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01:35 Jul 31 2013
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Finishing up leftovers after another stressful, but successful day.

I turned all this good stuff into a breakfast style burrito of Biblical proportions!

There has been a lot of religious subtext in my life as of late. Last night's dream was full of religious thought. Perhaps that is one of the reasons it stuck with me all day.

The visuals of my mind were incredible. I think I might try to build a photoshoot around this dream.

Keeping with the religious theme, I'm excited to introduce her to some of my road rules next weekend. Including:

Rule #729:

You can't say you've really had fun until someone has been spanked with the hotel room Bible.

I plan on leaving the words "Holy Bible" imprinted in reverse somewhere....




I credit the jalapenos

11:30 Jul 30 2013
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Of course the one day this week I don't have to get up at the ass-crack of dawn, I have a bizarre dream that wakes me a good 20 minutes before my alarm goes off.

So strange... so strange what happens in my brain at night.




Welcoming more change....

05:11 Jul 30 2013
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Well, that's no coincidence.

And not a shocker.

But, good luck with that.

Anyway, on with the new. My life has taken some pretty amazing turns over the past couple of weeks. I've put myself out there to help friends and discovered... well, some of those friendships I needed some distance from.

But where one door closes another opens, right?

Now I can look forward to a new stage in life. Plans are already settling out. Travel, exploration, adventure....

And it will be nice to do it with someone that has just as much of a hunger for living - for trying - for doing!

Have I ever REALLY had that? No, I don't think I have. Change is good. Now I get to see a side of life I have yet to experience and from when I've seen so far, it is good.

It is so very, very good.



13:54 Jul 30 2013



Morning humor is wonderful

12:59 Jul 29 2013
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Especially on a Monday!

Too funny!




20:18 Jul 28 2013
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I feel accomplished today. Got a lot done, including cleaning my spare room. My new vacuum cleaner was able to pick up the ten pounds of kitty litter left on the carpet in there, where the old vacuum couldn't do it.

Remind me to stop being so generous with friends.... thanks.

Now if I can find some kind of voodoo magic that can pull years worth of dog pee out of my rugs and carpets, I'll really be getting somewhere....



21:57 Jul 28 2013

My poor beat up Dirt Devil is now a piece of shit...

And dude - at this point, I think that you need to pull up the carpets.

03:45 Jul 29 2013

Yeah, I probably do.

I shampooed the area rug in my conference room a couple years ago and had it pretty good, but it's so stained at this point, it probably just needs to go.

That I can get a new one at a discount store or something.

The carpeting on the stairs is a different story. It's only a few years old, and so stained it's nearly unrecoverable, but that would be expensive to replace...

14:41 Jul 29 2013

Fire will get that right out



19:01 Jul 28 2013
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At least it's something you know a lot about.





Yeah, that's right.

18:12 Jul 28 2013
Times Read: 954

Consider that a successful experiment.




05:56 Jul 28 2013
Times Read: 962

That was a good wrestling match.

I'm sure the future will include a lot more wrestling with this one....




Beans and Greens

05:41 Jul 27 2013
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Because Jack asked for this.

Tonight... was amazing. I don't think I've had a night like tonight in...



I should write something in my blog about that one. Definitely a members only kind of entry...

Speaking of which, I just discovered the tag cloud will bring up members only blog entries to general, not-logged in viewers.

Which is counter-intuitive and sucks donkey balls. Now I have to go un-tag everything.

Where is my scotch?




04:16 Jul 26 2013
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I put on pants... for that?



06:16 Jul 26 2013

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, when most of VR still had a sense of humor, there was a thread about the song you would choose for a first date. There were sappy love songs, hard driving industrial tunes perfect for, well, you know....

My choice?

I shaved my legs for this?

08:31 Jul 26 2013

I say this all day, everyday.

14:02 Jul 26 2013

Know what you mean........

09:11 Jul 27 2013

Maybe next time you should leave the pants at home? Might be more fun that way.

15:02 Jul 27 2013

I'm totally taking that advice.


05:18 Jul 25 2013
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I haven't laughed that much in ages.

Even the waiter was belly laughing with us.

I have to say, I'm a pretty damn good bit of entertainment for the price of admission....



06:57 Jul 25 2013

Laughter's good for the soul...

00:43 Jul 26 2013

Curious as to the price to get in....lol


00:52 Jul 25 2013
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Out of work, to the game, home from the game, in the door, change the clothes, out the door for dinner...

Non stop, non stop.... every day is non stop.

Would I have it any other way?




Nice! I think this should happen!

02:54 Jul 24 2013
Times Read: 1,064

L: you're my hero

B: I should be everyone's hero

L: seriously... i'm gonna get your face tattood on my ass...

L: ooh...NO...on my crotch! And my landing strip can be your beard...




02:57 Jul 24 2013



23:38 Jul 23 2013
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...things just took a very interesting turn.

If this pans out... whoooaboy.





Ohhh.. Monday. You fickle bitch.

03:47 Jul 23 2013
Times Read: 1,084

The stress of the morning as given way to making plans for trips, concerts and fun....

...I need a little more fun.




Quick updates

04:43 Jul 22 2013
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This weekend was amazing, and stressful all at the same time. I have tough decisions to make right now, mainly because I have so many options.

So many good options.

It might be enviable stress - to have to choose between something good, or something else that is good. How many times could I say that in my life?

I don't think I ever could.

And on a night like tonight, I can come home and relax, knowing I am free to reflect on what is going on around me and make the choices I need to. Quiet. Music playing. A drink on the table and good food, as always.

No negativity. No pressure placed on me by someone expecting me to prioritize them first. Not having to deal with anyone waiting for me to do things for them that they claim helplessness in doing for themselves.

It has been a long time since I have felt this free.

I'm going to take some time off from work in the coming weeks to spend extra time with my kids, travel and do the exploring I have wanted to do.

There is a certain someone nudging me to go skydiving with her. We're going to save up for that.

She read my blog, and greeted me with yellow roses and root beer. Subtle thoughtfulness; small things that say, "I'm paying attention. This is about you, too."

I'm looking forward to an August full of activity, creativity and more....



05:06 Jul 22 2013

It's the small things that really make us happy.

05:09 Jul 22 2013


Well, at least for those of us that understand how to appreciate the little things and find happiness in them, instead of always looking for the disappointment and negativity...


01:02 Jul 22 2013
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After a long walk along the waterfront and playing at the dog park at LaSalle, I'm whooped. Not a really hot day, but in the sun it was hot enough.

Time to make some dinner.

I'm thinking a stir-fry. I haven't made a stir-fry in ages.




17:56 Jul 21 2013
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Coffee does nothing to soothe the fire of having hot, stuffed peppers for breakfast.

Excuse me for a minute, won't you? I need to go find a good book to read now....



19:33 Jul 21 2013

Ooo double burner?


04:09 Jul 21 2013
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Today kind of felt like this:

...especially that fire hydrant part.

Did you know the fire hydrant and the water system behind the fire hydrant was invented in Lockport, NY?

Now you know.




Breaking out the bad

14:22 Jul 20 2013
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Awesome evening last night. It is 9AM, I'm just getting home... and I need coffee.

After my daughter's soccer game, I grabbed a date and went to see a friend of mine perform live. He had a fun little crowd and even opened up the mic to anyone that wanted to sing along.

As the storm rolled in I helped him pack up all of his gear. We got it in his car just before the skies opened up.

We decided to hit a small city bar to watch another band play, the Albrights. Excellent band, very good, fun music with the amazing backdrop of watching a storm rage outside; lightning flashing by the second.

After that show, sleep.... sleep in front of a window enjoying the cool breeze of the storm that knocked out the week straight of above average heat and humidity.

The morning is cool, but gloomy.... and I'm sure today holds more surprises. The week has been full of them.




Living like a Rock Star

04:23 Jul 19 2013
Times Read: 1,195

As long as I don't die like one.

"Jimi Hendrix died in a pool of his own vomit. How much do you have to vomit to fill a whole pool?"



04:37 Jul 19 2013

That's a lot of vomit!!!

04:53 Jul 19 2013

Bon Scott of AC/DC went out the same way.

05:03 Jul 19 2013

So did Zepplin's John Bonham, and Spinal Tap's Eric Childs, and also Stuart Cable, from Stereophonics.

13:42 Jul 19 2013

I think Eric Childs actually choked to death on someone else's vomit.


And the evening....

12:31 Jul 18 2013
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....things only got better.

Gah! What is becoming of my life?



23:42 Jul 19 2013

Learning to live large are we?


22:34 Jul 17 2013
Times Read: 1,227

Just as I thought.

Today might have been the most amazing experience of my life.

...and that's the problem.



01:39 Jul 18 2013

Well...you can try to duplicate it...again.

Good luck!


05:02 Jul 17 2013
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I was looking forward to tomorrow.

Now, I'm not so sure....



13:22 Jul 17 2013

Tomorrow, I am told, is where possibilities lie.

21:41 Jul 17 2013

Possibilities can go in many different directions though.....

...as today's did.

03:49 Jul 18 2013

It sounds like your possibilities are going well...why down? (referring to above entry)


Confession time.

04:51 Jul 16 2013
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I've always been told that confession is healthy. It relieves your soul of the burden of your sins.

However, I'm quickly discovering confessing the sins you want to commit relieves an even bigger burden...

And apparently Father Birra is handing out the penance this month.

Get on your knees.... and pray.






19:20 Jul 14 2013
Times Read: 1,277

Just got back from, "Taste of Buffalo," which is an annual food festival downtown and is usually attended by thousand - tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people.

I love this city and the festivals and events here in the summer, but events like this always leave me repeating the same thing, over and over...

"Jesus fucking Christ, are you fucking people oblivious to the fact that you're not here alone?"

They had a swing band playing on the one stage when we were leaving. I couldn't convince my son to go ask one of the musicians if he was playing a rusty trombone.

I thought it would have been funny.... *shrug*



19:24 Jul 14 2013

Baha I think so. :P


And stuff.

14:07 Jul 14 2013
Times Read: 1,279

Last night was amazingly fun. Took in a baseball double-header downtown, and although the games were like watching paint dry, the company was enjoyable.

Afterwards there was nachos and beer at a great city hangout, and pub-crawling and stuff until 2AM....




It's about that time...

00:56 Jul 13 2013
Times Read: 1,298

....as my Uncle Vito used to say to me, "Grab that shovel and help me dig this grave. I don't have the time to dig two of them."



01:38 Jul 18 2013

ha ha!


00:11 Jul 13 2013
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This week was ridiculously busy. Tonight, however, I have nothing pressing, which is good since this weekend and next week will be even more ridiculously busy.

But tonight, dinner... and a tequila drink... and cleaning my house.

I need the break.



00:15 Jul 13 2013

:) Glad to hear you are busy, hope with things you want to be busy with.


Have a ton to talk about...

01:01 Jul 11 2013
Times Read: 1,325

....but, not here.

Never again, here.




I feel like Aldo at the Roulette Wheel.

05:23 Jul 10 2013
Times Read: 1,340

After everything I've had to deal with.... I must be a glutton for punishment to be taking this direction.

I'm not sure how I'm going to approach this situation, or what I should expect. This one will challenge me.

If you get the reference of the entry headline, let me know.

In other news, the infamous Etch called me tonight to tell me about the job I helped him get. Glad he's finally getting back on his feet. We need a misadventure...





00:48 Jul 08 2013
Times Read: 1,373

Very interesting day, indeed.

Revelations, excitement, garlic bread, a picnic under a tree, and deep, deep, DEEP conversations.

I think I now know how I'm going to end my life if I make it to that point to do so.

Here's to being useful for another 20 years or so!



02:28 Jul 08 2013

Life is always better with garlic bread........


Tired mind....

06:23 Jul 07 2013
Times Read: 1,384

Busy day today - had fun with my kiddos and some old friends. A nice holiday'ish party, with a huge fireworks show at the end of it.

"The Jam in the Valley." A whole bunch of country music, but it was still a good time.

Tomorrow: Lilydale, NY for some photography.

So much to do and explore in this big, wide world....





07:50 Jul 06 2013
Times Read: 1,416

So you still read my journal here, and decided to share one of those last entries with someone I care about that isn't on here....

...with the hopes of.... what? Hurting both of us?


Let's just make sure we get something straight; my intentions weren't to fix your life, only to keep a friend from being homeless and give her a place to land and start her life over from.

I did that.

You've moved on from both of us in a texted tirade. I do hope you've found something better in life, and can keep moving forward. Do yourself a favor - if you dislike us both so much to want to attempt some petty act of revenge, just keep moving. Revenge serves no one in the end.

I hope you are well.




Chicken drama.

01:24 Jul 05 2013
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Finished the last four chickens today. A bit late, and they had grown so large.

I don't think I'm going to do any more this year. And this weekend, the layers will go to the coop with the other chickens.

Aside from one little red, I'll be chickenless at my house... it's a bit sad, but necessary right now.

With all the rain, it's a mess out there. I'm going to have to dig in some drainage.





20:57 Jul 04 2013
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I kind of thought that was the reason she wanted to come over and talk to me today.

It is funny to have someone say they feel, "Star Struck," in your presence. It is flattering, but at the same time, a curiosity.

She said I'm, "mysterious." I've been down that road before and even debated it here. How exactly am I mysterious? Most of my life is out there, especially on-line in social media, in my blog, now in other places as well. And she knows that. She follows me in these places and has for over two years. There is little mystery about me...

It is funny that I can read people as well as I do these days. I'm still very skilled at being able to piece together what it is she wants. To bring her to the point of abandoning all inhibitions... then stepping away and having her go about her day.

That is the way this one needs to be right now.




Winds of change

06:08 Jul 04 2013
Times Read: 1,472

I guess it is pretty fitting that tonight's fireworks downtown were mostly rained out. The storm that blew in with multiple storm fronts was impressive.

Today was a day full of change. So many options in front of me right now - which is the right one?



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