As I watch his shadow, in the faint afterglows of this world, play,
When he knows he is lost in dread, to the world of the fucking dead!



21:26 Oct 13 2021

This is sad and a lot of emotions within it.

22:23 Oct 14 2021

Well, it was actually written as somewhat of a "silent message" that I'm just waiting for the right time to physically hand to the jackass (or multitude thereof) around me, just before I leave.

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