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18:48 Nov 20 2008
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Flyer I made for the fundraiser. We'll be selling cookbooks in front of a grocery store this Saturday and at a table in the local Farmer's Market. They have been selling really well. I'm very, very pleased!

As always, I've removed the Center's name because of restrictions on where I'm allowed to place our name.




19:49 Nov 20 2008

Kind of wishing I was in the area to attend. As it is though, it is a great flyer :)

20:12 Nov 20 2008

Oh, there is no event. The cookbooks are the fundraiser. The flyer is to promote the sales of cookbooks.


Ministry Update

19:22 Nov 19 2008
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The New Orleans Mission is where I am going Friday to take some of the hats, underwear, gloves, and socks that we have been collecting. I toured their facility not long ago and I'm very impressed with their dedication to homelessness. Mr Ron and his wife have shelters, transitional housing for families, and a ground-breaking education system for the homeless that they developed. When I called him today to ask if he'd like the undergarments and gloves and hats, he said, "You're ringing my bell. We'll take all you can spare."

We recently had a big article that hit the newspaper. It highlighted our HUGS program (Hats, Underwear, Gloves, and Socks). Featured in that very story was our own Silverbow, who pledged along with her kids, to make 100 hats for Winter 2008! True to their word, we received shipment of all 100! It reminds you that everyone has something to give...you just sometimes have to be creative in figuring out what and how. Thank you Sil, kids, and hubby.

HUGS grew from the story many of you will remember from last year, where we tried to serve over 200 people living under a bridge in New Orleans. Some of you responded quickly to the need, rushing warm things to us for distribution.

Since the article, items have been pouring in. We'll be distributing all items throughout the winter, but when it warms, we will only give out the undergarments and will hang onto the hats and gloves until the following winter. We will be also sharing between the Center, Covenant House (program for runaway teens,) Just the Right Attitude (in New Orleans East) and to a street minister who works with the "gutter punks" along Decatur Street.

I'm supposed to go to an award ceremony for Second Harvest on Friday, so I'll already be on the south shore. They will be receiving a check for 5 million dollars! Because we are a member food bank, that will impact us, as well. We have not been charged the driver/mileage differential since Hurricane Katrina! Second Harvest has been very good to us!



18:19 Nov 20 2008

A desperate need and an excellent cause. You know how they are appreciated by those who receive them. Your generous spirit has enthused others into recognising their own.

With the way in which you run the center, and are always looking for new ways to generate assistance for it and those you serve, you are worth your weight in any amount of cash donations.

I hope you'll continue in your role for many years to come.

21:23 Nov 24 2008

I am glad that we could help, even in such a small way, those the Center touches.

Woohoo on the $$.


17:27 Nov 19 2008
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"I don't know." That's what I told those of you who asked. It's even partially true. Have you ever come to a place that used to bring you joy and find that the colors are running together and faded, the shine no longer there? Well, sometimes, it isn't the place. Sometimes, it's you. I think it's me.



17:42 Nov 19 2008

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to remain true to ourselves and to recognize when we're doing that and when we're not. You're a writer; of that there is absolutely no doubt. We each have to follow where we find the most truth. When we have truly good friends, they'll allow us the space to move, to shift, to explore and to find what works best for us.

It can be very lonely to find out how many such friends we actually have.

18:02 Nov 19 2008

Honestly, not about others. It's me.

10:01 Nov 25 2008

It sucks when something you enjoy is still the same but no longer sparkles in your eyes.


22:08 Nov 08 2008
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I'm reading Silas Marner. I'm surprized at being so choked up. I expected a dry classic that I would just have in my pocket as experience. Instead, I have fallen in love with this story of Marner reawakening to the world around him because though his gold was stolen, Eppie, the orphaned little girl, has been given to him by providence.

"Yes," said Marner, docilely, bringing his eyes very close, that they might be initiated in the mysteries; whereupon Baby seized his head with both her small arms, and put her lips against his face with purring noises.

"See there," said Dolly, with a woman's tender tact, "she's fondest o' you. She wants to go o' your lap, I'll be bound. Go, then: take her, Master Marner; you can put the things on, and then you can say as you've done for her from the first of her coming to you."

Marner took her on his lap, trembling with an emotion mysterious to himself, at something unknown dawning on his life. Thought and feeling were so confused within him, that if he had tried to give them utterance, he could only have said that the child was come instead of the gold, that the gold had turned into the child. He took the garments from Dolly, and put them on under her teaching; interrupted, of course, by Baby's gymnastics."



00:43 Nov 09 2008

That is a very thought provoking piece. The beauty of an infant and the various stages of "gymnastics" they are inspired to do as they get older. The depths of emotions they can bring forth with the simplest of sounds they make. Even the hardest soul is brought down by the smile of a child, or the grasp of tiny fingers to a strength filled hand.

Thank you for sharing this passage, it brings back memories of my minions.

01:18 Nov 09 2008

I remember the baby pictures of your little ones and how you tenderly called them minions even then :)

01:23 Nov 09 2008

Well they are!

I remember the day she held her brother in her arms and announced to the world that he was the Lord Demon and she was the Lady Demoness of our home.

She was 3.

I cried, I was proud.

She tells people freely that she is one of mommys minions.

He tells people that he is a minion of death and dismemberment.

It bonds us as a family, I know its weird but its us.

Besides, a three year old with wavy brown hair and a devilish smile... How could she be anything less?

They grow so fast. :)

09:41 Nov 09 2008

I love your interpretation of this classic. Nothing beats a fairy tale ending.


17:53 Nov 05 2008
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I've been living within the lines of my newly found poet, Machado. Here is a beautiful line that plays and plays in my head for a simplicity that yields forth such vivid imagery:

Lilac moon

of ancient evening

in a cold land

more moon than earth!

I need to write.





17:33 Nov 05 2008
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18:50 Nov 04 2008
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HUGS! I have just given away HUGS to men just out of jail, getting started on their new lives within a program that finds them housing, counseling, and jobs.

HUGS stands for hats, underwear, gloves, and socks!

Silverbow and her kids actually knitted 100 hats to donate to this program. We focus on the homeless and those in grave need of warm garments in winter, but we distribute the underwear and socks throughout the year.

Today, we served a dozen men starting over. They received food and HUGS :) This is as much about simply encouraging people as it is about their physical need. It even blesses the people who are serving that population when I get to tell them about how people from all over the world care and want to help.

I had a few things left from last year when it all began, under a bridge in New Orleans when I came face to face with the most chronic homeless situation I have ever encountered. Thank you to all of you who helped launch this beautiful way of giving others a hug when they most need it. You are all my heroes!



19:40 Nov 04 2008

Gosh, I hope they had pants, shoes and shirts. ;-)

19:52 Nov 04 2008

I second that... It could look rather silly :P

19:59 Nov 04 2008

What many fail to understand is that in their situation the fact that someone taking faith in their ability to move forward is what can save one or two from going back to the life that went so wrong to begin with. A great program and not just for their physical comfort.


Premier Poet of Spain

00:47 Nov 03 2008
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I met you today, dear poet. You lifted my spirit and painted your world before my eyes. I read everything of yours I could find, and I am hungry for more.

IV: ‘Yo eschuco los cantos’

I follow the songs

with age-old rhythms

the children are singing

while they are playing

and showing in song

what their souls are dreaming,

like stone fountains

that show their water:

in monotonous murmurs

of undying laughter

that has in it no joy,

of ancient weeping

that has in it no pain

and speaks of sadness

the sadness of loving

of ancient legends.

In the mouths of children

the singing brings

the tale’s confusion,

pain that’s clear

as that clear water,

brings the message

of ancient love,

that it conceals.

Playing in shadows

of an ancient plaza

the children, singing…

The fountain of stone

poured out its eternal

crystal of legend.

The children were singing

innocent songs

of things that go on

and are never ending:

the story confused

the suffering clear.

The fountain serenely

continued its tale:

erasing the story,

telling the pain.

- Antonio Machado (July 26, 1875 – February 22, 1939)



08:39 Nov 03 2008

A great poem by one of Spains best.

11:59 Nov 03 2008

Wow, this is a poet I wish I had found earlier. Thanks Jo for introducing us.

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