Any Tarot deck collectors?
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18:47:41 Sep 19 2019
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Any Tarot deck collectors? *This is different from Dakotah's thread as he is asking if you even believe in them and why- this thread is for those who do believe and want to share their favorites alone, no need for anyone to respond here if they aren't into Tarot already*

If you collect Tarot decks- how many do you have and what are your favorites? Can you tell us what your Top 5 decks are and why for each one?

My top 5 are:

1. The Dark Mansion (coveting for a while and en route to me now from Poland- I know it seems like a preposterous claim for a favorite if I have never had it in my actual hands- but I KNOW that it will be.) Tim Burton-esque as many claim it to be- it reminds me of so much- part Steampunk as well as reminiscent of the Haunted Mansion as Disneyland where I worked as a teenager.
2. Golden Thread Tarot- gift from immortxkiss after she saw it in my wish list. It is beautiful and unique, and best used in candlelight so its gold embossing can shine ;)
3. Santa Muerte Tarot- a purchase I made from a Tarot donation that reminds me of my young life in southern California.
4. Chrysalis Tarot- A wonderful deck that incorporates myths and legends from all around the world to represent the story told in Tarot.
5. Tarot of White Cats- I actually have the mini version of this, but I LOVE having cats represent the deck instead of humans. Very anthropomorphic, which isn't a thing many like, but I do :)

If you don't have at least 5 decks- feel free to give us 5 decks you wish you owned.

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Unregenerate (63)
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21:14:40 Sep 19 2019
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I have one deck and it's full of symbolism that I'm still exploring: The Hermetic Deck.

I would like to get the
Golden Thread Tarot Deck.
I like to take my time and really learn the cards so I haven't bought a second deck yet.

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Great Sire (117)
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00:20:53 Sep 21 2019
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I started with the Rider-Waite Deck as most on here know. Just starting my collection I got this deck that I am in love with. The Magician Card I have paid a local artiest to create a painting of it for me which I will show off once it is done:

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01:17:18 Sep 21 2019
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I love Lo Scarabeo brand decks! I appreciate seeing the titles in the different languages, and I also think the card size is easier to handle. I'll share pics here of my favorites soon- but I really can't wait until my Dark Mansion deck gets here so I can showcase that one.

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Enchanter (80)
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01:24:08 Sep 21 2019
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I only have one deck, by Robert M. Place. The Dracula deck, heavy on symbolism yet has its roots in conventional tarot card reading.

The last time I read them for my friends, I think it quite frightened them with my accuracy at interpretation. Many of them wanted repeated readings.

The Major Arcana is pretty simple to read with practice, but the Minor Arcana... now, that is a little bit tricky. There is just so many syncretic details, and I am trying to master this deck, being an academia nerd and an esoteric practitioner. I am still learning new things from it.

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Great Sire (114)
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12:22:29 Sep 21 2019
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I have two deck, "Aquarian Tarot" and 'Tarot of the Witches".

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Superior Sire (141)
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Within the Shadows (Coven) is a member of an Alliance

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23:32:31 Sep 27 2019
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I find all the different decks interesting

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22:56:18 Sep 29 2019
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The Dark Mansion Tarot deck arrived yesterday, and it's more than I hoped it would be... here's a copy/paste of my blog's review"

The Dark Mansion Tarot!
I don't know if I can adequately find the words to express and explain The Dark Mansion Tarot. I also wholeheartedly realize these things are subjective. So, do understand that I am a person who loves this art-style and vibrant color pallet. I obviously got it because it is a Tarot deck, but I find myself at times solely zeroing in on the artistry aside from that. Such clarity, such resolution, how in the world did they capture this quality of color on these cards? It's far more than I imagined with watching people's YouTube reviews and social media image uploads. It's like the wonder of the Yankee Candle company capturing the ocean in a scent, so utterly succinctly.

My son is colorblind, and last year we got him Enchroma colorblind glasses for Christmas. When he got them, we went straight to the movies to see "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse", because those reds in the movie he would see for the first time in such a way. I thought about that when looking at this deck. People getting Enchroma glasses should look at the deck without and without the glasses to see how incredibly they pop.

Sure the art-style is reminiscent of Tim Burton, but also the style you find in the Coraline cartoon, The Tale of Despereaux, and many others beyond and even before Burton that play with proportion in animation- there's a name for this and I can't seem to think of it. Aside from style- the genre slides form Victorian to Steampunk, and Gothic. A visual delight to be sure.

Whatever your optical magnetism, I hope you find it in your perfect Tarot deck. This one is a surefire winner for anyone who adores the same kinds of things I do. The quality is visual, physical, and mental/intuitive (as far as reading them goes). I recommend them in SPADES. #cartomancyreferenceonfleek

Click the image open and select the full resolution view ;)


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03:38:45 Oct 04 2019
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I just started getting back into tarot just picked up a deck, forgotten the name .

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Harasser (15)
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07:24:46 Oct 06 2019
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I need a new deck... any favorites?

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19:51:31 Oct 06 2019
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This thread is full of them.

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Carnal Creature (56)
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22:33:42 Oct 15 2019
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Well I have my own it a fairy deck each deck is used for different things and reasons and what they are being used them for as reading them comes with experience.

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18:21:26 Oct 16 2019
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Even people reading for decades still learn things with them. There are countless combinations of questions, spreads, and where the cards land within the spread (or even a free form reading)- so people are always getting new insights. I have 25 decks at this time and still counting. Having a nice arsenal of themes to use for different moods and different people as well is always the goal. But it's more than just themes. I could love frogs but hate a frog deck because the visuals or depictions just don't jive with me. So... we collect, and then we either keep or pass them on if we can't work with them.

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Evil Spirit (60)
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02:45:17 Feb 26 2020
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My favorite is my Dragon Tarot deck.Each card is hand painted and designed by me myself,a project of 8 years.

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04:39:46 Feb 27 2020
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My favorite list has changed since I created this thread... I’ll try to remember to give my new top 5 soon :). Top 2 are still there though.

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Premiere Sire (125)
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23:14:17 Mar 08 2020
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The Rider Tarot Deck

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17:12:51 Mar 10 2020
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So... The Dark Mansion and The Golden Thread are still in my Top 5- but now the other 3 have changed to The Ellis DecK, The Victorian Fairy Tarot, and the John Bauer Tarot.

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Disciple (53)
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03:55:43 Apr 20 2020
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I've really wanted to start collecting them. Some of the decks are absolute works of art.

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Spook (24)
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22:25:01 Aug 22 2020
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I collect tarot & oracle decks. :)

My favorites are:
An Alice in Wonderland Deck
A Zombie Deck ( It’s set in the 60’s, the artwork is so retro & kitschy)
A Spirit Animal Deck
The Dark Mirror Deck ( good for connecting with your inner shadow self)
The Work Your Light Deck ( a lightworker themed deck)

Like other people had mentioned, I use them for different occasions.

Or combined: Dark Mirror & The Work Your Light decks work fabulous together.

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