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09:56 Mar 30 2014
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Ravens, and to a lesser degree Crows, are very magickal creatures. Raven with her plumage as dark as the void between the stars, is a citizen of the afterworld. She travels between the worlds of the living and the dead. Being native to both worlds, Raven naturally has great knowledge and Power to effect transformations.


Owls, with their vaunted wisdom, have long been seen as a magickal symbol, since Witches also seek to understand the Mysteries. Owls' perception pierces the veil of darkness. On a symbolic level, this means that they can see what is hidden to others with only ordinary sight. According to Gimbutas, "It is credited with profound wisdom, oracular powers, and the ability to avert evil."

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07:23 Mar 27 2014
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"Manspell" by Shelley Palmer

Vincent Maguire was a hot, powerful warlock, who taught at Witch School. Fanny and her two friends - not to mention the entire class - lusted after him. He promised 'extra tuition' to Fanny but despite this and other promises, he proved to be rather elusive, which led to Fanny and her two witch friends concocting a rather special spell. A spell to create a man even hotter than Vincent! But first they had to find a cat...


This excerpt comes from Chapter 8 and takes place in the Witch School created by Vincent Maguire…

‘Hallo ladies,’ said Vincent. His soft voice sending immediate shivers down thirteen spines.

‘Hallo,’ they chorused back.

‘In today’s lesson we will concentrate on spells.’

Fanny raised her hand. ‘So soon? Are we ready for this yet? I thought we had to learn the basics.’

‘Most of you know the basics, and yet even if you don’t…’ drawled Vincent, ‘…I feel that you are all ready to go further.’

‘Well, I’m ready to go further,’ smiled Fanny.

The other trainee witches stared at her. The message couldn’t have been more obvious.

Then Violet Simms, sitting next to Fanny piped up. ‘I’m ready to go further too. In fact all the way.’

There was a huge gasp as the class waited for Vincent’s reaction, which came with his usual aplomb.

‘Of course my dear,’ he replied as if Violet had just suggested tea and biscuits. ‘I know that you have something very special to offer.’

It was too much. Just too much. The class were mainly astounded. But Fanny was angry. It was noticed by those sitting close to her that her eyes suddenly held a dull red glow. She turned to Violet and said loudly, ‘I can’t believe you are throwing yourself at our teacher in such a blatant way.’

‘Me?’ said Violet. ‘What about you?’

Vincent appeared to be enjoying the exchange. ‘Ladies, ladies…’ he protested feebly. But he did not move or attempt to curtail the ‘altercation’.

‘Do you really think you are attractive to him?’ Fanny was not about to hold back.

‘Do you really think you are with that huge arse? Did you really think a little jacket would hide it?’

Fanny’s eyes glowed redder. The gloves were off. She went to grab hold of Violet’s hair but before she could do so, a huge tuft of it caught fire.

In an instant Vincent was beside them with a glass of water, which he threw over Violet’s head, at which Fanny laughed. Big mistake.

Violet muttered under her breath, ‘In the name of Ahriman I deal you this blow. Take my anger thus…’ She waved just one finger towards Fanny and Fanny felt a blow as strong as if a horse had kicked her. She was flung from her seat, across the other desks to the far side of the classroom.

Vincent went over the help Fanny to her feet. ‘Sorry,’ he said, ‘I didn’t realise how forceful the result would be.’

Fanny got up and looked Vincent straight in his penis eye.* ‘You knew?’ she accused. ‘You knew this would happen?’

Vincent ignored the question. ‘Are you hurt?’ He looked quite vexed.

‘Only my pride,’ she said. The whole class had witnessed in no uncertain terms her obvious attempt to seduce Vincent and her extreme jealousy when Violet had declared a similar intention. Fanny returned to her seat, ignoring Violet and tried to act as if nothing had happened. She suddenly had no wish to continue the fight. She had been made a fool of enough for one day. Violet seemed to be thinking the same thing.

‘Lesson three,’ announced Vincent. ‘Spells fired by emotion have more power. We have just witnessed two spontaneous spells to demonstrate the fact.’

Fanny muttered, ‘You did know this would happen.’

If Vincent heard Fanny he was not letting on. ‘When Violet’s hair caught fire, it was an example of a non-verbal spell, powered by ocular force. Our vital forces can extrude from any form of orifice…’

At this point there was a general titter at the obvious sexual reference.

‘…any form of orifice when there is the power of emotion pushing it forward,’ continued Vincent. ‘Whereas Violent,’ he smiled, ‘I mean Violet achieved power through subconscious access to knowledge from a previous life as a witch. She was probably not a white witch judging by the name she invoked…’

Violet looked dazed. ‘I don’t know what came over me,’ she said looking at Fanny.

Fanny did. Vincent had bewitched them both to the point where lust had taken a real grip on them. The resulting ‘scrap’ had been perfect to demonstrate lesson three.

He was bad, real bad and she liked that a lot but it was almost as if she didn’t want to admit it to herself. The jealousy rising within her was so potent, it felt as if it were strangling her. She badly wanted to say something to Vincent and considered staying behind to express her feelings. She wanted to say how much she was attracted to him, how much she wanted him, in short to spell out her intentions in no uncertain words. Also, surprisingly, she found herself feeling emotionally overwhelmed, almost as if she wanted to cry. How was it possible for her to experience such intense feelings for a man she barely knew? She studied his face as he continued to speak; she had never seen anyone who she had found as attractive. It was painful this feeling inside her of wanting him and it wasn’t just physical desire, she could feel much more.

He was speaking to them now about a certain chapter they had to study in the books he had placed on their desks. What books? Fanny looked on her desk and at the other desks, all of which had a thick, leather-bound book in the centre of each. Like robots they found themselves leafing through the books until they came upon the chapter Vincent had mentioned. And then in unison they all bent their heads to read.

A hush descended.

An abnormal intensity of energy filled the classroom and wrapped around each of the pupils. Each one of them was transfixed, absorbed in the lesson they were learning and they did not look up, or speak including Fanny. She hadn’t a clue what she was reading, only that she was reading. Her body couldn’t move and her mind felt as if it was caught in a certain space that it had never reached before. However, like the rest of the class, she continued to read, but was suddenly aware that Vincent was walking around the classroom observing them and that he had changed out of his bright clothes and was now wearing all black with one of his black and silver cloaks fastened round his shoulders. She could feel sexual vibes from him that reached into her. They began to increase. My God she wanted him. The deep sexual ache inside her was beginning to consume her. She couldn’t read any more but neither could she lift her head and look at Vincent properly. The aching, the wanting, it was too much, it was overpowering.

Vincent stopped walking as he reached Fanny’s desk and stood behind her, saying nothing, but placing a hand on her shoulder. Immediately a trickle of something powerfully sexual zizzed down into her stomach and then into her vagina. The resulting contractions made her gasp and she let out a low moan as sexual release followed in an intensely prolonged orgasm. Good God, Fanny hoped nobody could hear her strong breathing and more tiny moans that followed. She closed her eyes and Vincent released his hand from her shoulder. She wished she could see his face. Did he know what had happened to her? Of course he bloody knew. Her body and her head were still unable to move and the entire class seemed to have frozen in the same positions.

Vincent then moved to walk past her desk and as he did so, he took Fanny’s right hand and wrapped his own hand around it, warm and intimate. Almost more intimate in a way than what had just happened. It was a brief gesture that seemed to say a lot. Fanny felt as if Vincent was expressing the fact that he wanted her as much as she wanted him but was this just wishful thinking on her part? She certainly couldn’t read his mind.

And then Vincent walked back to the front of the class and clicked his fingers. Immediately the class came to life.

He said with the faintest of smiles, ‘Did you all enjoy that chapter?’

Fanny said in a low voice, ‘Yes very enjoyable.’

Vincent responded, ‘Yes, I thought you might all like that particular chapter, especially you Fanny.’

Violet turned and glared at Fanny. She knew something was going on between Vincent and Fanny but she didn’t quite know what. Obviously she had been put into a trance, or whatever it was, with the rest of the class. Her face, at that point, turned almost purple, which clashed somewhat with the pink and yellow blouse she was wearing. But she said nothing.

Fanny decided not to stay behind. As the class filed out, she turned, looked at Vincent and let her eyes say everything, and his intense gaze back rekindled some of the desire she had felt earlier. If a man, well warlock, could evoke such feelings by his presence and a single touch, what would happen if they ever had full-on sex?

*Note – Vincent called his left eye, his ‘penis eye’ as it held most of his libido.





18:01 Mar 19 2014
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08:40 Mar 18 2014
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Too Funny!!!



08:48 Mar 18 2014

Which, Witch?


08:09 Mar 18 2014
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I Live My Beliefs....

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21:30 Mar 17 2014
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Celebrated my completion of my Year and One Day

study into Paganism and Witchcraft lastnight....

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08:28 Mar 18 2014

What? No Invite?


21:25 Mar 17 2014
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Work In Progress...

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00:08 Mar 17 2014
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I too believe in science, but when science fails to be able to reproduce something already found in nature without using something already found in nature then that leaves just enough room for something spiritual to exist. Well at least for me.



00:20 Mar 17 2014

Hmmm....this bears some pondering on my part.

00:28 Mar 17 2014

One subscribes to science, one does not believe in science.

00:37 Mar 17 2014



22:36 Mar 16 2014
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I've studied a few religions and even practiced three of them. One of my studies was of the Wiccan Religion. Although I don't feel it is the path for me, I did find the Year and One Day theory interesting.

I mean it's even used in relationships while dating. One gets to learn about another through each season observing and getting to know them better. This is something I've ALWAYS failed to be able to do due to circumstances and personal choice. I've always just hoped for the best and prepared for the worst. Clearly that's never worked out for me no matter how I've attempted to tweak it and clearly this practice provides a time to learn about others or other things, this is because people wear masks and can pretend for 3 – 6 months, but it gets a bit harder when you deal with them locally and often for a year. However, I've heard of people dating for over 5 years, get married and still divorce soon after so I'm not putting all faith and confidence into that theory when it comes to choosing the right one for me.

I've read that in the Wiccan religion, the Year and One Day is utilized as a time of learning and growth, a time of self reflection and decision. For those Wiccans who do practice magick, here is the time where they should gain their base knowledge of the Craft and decide afterward’s if it is the path that they wish to live with the rest of their life.

Today has concluded my Year and One Day of study into Paganism & Witchcraft and I have decided that it will indeed be the path I will remain on until my ascension/transition.

I Am A Pagan Warlock! Among other things. Ha!




19:05 Mar 16 2014
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Meditation Bath...with a few drops of dragon's blood oil and rose oil.

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08:03 Mar 16 2014
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Full Moon ritual complete. I hope it works as well this month as it did last month. May everyone be blessed. ^_^



08:28 Mar 16 2014

Full moon rituals ... include me in your prayers okie :D

08:33 Mar 16 2014

God gave you beauty and smarts...you're just getting greedy now! LOL! But I include all my friends and family in each of my prayers. You're covered. ^_^


21:33 Mar 12 2014
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Well due to the organizer for my Meditation Group moving, that group has disbanded so I only have my Pagan Meetup Group. We have a gathering tomorrow night at an Italian restaurant where I plan to eat Lamb for the first time. ^_^



21:37 Mar 12 2014

Ah, lamb is delicious:) Hope you enjoy


19:08 Mar 12 2014
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This will be tattoo #82 with small modifications. I think I will take a long break after Tattoo #84. I don't know what the last two will be, but I'm sure something will come to mind.

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18:38 Mar 12 2014
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Left Thigh Raven Tattoo...One week later

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18:19 Mar 12 2014
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So I've just been informed that my Book Of Shadows (BOS) has passed the high quality standards of the owner of LaPulia Studios which is the world's best hand-crafted leather book of shadows, magic grimoires, and ancient occult books.

My custom BOS with key which I wanted in the working version of the Book Of The Dead from the movie 'The Mommy' would have taken one year from the time I placed it on order to the time it is to be delivered to me.

It will be blessed, in keeping with studio custom, along with the other books during the Full Moon ritual (which is one of the powerful times as it is occurring right before the Ostara). After the ceremony, it will be shipped to me.

Well that's good news. It has been a long wait and not without challenges to the book maker in making to my specifications.




02:39 Mar 08 2014
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"Protected By Witchcraft"

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What Being A Warlock Means To Me

01:36 Mar 08 2014
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To me, being a Warlock means the following:

- Being a male practitioner of witchcraft.

- Being a warrior in the craft.

- Respecting and supporting female practitioners of witchcraft known as Witches as well as others who also respect me.

- Being Pagan and Spiritual.

- Providing help with issues of money, health, love, sex, and liberation from harmful spells cast by others.

- Always learning and contributing to my personal growth.

- Utilizing the elements of nature (earth, wind, fire, and water) in my craft.

- Having learned how to cast spells, perform invocations and rituals, and use herbs.

- Completely opening my spirit and mind to the universe and tapping into the power of the Spirit Of The Universe (SOTU).

- Developing certain senses and abilities such as making predictions and having visions.

- Having working knowledge of basic psychology. - Utilizing my powers for good, but with the option to use them in darker ways if need be.

- Casting spells of protection, guidance, or for yearly rituals/holidays.

- Gathering tokens, amulets, incense, candles and talismans that create power and comfort.

- Modifying some spells to account for the masculine side of my nature.

- Casting spells of protection for my safety from negative spiritual forces and negative physical forces.

- Not believing in a heaven or a hell as it is described in the Christian Bible.

- Thinking for myself.

- Not being afraid of the darkness within, in fact, reveling in it. Conquering it and making use of its secrets.

- Dedicating my life to defending and advancing the magickal practices of Witchcraft for the betterment of the craft community, my family, friends and myself.

I'm sure my thoughts on being a Warlock will continue to grow as I continue to grow as I journey on my Spiritual and Magickal Path.




00:21 Mar 08 2014
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Not much of a secret, everybody knows we're AWESOME!

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23:55 Mar 07 2014
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17:51 Mar 07 2014
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Haven't even finished reading two other books and just had to pick this one up. It was on sale for only $6.

When historian Diana Bishop opens a bewitched alchemical manuscript in Oxford’s Bodleian Library it represents an unwelcome intrusion of magic into her carefully ordinary life. Though descended from a long line of witches, she is determined to remain untouched by her family’s legacy. She banishes the manuscript to the stacks, but Diana finds it impossible to hold the world of magic at bay any longer.

For witches are not the only otherworldly creatures living alongside humans. There are also creative, destructive daemons and long-lived vampires who become interested in the witch’s discovery. They believe that the manuscript contains important clues about the past and the future, and want to know how Diana Bishop has been able to get her hands on the elusive volume.

Chief among the creatures who gather around Diana is vampire Matthew Clairmont, a geneticist with a passion for Darwin. Together, Diana and Matthew embark on a journey to understand the manuscript’s secrets. But the relationship that develops between the ages-old vampire and the spellbound witch threatens to unravel the fragile peace that has long existed between creatures and humans—and will certainly transform Diana’s world as well.

579 Pages....Wow!

 photo 8a_zps9fbb821a.jpg



18:21 Mar 07 2014

I have this and the second one, I love these books, great read!!!!

18:32 Mar 12 2014

I had these books, brand new, as a gift from a friend and someone took them off my book shelf. I have a few ideas who but now I have to replace them.



06:17 Mar 07 2014
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9 Days until my 1 Year Pagan Anniversary...



15:20 Mar 07 2014


18:34 Mar 12 2014

Just one year?

I thought you've been practicing a lot longer than that.

Congratulations on marking one year! Here's to many, many more insightful, whimsical, and magical years!


01:27 Mar 07 2014
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Left Thigh Raven Tattoo....Done!

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19:57 Mar 20 2014

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17:35 Mar 06 2014
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Today's Tattoo That Will Be Placed On My Left Thigh...There will be a slight change to the Window in the background though.

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06:01 Mar 05 2014
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My Will Be Done!



15:15 Mar 05 2014

Last night must have been magick night because a couple of my other friends also did spell work as did I.

Blessed Be!!!


17:10 Mar 04 2014
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"Long Live Me"

My Soul Is Eternal

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18:10 Mar 02 2014
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That call you got with no one on the other end. That knock on your door with no one there. That feeling you get when you're taking a shower that someone's right on the other side of the curtain. That noise you hear and you know you're the only one in the house. When your eyes open from sleep, but your body can't move. That feeling you get that makes your hairs stand up or your body shiver. Yeah...That's me just playing with you. I love to playyyy! ^_^



17:17 Mar 04 2014

That's all sorts of messed up, LOL!!!

17:44 Mar 04 2014


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